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Vote now for your Favourite Charities.  In 2017 we'll give $30,000 to 50 Charities, not-for-profits and community groups with thanks to UBank.

Next prize draw is June 30th and we'll give $5,500 to the 10 Charities with the most votes.  Vote once a week  or make a Donation to your favourite good cause for even more votes.

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Next Prize Draw
June 30th
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Let’s make a difference by giving $30k to 50 Australian Charities this year.

Join Australia’s Biggest Giving Circle and vote for your favourite Charities, not for profits or community groups. In 2017 we’ll be giving $30,000 to 50 Australian Charities based on your votes.  Our next prize draw is June 30th, 2017 when we donate $5,500 to the 10 Charities with the most votes, thanks to UBank, Australia’s online only bank.

By voting today you can show your support for your favourite Charity, not-for-profit or community group and help them share in $30,000 this year – money to help them make a difference in our community.

Our Giving Circle can support Children and Youth Charities

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  1. Join and Vote for up to 3 Charities, not for profits or community groups.  You can vote a maximum of once per week for your favourite charities.
  2. Spread the Word.  Tell people your favourite charity and why you want them to share in $5k.
  3. Our next prize draw is June 30th, 2017.  The Charity with the most votes gets $2k.  2nd & 3rd get $1k each.  4th & 5th get $500 each. 6th-10th get $100 each.
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doante to animal charities Our Giving Circle can support Animal Charities

Are you an Australian Charity, not-for-profit or community group?

Register for free here .  Once you’re registered tell your supporters to vote for you and you could be sharing in $5,500 on June 30th 2017 plus gaining valuable national exposure as part of Australia’s Biggest Giving Circle.  And it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, we’ve set aside prizes for grassroots charities.

Our Giving Circle can support Medical Charities

We’re committed to distributing $30k to 50 Charities this year.

We’ve already given away $5,500 to 8 Animal Charities and $5,500 to 8 Homeless and Disadvantaged Charities and our next prize draw is $5,500 on June 30th!

Our Giving Circle can support those living rough

The Giving Circle FAQs

Can anyone join Australia's Biggest Giving Circle?

Absolutely.  Anyone with a favourite Charity, not-for-profit or community group is invited to join this Giving Circle

How are the winners determined?

Before each prize draw (we do several throughout the year) we'll announce the prizes and how they will be distributed.

For our next prize draw on June 30th, the not-for-profit with the highest number of votes, regardless of size will receive $2k.  2nd & 3rd will each receive $1k.  4th and 5th will each receive $500. 6th-10th will receive $100 each.  The smaller prizes ($1k and under) are reserved for not-for-profits with annual operating income of less than $1m.  We want to make sure that charities both large and small have a chance to benefit from Collective Giving

Is there a minimum donation level?

No - this Giving Circle is free to join.  There's no need to make any donation at all, although donations are welcome.  Simply join, vote for your favourite charities and share with your network.

 What happens if I make a donation?

All donations are processed securely via stripe or paypal and sent to your charity of choice each month.  When you donate we add an extra vote for every $ you give.  You can make a donation when you join, or via our leaderboard at anytime.  If you commit to regular giving to your favourite charity we'll add 1 Vote for every $ you give each month automatically, giving them the best chance to participate and win in our prize draws throughout the year.

How often can I vote?

You can vote once a week for your Favourite Charities and nominate up to 3 each time.   Votes cast more often than once a week are disregarded.  You can donate as often as you want and we add an extra vote for every $ donated, no matter how often you donate.  Please be aware that if you vote using fake email addresses or multiple email addresses your vote will not count.  Even if you see the vote count go up, all fake votes are scrubbed before the prizes are awarded.

Charity Leaderboard.  Top 10 share $5,500.

1st = $2k • 2nd & 3rd = $1k each • 4th & 5th = $500 each • 5th-10th = $100 each

Scroll down or use 'Find my Charity' to see how your favourite charity is doing.

Any donation you make goes directly to your Charity and earns them an extra vote for every $ you give!

Charity Donate Now.
Each $ = 1 Vote
Great Dane Rescue Victoria
#1 of 656 Charities with 2,314 votes
Finding loving, forever homes for unwanted/at risk Great Danes, Dane Xs and the occasional giant dog friend. We currently assist the Danes, Dane Xs and others in Victoria and some in NSW. Most of our Danes are in care in a foster home, being given the love and care they deserve as they wait for the perfect family to come along.
BARC (Bali Dog Adoption Rehabilitation Centre)
#2 of 656 Charities with 1,817 votes
BARC is a no-kill facility that aims to relieve the suffering, starvation and abuse of Bali animals through rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing. We take in the worst of the worst – and see it almost daily! No words can describe the level of suffering experienced by some of these abandoned animals – bald from mange, emaciated, open fly infested wounds, broken limbs – they cringe at the site of humans, scavenge for food scraps, sleep on the streets and as a result, live in constant fear.

We provide all rescued animals with the necessary veterinary care (including vaccination and sterilization). While their bodies mend we do what we can to rebuild their trust in humanity offering love and affection. When ready they are placed in fur-ever homes through our adoption program. The most traumatized cases may live out their lives in our animal sanctuary called ‘Warriors Legacy – BARC Sanctuary’.

Warriors Legacy is the first ever rescued animal sanctuary in Bali. This project is home to over 60 adult dogs, 2 rescue horses, 3 rescued pigs and many monkeys. We have just completed construction of a state of the art, all natural, open-air jungle enclosure for our rescued monkeys.

We operate a street program to help many mistreated animals, support locals with free veterinary care and regular street vaccination/sterilization programs. Additionally we conduct education programs in the Balinese community.

Founded in 2006 (registered charity in both Australia and Indonesia), we have expanded rapidly, to date helping over 20,000 animals. There are presently 350+ animals in our care. With no government funding, we rely on donations from the global community.

None of this would be possible without the generous support of our donors! Please know that 100% of all donations go towards improving the lives of Bali Animals.

