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Sydney Pig Save raises awareness and advocate for change to stop the mistreatment of pigs raised for food. Sydney Pig Save is part of the global Save Movement, founded on Gandhi’s principles of kindness, compassion and non-harm for all beings. There are around 2 million pigs in Australia. Approximately 95% of them are born and raised in factory farms, which are inhumane and cruel, depriving these intelligent animals of their natural behaviours. The remaining 5% live on 'free range' farms, which in some instances, aren't much better than factory farms. Eventually, they all face the same fate to be killed for our food; some endure carbon dioxide gas chambers for up to 2 mins before falling unconscious...then their throats are cut. We stand and bear witness to the lives of pigs who suffer and die for our food. Donations help fund our campaigns to educate the public about pigs in food production. We also use donations to support help animal sanctuaries that rescue pigs and other precious farm animals.

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