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Beneath the Wood is a strictly no-kill animal sanctuary promoting a cruelty-free and vegan lifestyle in West Wales. It cares for pigs, dogs with behaviour problems, sheep, horses and any other animals that need a safe haven. In 2019 BTW, fronted by sanctuary owner Sasha Bennett, were involved in a high-profile case that rescued 53 pigs from truly horrifying conditions at an illegal slaughterhouse in Pembrokeshire, overturning a government destruction order in the process! It also meant BTW tripled the size of the sanctuary’s dependents overnight when some of the sows became pregnant in a government holding facility while the case went through an arduous seven-month long court battle. So instead of 53 pigs they found themselves having to home over 90 instead. BTW also do sterling work in rehabilitating dogs with behaviour issues, first identifying and then alleviating their problems. Like the pigs, a lot of these dogs have been saved from being put to sleep and they have thrived since arriving at Beneath the Wood. However feeding over 90 pigs is a massive, ongoing challenge ... and BTW need plenty of help in raising funds.

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