You can find out more about BARC through our website or facebook page:
Food for the Community Incorporated
#3 of 656 Charities with 1,815 votes
Food for the Community Incorporated helps disadvantaged families and individuals suffering from food stress to put a meal on the table and food in the children's lunch boxes each day. People are able to access fresh fruit and veg, bread and bread products, and assorted panty and dairy items via our open houses or shop up to 4 times a week.
Foundation For Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics Australia Limited
#4 of 656 Charities with 1,726 votes
Angelman Syndrome is a rare neurogenetic condition that affects every aspect of daily life.
Our focus is treatments that will improve the symptoms of Angelman syndrome and research that will provide a cure.
This year FAST Australia is preparing to run clinical trials that have the potential to make a significant difference for Australian families. Your vote can help make this a reality.
Pony Rescues Inc
#5 of 656 Charities with 1,265 votes
Pony Rescues Inc. is Not for Profit Organisation active in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming uncared for, unwanted horses and ponies and is based in the Wimmera, Vic Aust. covering VIC State wide and limited areas of NSW and SA.
Still Aware Limited
#6 of 656 Charities with 896 votes
At Still Aware our focus is to bring about much needed awareness to the tragic event of a baby born still.
- Every year more than 1700 babies are born still in Australia.
- Daily 5 babies are born still in Australia…that’s one baby, one family, every 5 hours.
- For every baby that dies of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), 35 are stillborn in Australia
Still Aware is the only not-for-profit organization in Australia dedicated to raising awareness of stillbirth. At Still Aware every dollar donated goes directly to funding awareness and education to bring about change. You can have confidence knowing that your dollar goes straight to activities that can save babies lives.
Jake Garrett Foundation Ltd
#7 of 656 Charities with 823 votes
Our aim is to raise money to financially & emotionally support families who have lost a child, by donating up to $1000 to help with funeral expenses in QLD
The Movement
#8 of 656 Charities with 618 votes
The movement help all people struggling, homeless, families less fortunate, anyone facing poverty, we also have outreaches in Bali and Philippines helping homeless children, we help with food, clothing and furniture.
Little Legs Dog & Cat Rescue QLD Inc
#9 of 656 Charities with 609 votes
Little Legs is a rapidly growing rescue that was founded in 2012. We take in a large number of cats, kittens, dogs and puppies every year from private surrenders, pounds, shelters -including the RSPCA and AWL. We have a retirement program where all the animals will be under our care for life, with all medical and other expenses covered by LL's. We specialise in neonatal kittens and also take in many unweaned and young puppies as well as a large number of special needs animals and seniors. At LL'S we rarely turn any animal in need away and as such our expenses are always huge. We are grateful for any donations to help us keep our doors open and continue to save and improve lives.
Just Cats Tasmania
#10 of 656 Charities with 583 votes
Just Cats Tasmania is registered as a Not For Profit Organisation and is a registered Charity, we are privately run and all cats and kittens are kept on private property, we take in unwanted cats and kittens, help with unplanned litters and help educate the importance of desexing.

Just Cats is open for adoptions Monday through to Sunday 11am till 2pm - Closed Wednesday's
Appointments outside these times can be arranged.

With so many Feral Cats in Tasmania, Just Cats also help with trapping strays and removing from properties or desexing and releasing where required.

For any further information regarding surrendering or adoptions please Contact

Rachel on 0412581672

Phone hours are from 10 -5pm
We survive only on donations and sponsorship... those who would like to make a donation our account details are below
we can provide you with a Tax Receipt on request for donations over $5.00

Sponsorships needed - all sponsorship gives you the opportunity to have your name or business placed on the pen - advertising your kind donation.

Just Cats
BSB 037608
Account 579574
Make us your charity of Choice!
Drought Angels Ltd
#11 of 656 Charities with 560 votes
Drought Angels is a very small charity with HUGE hearts. It is run by 2 ladies who just love our farmers with approximately 30 volunteers with just as big a hearts and passion for our farmers. We support our farmers and rural communities all over Australia affected by all Natural Disasters and market disasters such as the Dairy Crisis. We help provide groceries, local store vouchers and stockfeed to help our farmers through tough times. We believe strongly in supporting the local communities we help families in. Without our farmers we would all starve so we need to look after them.
Lungta Sanctuary
#12 of 656 Charities with 556 votes
Lungta Sanctuary is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ABN 64 162 138 601.

Michelle Zahra has solely run Lungta Sanctuary since 2012 and now alongside a Committee of Volunteers we have gained a Registered NFP Status in 2016.

We are a rescue for horses, we rehabilitate, retrain and rehome horses that would otherwise be sent to the knackery.

We predominantly save OTT Thoroughbreds and Trotters and Pacers, but we will take on any horse we believe needs saving.

A place for animals to feel safe and loved!

Help Us, Help Them.
Variety - The Children's Charity of South Australia
#13 of 656 Charities with 528 votes
All children deserve the same opportunities in life.

Variety – the Children’s Charity supports children and families who are facing many challenges through sickness, disadvantage or living with a disability.

Our work allows children to gain mobility and freedom, to get out and about in the community, to communicate, achieve independence and increase self-esteem, and where possible, assistance to help them integrate into mainstream school and activities.
Pawfect Paws Animal Rescue
#14 of 656 Charities with 506 votes
Pawfect Pals Animal Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. We receive no government funding and rely on donations from the public to continue our work.

We are committed to giving animals in need a second chance at living a happy life, and ensure each animal that comes into care with Pawfect Pals receives all necessary veterinary treatment. The cost of this is substantial.

Your donation can be used in the following ways:

$25 to microchip a dog
$40 to flea and worm a dog
$50 to vaccinate a dog
$150 to desex a male dog
$190 to desex a female dog
DANII Foundation
#15 of 656 Charities with 444 votes
DANII was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was only FIVE years old.

Despite having to prick her finger several times a day, to take her blood glucose (sugar) levels, and have several daily injections of insulin (and later manage her insulin pump), this talented young lady led a full, action packed life. She was extremely popular and excelled in many things.

A very talented singer – she was a leader of the Australian Girls Choir and had aspirations to make singing & song writing a career.

A LIFE CUT SHORT – Sadly all her dreams were shattered on November 8th 2011 when DANII lost her life as a consequence of Diabetes Mellitus. She went to bed a happy, beautiful teenager and never woke up.

She was just SEVENTEEN and had everything to live for. Her family will never, ever be the same.

Her brothers have lost a wonderful, vibrant sister and friend, her parents have lost their beloved and only daughter. People who knew her, knew they lost a best friend too.

This trauma CAN BE AVOIDED and the DANII Meads Barlow Foundation is determined to help stop another tragedy like DANII’s ever happening again in Australia.

As a legacy to DANII, the DANII Meads Barlow Foundation was created to help make a difference.

