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Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) is an independent not for profit organisation of medical doctors and medical students focused on the health impacts of climate change.  As doctors, our mission is to protect the health of our patients. We see action on climate change and the preservation of nature as vital to that mission.

Our members are GPs, surgeons, physicians, anaesthetists, psychiatrists, paediatricians, public health specialists, academics, medical students and researchers. All our members are volunteers who strongly support the objectives of DEA.  We use compelling scientific evidence to demonstrate the important health benefits of clean air and water, biodiverse natural places, stable climates and sustainable health care systems. 

Funded primarily by our members, donations made to DEA will assist us in continuing to engage with vital scientific research on the medical importance of our natural environment and assist us in widening our educational reach across a wider cross section of Australian communities, promoting our vision of a "Healthy Planet, Healthy People" for current and future generations.

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