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RI Parrot Rescue has outgrown its current building. We are ready to take the next step along our journey and purchase a well suited property. This property will allow us to add a separate bonding room for adopters, a veterinary room, a classroom for training and school events, as well as more indoor space to house birds. Our Mission: * Rescue: Birds are surrendered for a variety of reasons. Some come from loving homes and were loved enough to be surrendered. Others have been abused, neglected or their owners have become disinterested. We do not judge anyone who contacts us. We are here to make a positive difference by helping in any way we can. * Rehabilitation: Upon surrender, each bird is evaluated and encouraged to eat a healthy pellet diet along with fresh fruit and vegetables. Often, medical problems need treatment, which is provided by our avian veterinarian. * Adoption: Birds that have been rehabilitated are available for adoption. We thoroughly screen potential adoptive homes with a detailed application, interviews and home visits before any bird is released. Follow-ups are also required. * Education Services: One of our most important goals is to educate the public about exotic birds. We are available for on-site seminars and hold customized workshops at our facility. Please consider making a donation so we can continue our mission to assist parrots who need a place to land through no fault of their own.

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