Help prevent the unimaginable.
The Not Forgotten Ones Inc
#16 of 656 Charities with 443 votes
The Not Forgotten Ones Inc. is a not for profit community organisation that helps street kids, foster kids and fur kids find hope and a better life. There is nothing more rewarding than to see children and animals help each other out of their very sad existence than by sharing love and compassion for each other. Any money that is donated to us, or the adoption fees, goes straight back in 2 the next cat and kitten, however does not leave any money left over for emergencies. Any donations over $2 are also tax deductible and you will be issued with a tax receipt.
Pets Of The Homeless Ltd
#17 of 656 Charities with 432 votes
At Pets of the Homeless (POTH), our mission is to aid in the wellbeing of people who are facing homelessness by helping them keep their pets. The healing power of companion animals is immeasurable and the strong bond created between a person and their pet is especially important to their homeless guardians as they are often marginalised and lack emotional security and support. Through donations, we feed and provide veterinary care to the animals to help relieve the heartache for those who are unable to care for their pets.
The Footpath Library
#18 of 656 Charities with 429 votes
The Footpath Library aims to enrich the quality of life for homeless people and encourage the benefits of reading and connection by giving quality books to homeless people.
Our volunteers gather new books from publishers and excellent quality secondhand books from the general public and distribute them to homeless people living on the street, in homeless hostels and refuges or through community organisations.
Books help keep people healthy and happy and truly are food for the mind and soul!
As a small charity we rely on the kindness of our donors. As little as $8 can help us get a book into the hands of those in need. We are asking for donations to help us continue with our valuable work.
Alaskan Malamute Rehoming Aid Australia Incorporated
#19 of 656 Charities with 366 votes
Alaskan Malamute Rehoming Aid Australia inc, rescues Alaskan Malamutes and other arctic breeds from pounds and other shelters as well as take in arctics that need rehoming. We also provide assistance to people with their arctics and education and willl help people keep their dogs in periods of need.We provide vet work, kennelling, medication and support and at present have over 60 dogs in our care. The vet and kennelling costs are considerable and we rely on donations to assist us to continue.
Breaking Down the Barriers for Rural Patients in City Hospitals - Brisbane
#20 of 656 Charities with 355 votes
We are a unique service that provides support, information and assistance to those who are required to travel for medical reasons. Whether it be due to an emergency or a planned trip we are happy to help.
Without the support of donations none of what we do would be possible.
We have requests for grocery gift cards and we purchase all the food we use to provide home cooked meals. Please help us to do more
A Brave Life
#21 of 656 Charities with 338 votes
A Brave Life is a registered Not-for-Profit organisation that helps to alleviate the risks of ongoing poverty, misfortune and helplessness experienced by many young and teenage mothers by assisting them to complete their education, pursue their dreams and to be positive role models.
We provide practical necessitates (such as nappies, baby wipes, feeding equipment and baby clothes) to young and teenage mothers through our baby bundle program as we know the financial difficulties young and teenage mothers face whilst trying to complete high and purchase essential baby items.
We believe that education is an important responsibility for a teen mother. Finishing high school and pursuing further education and employment will allow her to be able to financially support her child and become more independent. One way that we help support teen mothers to complete their education is through peer and mentoring support, to help navigate the challenges of being a teenage parent and completing their high school education.
At A Brave Life we walk alongside teenage mothers, encouraging them to finish their education, pursue their dreams and to be a positive role model for their child and we would love your support to be able to continue to do this.
#22 of 656 Charities with 301 votes
checkyourtackle is a newly formed not for profit charity raising education, support and awareness on rare male cancers including penile, testicular and anal.

With 1 in 2 Australian men being diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85, it was noticed by our founders that most men’s cancers go undiagnosed, treated or discussed due to stigma surrounding men’s illness.

With an estimated 72,048 cases of cancer in males in 2016, resulting in 26,566 deaths, breaking the stigma is imperative in survival. “Cancer of Unknown Primary” or CUP is the term used to describe a metastatic cancer with an unknown starting point so the fight against cancer must goes on

There is no one I know who can say they DO NOT have a friend or relative that has battled this terrible disease.

Men's Health in Men's Hands
Feel the Magic Limited
#23 of 656 Charities with 287 votes
Feel the Magic is an Australian not for profit organisation that run the country's leading grief education and support program,
'Camp Magic' for children between the ages of 7-17 who have lost a parent, sibling or legal guardian.

Our Purpose
'To create a world where children who are experiencing grief are supported to reach their full potential'

Our aim is to provide children with a skill set that allows them to explore and understand their grief with peers sharing a similar circumstance, to continue to grow, develop resilience and succeed in spite of their loss.

Grieving children require ongoing support in developing strategies to cope with and move forward with their lives following a significant loss. The camp is for children aged 7-17 years who have lost a parent/s, sibling or legal guardian. 'Camp Magic follows a structured program of therapeutic sessions, in addition to fun physical activities and resilience building challenges. For just $1,000 you can change the life of a grieving child.
#24 of 656 Charities with 261 votes
Our charity has been in operation for over 20 years working feeding the homeless and disadvantaged in fortitude valley .We work out of the Wesley Mission emergency relief centre in Warry st feeding up to 150 clients per week on a sunday and public holidays .It costs us about $350 per week .Our directors and volunteers receive no renumeration for our efforts and all money raised go to the purchase of food items ,its always a struggle for us and we would really appreciate any assistance toward our goal of providing a good healthy home cooked meal for those in need .

Kind Regards Mike
Perth Veterinary Bill Assistance Inc
#25 of 656 Charities with 248 votes
We are the only charity of our kind in Western Australia. We help people who have pets in need of medical attention due to illness or accident that cant afford veterinary treatment. We raise the money for the bill via crowd funding and pay direct to the vet only. We have arrangements with certain vets for discounted billing to make it affordable and so that we can help as many pets as possible. We promote responsible pet ownership and aim to keep families together, prevent unnecessary euthanasia and suffering.
Project Karma
#26 of 656 Charities with 241 votes
Project Karma is an Australian registered charity, that fights sexual exploitation of children in South East Asia by using the innovative approach of partnering directly with the local leaders of local communities where sexual abuse of children is most prevalent (the “Sentinel Model”).

Project Karma, and Glen Hulley its founder, have already enjoyed considerable success in rescuing dozens of children from serial child abusers in South East Asia, and in getting convictions. The most recent in October 2016 was Robert Ellis in Bali, who abused over 30 children. He was put away for 15 years (the longest ever term in Indonesia) thanks to the efforts of Project Karma.
Sydney Pig Save
#27 of 656 Charities with 225 votes
Sydney Pig Save raises awareness and advocate for change to stop the mistreatment of pigs raised for food. Sydney Pig Save is part of the global Save Movement, founded on Gandhi’s principles of kindness, compassion and non-harm for all beings. There are around 2 million pigs in Australia. Approximately 95% of them are born and raised in factory farms, which are inhumane and cruel, depriving these intelligent animals of their natural behaviours. The remaining 5% live on 'free range' farms, which in some instances, aren't much better than factory farms. Eventually, they all face the same fate to be killed for our food; some endure carbon dioxide gas chambers for up to 2 mins before falling unconscious...then their throats are cut.

We stand and bear witness to the lives of pigs who suffer and die for our food.

