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Vote for us to give New Zealand's precious wild birds a second chance at life.

BirdCare Aotearoa provides veterinary care and rehabilitation for sick, injured, and orphaned wild birds. While many of our patients are natives, no wild bird in need is turned away from our centre. We accept and care for native and non-native species, including orphaned chicks and victims of cat attacks, road accidents, pollution, human cruelty, and adverse weather.

We are the largest bird rehabilitation centre in New Zealand by the sheer number of birds who come through our doors each year. In 2021, we cared for 6,710 patients! 

Education and advocacy are also an important part of our mission as we seek to share knowledge with other professionals, volunteers, and the wider community. We do this through events and workshops, including a Frontline Emergency Training course in which you can learn how to respond safely and humanely to wildlife emergencies and develop skills to care for wildlife in need.

We receive no government funding and rely entirely on the generosity of our wonderful supporters – like you! Every donation goes towards providing professional care and rehabilitation for the thousands of birds brought to our hospital every year – and will help give them the best possible chance of release back into the wild.

Please vote now (and donate if you can) to help give New Zealand's precious wild birds a second chance at life.  Every vote will help us win a share of this awesome grant and will be used to support birds in our care.

Thank you so much for supporting BirdCare Aotearoa and our beautiful feathered friends.

We add Votes for every $ you Donate

Every $1 you donate to BirdCare Aotearoa gets them 1 vote toward winning their grant category!