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We assist the natural process of coral reef recovery after disturbances that are occurring more frequently and more severely due to climate change and which threaten the Great Barrier Reef. We breathe new life into loose corals by cutting them into fragments and attaching them to our coral tree frame nurseries suspended in the water column. Here they are free from parasites, predators and competitors and they heal and grow strong enough for us to return them to the reef. We out plant them strategically using our knowledge of coral biology and reef ecology to maximise their chances to survive and thrive. Our aims are to create structurally complex habitat for retention of biodiversity from the base of the food chain; and to care for out planted colonies to reproductive viability so they can participate in annual coral spawning and regenerate the reef as nature intended. We operate a small team of dedicated coordinators and an army of volunteers from all compass points of our community. We work in partnership with a small group of marine tourism operations and are resourced through donations from individuals and businesses in communities across the planet. We are a grassroots movement committed to buying time for the places we love while the world moves toward a low carbon future.

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