Donations help fund our campaigns to educate the public about pigs in food production. We also use donations to support help animal sanctuaries that rescue pigs and other precious farm animals.
Backpacks 4 Vic Kids Inc
#28 of 656 Charities with 217 votes
B4VK provide filled nappy bags and backpacks to children aged 0-17 entering out-of-home care and emergency accommodation. Our emergency relief gives children what they need for the first 24-48 hours of relocation. 2 outfits of clothing, sleepwear, new undies and socks, toiletries, stationery, a book, soft toy to cuddle, blankie to snuggle and a torch to light the darkness in a strange place. We also pop in 'extra love' items to entertain, distract and encourage interaction with carers. Child deserve to have their own belongings. Our packs give children a sense of worth, a sense that someone cares about them, and a few small things they can call keep with them when being relocated.
Dog Rescue Newcastle
#29 of 656 Charities with 215 votes
DOG RESCUE NEWCASTLE is a NO KILL rescue service relying on donations and fundraising events operating with dedicated volunteers-NO paid employees, ALL money goes to the care and welfare of the rescued dogs. DRN rescues abandoned, abused, neglected dogs. Pets suffering from domestic violence are also rescued, cared for and when safe, returned to their owner free of charge. DRN vaccinates, desexes and pays $30,000-$40,000 per month for veterinary care alone. Some of our volunteers take socialised calm rescue dogs to visit aged care homes, vacation care/OOSH for children, university students living-in who miss their pets back home and any other organisation in need of love or education. Dog Rescue Newcastle is a not-for-profit service, we urgently require dog/puppy foods, veterinary bills paid, blankets, bedding, jackets for winter, volunteers, foster carers, items for raffles, money. DRN has a sponsorship programme for elderly dogs in permanent DRN care with health issues, so they live their lives out in comfort. A special needs sponsorship, eg. dogs that have been beaten and suffer brain damage. 2yo Dixie requires a eye operation before going blind. PLEASE HELP US TO HELP AND SAVE THESE DOGS THAT HAVE FALLEN ON HARD TIMES - LETS FIND THEM LOVING FOREVER HOMES. Your donation and vote will make a difference, so please, please, please, donate and vote today. THANK YOU FROM DOG RESCUE NEWCASTLE.
Big Group Hug Ltd
#30 of 656 Charities with 203 votes
Big Group Hug is a solely volunteer run organisation that was founded in 2014 to support families experiencing hardship in the community by providing donated goods to help them care for their young children, aged newborn to five years old.
Requests for specific items are made through case workers, maternal and child health nurses or other professionals in the community. We aim to help anyone who is struggling to provide the basic necessities for their children, for example: nappies, clothes, nursery furniture, prams, car seats. We pride ourselves on our responsive nature, ensuring that we do everything we can to meet the needs of vulnerable families.
We are able to offer this support because we have a truly caring community of supporters who donate their pre-loved goods or new items. We are amazed by the community response to our call outs for donations and see our role as mobilising the community to meet the needs of families just like them who need a helping hand.
Our warehouse in Melbourne’s north, staffed by volunteers, serves as our main drop-off point for people donating goods and we have 7 drop-off points in the community due to a number of committed volunteers offering their homes or businesses as a convenient drop-off point for donors in their immediate area.
The unifying motivation for everyone involved is to relieve some of the pressure for families who desperately want to provide the best they can for their children but due to varying circumstances (such as low income, unemployment, disability, high-needs children) are unable to meet these needs. We can all imagine what that must feel like as a parent, a neighbour, a carer and so we come together to offer a Big Group Hug and support families in their times of need.
Precious wings
#31 of 656 Charities with 198 votes
Saving Animals From Euthanasia Incorporated
#32 of 656 Charities with 194 votes
SAFE (Saving Animals from Euthanasia) is WA's largest animal rescue and rehoming organisation using the foster care model. Since its inception in Karratha in 2003, SAFE has expanded to ten regional locations and every year saves thousands of animals by rescuing them from Council pounds, accepting surrendered or abandoned animals, placing them in temporary foster care, providing veterinary treatment where needed and finding permanent new homes for them.

SAFE relies on the generous support of the community in Saving Animals From Euthanasia. Our main costs are routine veterinary treatments (such as vet checks, vaccinations and desexing), emergency veterinary treatments (which in cases can cost hundreds) and the cost of transporting pets to their new homes. As well as these costs we also need to provide food, bedding, shelter, toys, etc for the duration of a pets stay with SAFE.
Best Friends Animal Rescue Inc
#33 of 656 Charities with 190 votes
We are a charity who relies solely on donations and we are building a Retirement Home for Senior and Special Needs dogs. We have the land and the plans and are desperate to raise money to make this a doggie home a reality.
Bali Street Dogs
#33 of 656 Charities with 190 votes
The Bali Street Dog Fund was established to address the welfare problems associated with the overwhelming number of dogs and cats on an island where Balinese people do not have the resources or knowledge to provide even the most basic care.The Bali Street Dog Fund was founded in 1999 and is a Registered Charity with the NSW Department of Gaming and Racing (CFN 16802) and have a Tax Deductible Status with the Australian Taxation Office. Everyone involved is an unpaid volunteer

We are dedicated to animal welfare and we believe we can make a difference.We believe de-sexing dogs and cats is the solution to overpopulation and its flow-on detrimental effects to the Balinese people.We do not support animal shelters as Bali dogs live community lives and we can best help them by on the spot medical care. We believe education is vital to empower the Balinese people to improve the lives of animals into the future.We are committed to supporting efficient, grass roots organisations run by respected local people to help their communities.
We strive to ensure that any group we support shares our goal to operate at the highest standard to achieve the best outcome.

Programs in Bali are currently run by our partner organisation, the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA), a grass roots organisation staffed by Balinese people. Our funding operates the De-sexing Program and contributes to their Education Program in schools and a 24/7 Hotline & Ambulance.
Jirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary
#35 of 656 Charities with 164 votes
Jirrahlinga is supported by a community based board and was founded by Mrs Tehree and Mr Hamish Gordon over forty years ago to rescue and rehabilitate injured, distressed and orphaned wildlife whilst at the same time providing a haven for disadvantaged and marginalised people of all ages to work within the Geelong region. These special needs people find peace, purpose and tranquility at Jirrahlinga.
One of the hallmarks of Jirrahlinga’s activity is its focus on collaborating and partnership. We have strong working relationships with many organisations working with the elderly, the disabled and troubled youngsters including schools, Karingal, Diversitat, St Laurence and the Police New Start program.
Many isolated elderly, marginalised people and people with special needs participate at the wildlife sanctuary, caring for our native and rescued animals. The relationships that are formed in this process are extremely beneficial as it is predicated and on a strong evidence based outcome.
#35 of 656 Charities with 164 votes
Can Too transforms lives through fun, fitness, friends, and fundraising. We use professionally coached training programs, delivered with a strong culture of mutual support, to raise funds in the fight against cancer.

Established in 2005, Can Too has trained 13,500+ participants to fundraise $17,000,000+ for Australian cancer research.
Animal Aid Abroad Incorporated
#37 of 656 Charities with 161 votes
Animal Aid Abroad provides much needed food, medical supplies and treatment for injured, abused and overworked animals in developing countries.

Funds collected are specifically used to:

Providing free veterinary clinics and owner education to reduce the daily suffering of these animals;

Empower and educate animal owners to improve the lives of their animals and consequently their own well-being and livelihoods. This is to be achieved by supporting local partner organisations in developing countries to run outreach clinics, mobile units, community educational programs and other innovative projects if and when they arise;

Manage and maintain current sponsorship programs for partner organisations to help with the care and rehabilitation of abused, sick and abandoned working animals;

Inform and raise public awareness about the plight of working animals in developing communities and advocate change.

A staggering number of households in developing countries depend on working animals for their livelihood. The condition in which these animals work is extremely pitiful. They are forced to carry unimaginable loads, are beaten and underfed.

Exploitation of these voiceless creatures always goes unheard. These animals are loaded with excessive weight, are made to work for long hours - sometimes without food and water. If this was not enough, they are even forced to work when they are sick or injured. Their cruel owners deliberately cause injury to the animals and prod sticks into their injuries, twist their tails as they believe this makes it easier for them to control their animals while carrying their excessive loads.

