Staffie Smiles Rescue Cover Photo
Staffie Smiles Rescue Cover Photo
Staffie Smiles Rescue Cover Photo
The dogs come to us from all over the UK, not just Scotland. They are unassessed strays who have served their 7 days and are at immediate risk of being put to sleep. We transport the dogs, with the aforementioned help to us where they are placed in suitable foster care, ensuring wherever possible they can be monitored and assessed in a home environment if this is not immediately possible they are boarded in one of our approved kennels. We cover the boarding costs in addition to having them neutered, microchipped etc, our kennelling fees are approx £10-£14 per day per dog currently. Each dog is individually assessed for suitability within a home environment including its suitability to be with other dogs, cats and children. This ensures the best chance of a positive outcome not just for the dog, but also for the family offering to adopt a dog. We are fortunate to have the backing of a few qualified behaviourist who are on hand to offer advice and tips should any issues become apparent. We are a non destruct rescue so will do what is within our powers to ensure dogs in our care are appropriately and fully rehabilitated, should this be necessary, followed by an intensive home matching process to ensure any dog which has had to undergo rehabilitation training is only placed in a suitable breed experienced home.

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