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Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary is a nonprofit vegan sanctuary in Virginia currently caring for over 50 animals, primarily farm animals.  At Little Buckets, we give animals a safe and loving forever home. We rescue primarily farm animals from horses to goats to donkeys to cows who would otherwise have a terrible fate or who have special needs. We give them the life all animals so deserve. Through our social channels and in-person farm tours, we show people that farm animals have fun, loving, and sweet personalities just like our domesticated pets. Farm animals have strong family bonds and friendships with each other as well as the humans in their lives. The animals at Little Buckets show those that have the pleasure of meeting them virtually and in person that there is no difference between domestic and farm animals. We strive everyday to inspire people to love all animals and live more compassionately.

Our current volunteer program averages about 3 to 4 hours of help about 5 days of the week. Otherwise, the daily care for the animals, the farm, and keeping the nonprofit running is put on one person's shoulders. We hope to be able to continue to grow and save as many lives as possible in the future. With your support, we will be able to do that. #wecansavelivestogether Colton, our animal whisperer welcomes all new rescues from baby calves to baby goats and most recently we welcomed little Pisa who was born with neurological issues affecting her balance. Healthy otherwise, Pisa is super strong and uses a cart to give her mobility. Her symptoms are very similar to our boys Tater and Tot who also were born with neurological issues that greatly affected their balance too. Turning 2 years old, they now are strong, spunky goats that run, frolic and are incredibly happy. We hope Pisa can make those same strides. If you would like to donate towards our mission of saving more animals and giving them the best life possible full of love, friends, fun, and security,  it would be greatly appreciated. All donations will be going towards the ever increasing costs of caring for our gang from vet bills, feed, bedding and hay to name a few of our costs for the animals. Every dollar helps and also will get us votes for a future grant through MyGivingCircle. Thank you for your love and support Susan and the Little Buckets Gang  

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