Furthermore, ropes and harnesses used cause cuts and abrasions on their bodies. Weak laws and a complete lack of sensitivity among people encourages such fearless cruelty.
Cindys Promise - rescue & rehab inc.
#38 of 656 Charities with 159 votes
Cindys Promise - rescue & rehab inc is a registered NFP horse rescue charity in Melbourne VIC.
CPR&R is run by a very passionate animal lover and vet nurse of over 20 years experience - Cindy.
This charity relies on donations from the public in order to continue their life saving work.
Currently - there are 30 horses in care at CPR&R.
They include horses of all breeds and ages.
Some reached from knackeries or sale yards, some surrendered, some abandoned.
What they all have in common is that CPR&R was their ONLY CHANCE.

Please check out our work on FB and consider a donation xx
Fairview Lodge Animal Shelter
#39 of 656 Charities with 157 votes
Fairview Lodge is the inky rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming service for large and farm animals is South Australia, Officially opened in the 10th July 2013 we have helped over 400 animals that had a very bleak looking future.

We also assist sat risk kids, work for the dole and school groups,

Donating to Fairview Lodge he,ps with the huge cost of feeding all our animals
The Fairy Godmothers Incorporated
#40 of 656 Charities with 156 votes
Registered in 2013, The Fairy Godmothers mission is to assist the Tasmanian community and families who have children with disabilities, special needs and medical conditions who require equipment, resources, financial assistance and medical attention. Our purpose and aim is to promote an awareness and understanding within our Tasmanian communities of the need to assist children with disabilities.
Our main goal is to establish an accessible playground on the North West, a playground where all children of all abilities can play side by side.

The Fairy Godmothers mission is also to provide resources and equipment to help those who have experienced pregnancy loss and infant death within our Tasmanian community.

We need your help to make a difference in the lives of so many families throughout Tasmania.

Bears Of Hope Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Inc
#41 of 656 Charities with 144 votes
Dogs For Kids With Disabilities Limited
#42 of 656 Charities with 144 votes
Dogs For Kids with Disabilities (DKD) is a not for profit organisation based in Victoria, Australia. Our Assistance and Companion dogs improve the lives of children and young adults who face a range of challenges (including physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders).
Burrumbuttock hay runners
#43 of 656 Charities with 141 votes
In 2014 Brendan ‘Bumpa’ Farrell heard about a farmer in Bourke (NSW) that was struggling in the drought. He contacted the farmer and offered to bring him a truck load of hay to help him out. From that the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners was born. Since that date in 2014 they have completed 11 successful hay runs to help drought affected farmers all over NSW & QLD.
#44 of 656 Charities with 140 votes
Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute Rescue of Queensland Inc (SHAMROQ) is dedicated to the rescue, care, welfare and rehoming of Northern breeds, including, but not limited to, Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies.

As a non-profit, registered charity, we are staffed entirely by a team of caring and experienced volunteers. Funding of the work about which we are so passionate relies on kind donations. We pride ourselves on being Queensland's only breed-specific group to rescue, rehabilitate (where required) and rehome abandoned or unwanted Northern Breed dogs.

We provide education and ongoing support of potential adopters as to the requirements of these special breeds. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all Northern breeds in Queensland are given the chance to live the life they deserve with loving families.
Snag Island Community Garden INC
#45 of 656 Charities with 139 votes
The Snag Island Community Garden INC aims to be a community hub in the town site of Leeman and become a catalyst for neighborhood and community development. Key to the idea is to ensure we establish an inclusive, active community. Not just in our community but by incorporating other local communities and coming together as one.
Best Friends Felines Inc
#46 of 656 Charities with 138 votes
Best Friends Felines are dedicated to rescuing cats and kittens from all over Brisbane and coastal areas. Whether they are rescued strays from streets and colonies , saved from death row from the pound or owner surrendered we will take them all in . When they come to us they are placed into loving foster homes where they will remain until they find their forever home however long that takes as we have a no kill policy. Recently adopted Aladar was in care for 31 months before being adopted.
We will have all vet work completed whilst in our care, including desexing, vaccinating, micro-chipping and worming/flea treatments. Some come in needing more extensive vet work which they will receive in our care. Moo for example cost just over $4000 in life saving surgery within hours of arriving into care and complete her regular vet work .
The adoption fees and donations are the only funding we receive to assist in continuing to re-home our cats.
From January to October in 2016 we have adopted 263 felines , spent almost $80,000 on vet work and have over 130 cats currently in foster care.
In 2017 we are hoping to set up a therapy companion cat program for depression and anxiety sufferers and ASD and other special needs individuals.
We are also hoping to set up a pensioner desexing scheme where we assist low income earners to have their pet desexed.
We have a long term goal to implement a school educational program to educate the next generation.
We will continue to be their voice , we will be their advocate and we will save as many as possible.
N.E.E.D.S Necessities Everyday Essentials Dedicated Support
#46 of 656 Charities with 138 votes
"The philosophy of Pay It Foward is that through acts of kindness among strangers, we all foster a more caring community. A registered charity providing assistance to those experiencing financial hardship or other challenges".

Completely volunteer run N.E.E.D.S is a valuable organisation for the community it services.

Community areas include the St George municipality, The Sutherland Shire, Bankstown and beyond.

We are in desperate need of FUNDS to help with the purchase of a community van so we may continue to support our Community with the assistance of providing and picking up of Fresh Vegetables, Bread & Furniture.

N.E.E.D.S challenge you to help support and give kindly. Please vote for our Charity.
Indigenous Community Volunteers
#48 of 656 Charities with 134 votes
ICV exists to provide opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to develop human and community capacity in order to improve their quality of life, health, social and economic well-being and participation in Australian society.
We work with Indigenous communities that request support to raise their health, wellbeing and self-sufficiency.
ICV Community Development Officers explore a community’s vision and assets through face to face engagement.
If a project is approved by a regional manager, the scope of the project; its aims and objectives are prepared with the community.
Next, we match a community with a volunteer who can meet the particular needs of a project.
The best available volunteer from our skilled pool, for each project, is chosen in consultation with the community.
The volunteer works with the community and is supported with transport and accommodation needs by ICV and the hosting community. The Community Development Officer monitors a project’s progress from start to finish. Projects vary in length.
Donations allow us to fund the projects by supplying suitably skilled volunteers.
Bali Animal Welfare Association West Australia Inc
#49 of 656 Charities with 133 votes
The aim of Bali Animal Welfare Association West Australia Inc. (BAWA WA) is to act as a fundraising and awareness group to support the welfare of animals and healthy communities in Bali.
BAWA WA distributes all donations and net profit to partner organisation Yayasan Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA).

BAWA WA aims to promote and provide resources on responsible tourism. More thank 400'000 West Australians alone travel to Bali each year, and more than ONE MILLION Australians travel to Bali each year.

Bali is a favourite holiday destination for many Australians and BAWA WA aims to 'Give a Little Back' to the island and assist Yayasan Bali Animal Welfare Association's work to keep Bali's communities safe and healthy for animals and people.

BAWA WA also supports Bali’s beautiful indigenous dog. The Bali dog is possibly the oldest breed in the world, is widely misunderstood and may be facing the threat of extinction.
A Perfect Foundation
#50 of 656 Charities with 132 votes
The Mentawai Education and Conservation Centre provides English education and environmental programmes to make a sustainable difference in one of the poorest and most disadvantaged areas in Indonesia.

