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We are a rescue who are based in the west coast of Scotland and we are run solely by volunteers.We help many dogs who come to us from council pounds and many of these dogs have serious health issues and have had some form of abuse.We help large numbers of cats,small animals,horses and ponies and so much more.We save ex-commercial hens before they are sent to slaughter and we have over 150 cockerels who live with us for the rest of their lives.We work with our small team to homecheck and rehome most of our dogs and cats although we have a number who will live with their foster families for their lives as their vet treatment will continue for many years and this make them unadoptable so they remain under our wing for ever.Our rescue has very high running costs due to the poor health of the majority of our animals when they arrive with us and we raise our funds buy online auctions and our fundraising page on Facebook.We are very fortunate to have many wonderful supporters who help us raise much needed funds. We are very grateful of any donation no matter how all saves lives.

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