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TBN Pacific is the lifeblood and the only source of Christian media to many. For many years TBN Pacific has been bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the outer most parts and regions of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Here's what viewers are saying.. “Your ministry over satellite is my spiritual food. I am grateful for your service and perseverance. I pray daily for this wonderful ministry as I have received so much my heart is overwhelmed at times.” "I was on the brink of suicide when suddenly the I heard something through the TV. It was the first time I heard the Gospel on TBN. I'm now healed from my past and I'm a youth pastor." “Because of the absence of Word based and Faith based local church access in rural Victoria TBN has become almost our sole source of spiritual food and is our virtual ‘church’” “God has blessed us with the most wonderful ‘retirement’ gift a couple could ever have. Every day we wake up excited because we are a day closer to the Lord’s return and there is no doubt that TBN has made us both ‘rapture ready’” “Without TBN Pacific people like myself would have been lost” “Keep up the great work, and I will keep on telling people every day about how magnificent the TBN Pacific network is” “TBN has been an amazing gift from God for us because we have watched and received inspiration and encouragement daily throughout the last decade plus “TBN has been used by the Lord to guide us, correct us, and most importantly grow us in our faith” “Wow simply amazing Thank you God. Can feel the Holy Spirit watching” “May the Lord continue to bless the ministry and we look forward to TBN expanding around Aotearoa (New Zealand)”

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Every $1 you donate to TBN Pacific gets them 1 vote toward winning their grant category!

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