Remote Islands in Indonesia such as the Mentawais are recognized internationally as one of the few remaining places on the planet as having unique cultural and ecological assets. These need to be preserved, not exploited and destroyed. In the last few decades, vast tracts of Amazonian and Indonesian rainforest have disappeared and then lost forever. We’ve seen marine environments spoiled as plastics and pollutants have poisoned once pristine waterways as no or little education has been provided on waste management or recycling options.

A Perfect Foundation realizes that the time is NOW! We need to collectively take proactive action to protect this unique marine and forested environment. By doing so, we can ensure future generations inherit at least some of the lush beauty that once was more than the rarity it’s become today!
9 Lives Cat Rescue
#51 of 656 Charities with 130 votes
9 Lives Cat Rescue was established in 2009 in response to a serious gap in cat welfare resources for Perth and its surrounding areas. We live by the motto "until they all have a home" and as a result we have established ourselves as a no-kill shelter.

We are a tax-deductible charity, with all profits going straight into the care of our cats and kittens. The generous donation of time and effort by all our volunteer foster carers and staff allows 9 Lives Cat Rescue to continue to improve the quality of life for both our feline companions and the community.
Living Ruff in SA
#52 of 656 Charities with 129 votes
Living Ruff in SA run two programs, we keep people and pets together via a number of support and outreach services. We enable people to leave crisis situations like domestic violence and homelessness by fostering their pets in private homes, which means we reduce the amounts of animals going to shelters needing rehoming and reduce the number of healthy animals being euthanised. we preserve the magical, loyal bond between a family, reducing the stress on both animal and human through an already stressful time.
Saving Perth Animals From Euthanasia Incorporated
#53 of 656 Charities with 126 votes
Saving Perth Animals from Euthanasia Inc. is a no kill rescue based within Perth, Western Australia. We take surrenders from vets and pounds all over Western Australia as well as taking in private surrenders. If we are rescue dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, mice... We firmly believe all animals should be loved and given a chance at a happy ending. We are not government funded and so we rely on the generosity of the public in order to keep operating. So if you can, please dig deep and support our worthy cause - help us help the animals of Perth.
Heart & Soul Community Group Inc.
#54 of 656 Charities with 121 votes
Heart & Soul Community Group runs a variety of different programs based on Helping People in need

The current program(s) that we are running are;

Heart & Soul Food Assistance

Due to increasing costs of living many people are finding it hard to make ends meet. This page is focused on supporting those in need. No one is immune to finding themselves without life's basic essentials.

Operation PTSD Support Inc
#55 of 656 Charities with 117 votes
Operation PTSD Support assists the families of military and first responders. Specifically the families of those that have developed mental illness because of their service.
It is so hard to send your loved one off to work ( to war or to the streets ) and have them come home a different person because of what they had to do or what they saw.
Living with someone with mental illness ( PTSD, anxiety, depression, alcoholism) is difficult and impacts on the whole family. Often partners have to give up work to become a carer, and they become isolated, social excluded and often themselves end up suffering with depression. Operation PTSD Support provides regular respite getaways, and local catch ups all so these partner carers can get to know others in similar situations and build a good support network. We are national and also provide an online forum that is very supportive and informative. Regular Mental Health First Aid Courses are provided in locations around Australia at no charge to these partners to assist them to understand Mental Illness and give them strategies to deal with it within their families.
These are the people that are standing behind those that protect our country, our streets and our homes. There is very little ( in many places no) support services for them. We believe by supporting these partners we are enabling them to better support our veterans and first responders. As with many organisations we are just a small group of passionate partners making a difference in the lives of so many other military and first responder families.
Cdh Australia
#56 of 656 Charities with 113 votes
CDH Australia supports families who are impacted by congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). CDH affects 1 in 2500 babies and has a survival rate of 50%. We offer support services for families across Australia and support medical research.
Best Friend Fur Ever Rescue Inc
#57 of 656 Charities with 111 votes
Best Friend Fur Ever Rescue Inc is a NO KILL rescue that takes animals from council pounds, surrenders, stray's, abused and abandoned dogs and cats in Queensland and New South Wales.

We provide all vet work including desexing and have trainers that work with dogs that have behaviour issues.

We have also started desexing programs in the Western Downs Region in QLD where there are a huge amount of abandoned animals. We have a LAST LITTER program where we take the pups do all vet work and re home and we also desex the mother of the pups.
We also offer heavily discounted desexing for dogs and cats in the region for those that are on a pension and hold a current pension card.

We hold regular adoption days in Brisbane to re home all of our animals in care in Queensland. In New South Wales we have a large group of volunteers that walk our dogs that are in private boarding kennels.

Another part of our rescue focuses on human education. We like to teach people the importance of desexing animals, training their dogs, nutrition, the importance of vaccinations, worming and regular vet check ups

Australia for Dolphins Limited
#58 of 656 Charities with 108 votes
At AFD we’re working to bring an end to dolphin cruelty in its two main forms: the commercially-driven practice of dolphin hunting and the cruelty-ridden practice of keeping cetaceans in captivity for entertainment. In addition to the moral bankruptcy of stealing animals from their homes, a large body of scientific evidence suggests that dolphins suffer immense physical and psychological stress in captive environments, so we’re working hard to change the tide on the acceptability of this profit-driven industry. Using a combination of strategic litigation and political activism, we work to bring about meaningful legislative and political changes.

Our ground-breaking legal action has already stopped 62 aquariums purchasing dolphins from these gruesome hunts - cutting out up to 50% of demand for the dolphins. Please help AFD raise urgently needed funds to shut them down completely, and save thousands of innocent dolphins from torture. A global law firm has prepared a detailed legal argument, and a fearless Japanese firm with a track record of winning lawsuits against the government has also joined the fight. We are desperate to launch this legal action before the next slaughter season starts in September. But the truth is, we simply don't have the money. Your generosity could help make this life-saving legal action possible.
JDRF Australia (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)
#59 of 656 Charities with 107 votes
The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s (JDRF) mission is to find a cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications through the support of research. It is the world's largest charitable supporter of type 1 diabetes research and has been involved in every major breakthrough since it began over 40 years ago. JDRF was founded in 1970 in the US and 1982 in Australia by a group of determined volunteers. JDRF-funded researchers have driven the advancement of day-to-day disease management tools and accelerated the pace of research through a focus on three research priorities – cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes and its complications.
Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Australia)
#60 of 656 Charities with 105 votes
"My dream is to eradicate obstetric fistula from Ethiopia. I won't achieve this in my lifetime, but you can in yours" Dr Catherine Hamlin AC - Co-founder, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia

We believe in a world where all women are able to deliver their babies safely and where childbirth injuries are a thing of the past. Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia has a very clear goal: we’re working to eradicate the most horrific childbirth injury, obstetric fistula – and we won’t stop until this is done.

In rural Ethiopia, where women have little or no access to maternal healthcare, they will be in agonising labour for days if their birth is obstructed. If she survives, she will almost always lose her baby and suffer debilitating injuries that leave her incontinent, isolated and ashamed.

