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COM ''Chatons Orphelins Montreal'' is a rescue of cats and kittens located in Montreal, Canada.  We are helping cats in needs since 2015.  COM is a NO KILL rescue, we help cats and kittens sick, alone, abandoned, at risk of euthanasia. 


Everything is 100% voluntary at COM. We save cats and we need help to continue our rescues.

COM comes from a founder who works during the day, just like the other volunteers, and who has at heart the cause of stray and abandoned cats.  We are not a refuge with an infrastructure.  We are not an animal service with a catch service, we do not have a 24-hour customer service, nor patrollers. But we save lifes :) We are just a group of citizens of foster families and we help this cause every day.  All the cats are in real houses and real apartments with their foster families who take care of them. 

Host families are the foundation of COM, each cat is in a real family while he is with us in this transition.  One Foster = 1 cat saved

We have a FB page to share all stories and cats. We post their stories and updates everyday :) you can follow all our actions for all cats rescued.

Each cat that arrives has at least one visit to the veterinarian, all the small (or big) expenses can quickly add up and we do not always ask help for all of our cats and kittens in need. Some cats are badly injured and need a lot of expensive vet cares. All their history and $ associated are shared with transparency. 

You can vote for COM 🙂 Any donation will be also greatly appreciated, feel comfortable putting a small amount. 

Each gesture counts a lot for us 🙂 everything is at the expense of the founder only, this is not viable. 

It is with solidarity that we can help : COM = you + us.   

With help, we can do great things for cats in need 🙂

Write us on page FB '' Chatons Orphelins Montréal - COM - Réseau d'entraide, sauvetages, adoptions'' , we will give you more infos if you need 🙂


- Collect, care for and socialize kittens / cats in need.

- Have them vaccinated and sterilized.

- Find them responsible adoptive families that meet their needs.

- Develop mutual support with people ready to act and help cats.

- Make a difference to manage stray feline overcrowding in Montreal.

We add Votes for every $ you DonateWe add Feature Views for every $ you pay.We add Votes for every $ you Donate

Every $1 you donate to Chatons Orphelins Montreal - COM rescue gets them 1 vote toward winning their grant category!

Every $1 you chip in to feature Chatons Orphelins Montreal - COM rescue gets them featured 100 times to help them get more votes and supporters.

Every $1 you donate to Chatons Orphelins Montreal - COM rescue gets them 1 vote toward winning their grant category!

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