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Our changing climate is an animal health and welfare issue. The animals we need and love hold no responsibility for the causes of climate change, yet they feel the consequences most strongly. In Australia's 2019 black summer bushfires over 3 billion animals were killed or displaced. In recent floods hundreds of thousands of livestock and burrowing animals were also killed or harmed. Vets are at the front line of these climate disasters. However, the World Health Organisation states “if the health-sector were a country, it would be the fifth-largest global carbon emitter on the planet” (Health Care Without Harm, 2019). Vets have a duty to use our skills and knowledge to take urgent climate action. Vets for Climate Action are dedicated to stopping species extinction and to ensure the dignity and wellbeing of Australia’s wildlife, livestock and domestic animals.  We will achieve this through our education programs, collaboration, and advocacy.  We are the Voice for all Animals.

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