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia is dedicated to restoring the health and dignity of these women who have survived horrendous – and preventable – childbirth injuries.

Founded over 50 years ago by doctors Catherine and Reg Hamlin, these two surgical pioneers remained in Ethiopia following their initial three-year posting to continue treating these marginalised women. Today, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia is a healthcare network of over 550 Ethiopian staff servicing six hospitals, a rehabilitation centre, and the Hamlin College of Midwives – working to prevent the injury in the first place.

To date, over 50,000 women have had their health and dignity restored. Because of generous donors around the world, this life changing treatment is provided free of charge to the patients.

But there is still much more to be done.
Children's Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation Inc
#60 of 656 Charities with 105 votes
For over thirty years the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc) has been raising funds for research into childhood cancers.

Australia has one of the highest incidences of childhood cancer worldwide. One in 500 Australian children will develop a cancer before 15 years of age – that’s 600 Australian children diagnosed every year. Childhood cancer is the single greatest cause of death from disease in Australian children, with three children losing their lives to cancer every week. In Australia, childhood cancer is second only to breast cancer in terms of the number of years of life lost by the disease.
The quest to find cures for childhood cancer is one of medicine’s greatest success stories. Fifty years ago only two percent of children with cancer survived. Medical research alone has improved overall survival rates to 80 percent. With childhood cancer still the leading cause of death from disease in Australian children, there is more work to be done. There are still particular childhood cancers – such as brain tumours and neuroblastoma – with survival rates as low as 50 percent.

CLCRF has a commitment to ensure this ground-breaking research continues so that the future generations will be the ones to live cancer free. The Foundation relies on the generous support of the community to continue its vital research, as we do not receive State or Federal funding.

RSPCA Australia
#62 of 656 Charities with 104 votes
The RSPCA’s mission is to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection. To achieve this, the RSPCA works to enforce animal cruelty laws and prompt new legislation where required. The RSPCA also operates animal care and adoption facilities, and seeks to raise community awareness regarding the humane treatment of animals. In addition, the RSPCA works with government and industry to establish standards for animal care.
Kitten Kapers Rescue Inc
#63 of 656 Charities with 94 votes
Kitten Kapers Rescue Seniors Program matches senior cats who have found themselves homeless to senior people who cannot afford the ongoing costs of owning a pet. Kitten Kapers pays for the ongoing medical costs associated with cat ownership and care for the cat if the senior person has to go to hospital. Companionship of an animal has been shown to help older people with loneliness and depression and also gives a home to an older cat who would otherwise not be adopted. If the senior person is no longer able to care tor the cat or passes away they know that their companion will be cared for.This money would assist us with the ongoing vet bills and enable us to extend the program to more people and cats.
Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc
#64 of 656 Charities with 93 votes
Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue is a small charity providing a number of very important community based programs. These include Seniors for Seniors where cats are matched with older Australians who want the companionship of a pet, but feel they cannot commit to the long term care a pet would entail. These cats remain in the name of the charity and we continue to provide health care where applicable, and the owner just supplies the daily needs of the cat eg food and litter. We also provide Crisis Care while owners are hospitalised or experiencing an unexpected family emergency.

With the ageing population many people are forced into parting with their much loved companion when they have to go into nursing homes. This can be extremely traumatic not only for the cat but the owner as well. We have known of some people who have refused to go into nursing homes because they were concerned that their pet of many years would be put to sleep if they weren't there to care for them. With this sort of situation happening more regularly, the charity desperately needs your help to continue it's work providing care and security to these mostly older companion cats and peace of mind for their owners.
Liver Kids Australia Incorporated
#65 of 656 Charities with 91 votes
Liver Kids Australia provides support and education to Australian families who have children with a liver disease, are waiting for a liver transplant and liver transplant recipients. It is the only Australian charity to focus on liver disease in children. Approximately 1 in 10,000 children are born each year with a liver disease. These diseases can impact physical, social and academic development at various stages and many children have regular and sometimes prolonged, visits to hospital. A significant number of children will suffer cirrhosis and organ failure with approximately 50% requiring a liver transplant.
Your donation will help children with liver disease by:
• Contributing to social activities and outings to bring the children together.
• Improving access to peer support for families.
• Providing funds for necessary, but sometimes costly, appliances and supplements.
• Contributing to research into the causes of childhood liver diseases.
• Developing education material for healthcare professionals about diagnosis and treatment.
• Developing education material for families to help them manage medical, lifestyle, health and wellbeing issues.
• Providing funds for Grants to families facing financial hardship as a result of their child’s prolonged hospitalisation.
The Beauty Bank Australia Incorporated
#66 of 656 Charities with 87 votes
The Beauty Bank provides Life's Little Luxuries gift bags for women, men and young people leaving a place of domestic violence, in a hardship situation or at risk of homelessness. We collect basic toiletries and hygiene items which must be full size, unopened and in date. Our bags contain at least 15 items including gift items such as jewellery, perfume or aftershave, hairbrushes, scarves etc. In May 2015 making 40 bags was a big month, in May 2016 we made 80 bags and this month we anticipate making and distributing 200+. This is in addition to the many individual skincare care and gift items given to agencies for the pamper days they run for their clients. Product donation is important but so is monetary donation as without it we cannot purchase immediate product needs as no bag goes out incomplete. We are volunteer run and no salaries are paid so all funds are utilised wisely.
Friends with Dignity Limited
#66 of 656 Charities with 87 votes
We are a not for profit charity assisting men, women and children affected by Domestic Violence. We are self funded reliant on donations and the collaboration of community members to ensure our Friends are able to move on with Integrity, purpose hope and dignity
Save A Horse Australia Horse Rescue And Sanctuary
#66 of 656 Charities with 87 votes
We take in unwanted, neglected, abused and slaughter bound horses, rehabilitate them and find their perfect forever home. Your donation supports a horse who needs vet care, feed, rehabilitation and training.
Paws Of Promise
#69 of 656 Charities with 86 votes
Paws of Promise is a no kill, non profit, registered charity committed to caring for every kitten we rescue. Paws of Promise vision is believing and promoting every kitten has the right to a life free from cruelty, abuse, neglect and suffering. Paws of Promise mission is to rescue stray, abandoned, unwanted kittens that are facing euthanasia in shelters and also surrenders otherwise destined for the pound. We promise to find permanent suitable homes for all kittens in our care. We are determined to provide assistance and financial aid to prevent over population through de sexing and community education. We promise to provide each kitten a clean, safe, enriched, warm and loving environment to live and play in, for as long as needed.

Our Values

P – Promote de sexing and provide community education

R – Respect each and every life

O – Open, honest, committed to every aspect of our work.

M – Mission is maintained and promoted whilst the highest morale is achieved.

I – Integrity is maintained at all times with a significant positive impact on kittens in our community.

S – Sustainability – Ensure we will always be a resource for unwanted homeless kittens.

E – Empathy – To provide empathy to every animal, client, staff & volunteers.
Brisbane Convoy for Kids Inc
#69 of 656 Charities with 86 votes
Brisbane Convoy for Kids holds its annual convoy and family fun day on the first Saturday in November each year. While positively promoting the men and women of the transport industry, we provide an awesome visual display of trucks, utes and buses of every size and colour as we make our way from Brisbane's south side to the Redcliffe Showgrounds where there is a fun filled day of truck and ute shows, entertainment, free rides and displays. The transport industry as well as local businesses support convoy to enable us to donate to Hummingbird House as our designated charity. 4th November 2017 will see the 8th convoy. During the past 7 years we have raised over 1/4 million dollars which has been donated to local children's charities and beneficiaries. 2017 will see the total raised to over $300,000 dollars.
Assistance Dogs Australia Limited
#69 of 656 Charities with 86 votes
Founded in 1996, Assistance Dogs Australia is the only national charity in Australia to provide internationally accredited assistance dogs across a diverse range of disability needs. To date we have placed more than 200 Assistance Dogs, free of charge, across Australia.
1 in 5 Australians have a disability (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2009) with social care needs far outweighing available resource. Through our work, we see first-hand the dramatic difference an assistance dog bring to their new owners, boosting long term quality of life, improving mental health and increasing mobility, freedom and independence. Assistance Dogs reduce reliance on human caregivers and act as a social ice-breaker to help relieve social isolation, anxieties and loneliness and promote greater social inclusion in their community.
Eligible clients include people with congenital or acquired physical disability who require a wheelchair for mobility, children with autism and our ex-servicemen and women and first responders living with post-traumatic stress disorder. We currently have 169 people on our waiting list for an Assistance Dog.
We receive no government funding, relying on the generosity of supporters to fund our work. The dedicated contribution of over 300 community volunteers provides a huge boost to the work of our 36 employees and national work program each year.
Orange Sky Australia
#72 of 656 Charities with 82 votes
Orange Sky Australia is a world first started by two 20 year-olds. These boys put two washing machines and two dryers in an old van so they could wash and dry clothes for their new homeless mates. Starting in the streets of Brisbane, Orange Sky has now grown to over 12 mobile laundry vans servicing more than 76 locations with over 600 volunteers. Despite OSL’s rather early stage and the challenges facing the homeless we have expended every effort into further restoring the respect of homeless with a new branch of Orange Sky with mobile showers. Everyone has their own tears, marks, colours, imperfections but each deserves to be handled with the same respect as we place on the garments we put in our washing machines. As our younger volunteers found out, washing takes time. It’s this time we use to foster truely positive conversations. It costs us $6 for to clean a cycle of clothes and only $3 per shower. Help us by voting, volunteering or donating today.
Harrisons Little Wings
#72 of 656 Charities with 82 votes
Knit4Charities Inc
#72 of 656 Charities with 82 votes
Knit4Charities is an Australia wide group of people who knit, crochet and sew for charities around our Country. Members self-fund all materials and postage to get items to where they are needed most. We work to a yearly Calendar of Charities where we support various organisations, usually around 36 - 40 per year. Members are also encouraged to source needy charities within their own community to save on postage costs. All members are able to nominate a charity for our Calendar so that we cover the whole of Australia each year. We also have 3 dedicated State groups - SA, WA and Tassie - who give to charities within their own State.
All monetary donations we receive are Tax Deductible (over $2). We also accept donations of yarn, postage stamps and prepaid postpacs. Anyone can also donated new handmade items such as beanies, fingerless gloves, scarves, blankets etc. etc. for us to distribute. There is a list of what is needed throughout the year on our website.
We not only help those less fortunate in our communities, we support each other through close friendships and for those with medical problems often confined to home, the opportunity to chat with likeminded people on a daily basis.
Cat Haven WA
#72 of 656 Charities with 82 votes
As Western Australia’s largest cat shelter, we take in and look after over 6500 stray and unwanted cats every year. We work with the community and government to continually improve cat welfare and reduce the feral cat problem in WA. We sterilise and rehome thousands of cats a year, or perform gentle and humane euthanasia when needed from our vet clinic. We never say no to a cat, no matter how old, sick or feral. We strive to continually educate the public and work with local government about responsible cat ownership to significantly reduce the large number of cats surrendered to Cat Haven every year. Cat Haven is a charity which derives 98% of its income from donations and with a cost of over $28 a day to keep a cat at the shelter, adding up to over $8000 a day in peak kitten season, we are constantly stretched for funds. We have a team of dedicated, animal loving staff and volunteers and every cent matters.
Destiny Haven
#72 of 656 Charities with 82 votes
Destiny Haven is a non-profit residential life skills training facility that helps women overcome life-controlling issues, including drug or alcohol addiction, self-harm, eating disorders and trauma resulting from domestic violence or childhood abuse.

Located in the Hunter Valley, Destiny provides the professional, physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional nurturing needed to restore the health and capacity of women from all over Australia to enable them to lead productive and fulfilling lifestyles.

Destiny Haven offers one of very few women-specific long term residential rehabilitation programs in Australia; providing comprehensive education, psycho-social, emotional, physical and spiritual services to support our women’s capacity to engage with, and contribute to, the wider community.
Lillies for Hope-The Lilly Fish Fund
#77 of 656 Charities with 81 votes
Our experience as parents of a child lost to cancer has compelled us to create a fund that works in partnership with the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

'Lillies for Hope- The Lilly Fish Fund’
directs funds straight into research and trials through the Children's Cancer Foundation. Our mission is to raise money to help cure Childhood Cancer with unstoppable determination!
Capes4Kids Australia Inc
#78 of 656 Charities with 78 votes
Empowering children with the gift of a cape - for courage - for love & support - for whatever, whenever, however they need during illness -
Capes 4 Kids Australia are designed to help children feel as safe, secure, and brave as possible while undergoing challenging, often “scary” situations and treatments.
We realize the benefit of helping children understand the necessity of listening and following instructions during each of their treatments. Capes 4 Kids strive to be great role models by being strong, understanding and supportive in all their messages. They want each patient to succeed as much as their families and caregivers do. Capes 4 Kids help to communicate to patients in a different language that their feelings are important and that staying positive and strong helps to positively impact on their treatment and recovery.
Kids cannot get enough of super heroes, those “caped crusaders” who make the world a safer place. Our little crusaders facing hospitalisation, medical procedures, and treatments need all the help they can get to be brave, manage their fears, listen carefully and co-operate with instructions, to “get through” whatever must be endured. Play is essential for happiness and successful coping and Capes 4 Kids can magically turn a child into a superhero and we all know how powerful and brave they are.
Cat Adoption Foundation Inc
#79 of 656 Charities with 73 votes
Cat Adoption Foundation Inc believes that helping animals is helping people.

Every day we take calls to help people with cats and kittens that need rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming.

Our biggest expense is our ever growing vet bill to cover emergency surgeries that save lives, medications to cure illness and desexing, microchipping and vaccinations to help kittens to get homes.

100% of your donation goes straight to our vet bill so please help today if you can!
Perth Homeless Support Group Inc
#80 of 656 Charities with 72 votes
We have seen too many people needing help in our beautiful city and feel that this group can make a difference. This group was started by Ron Reid and came into fruition in Jan 20th 2014 during the summer heatwave. There are places the homeless can access water in Perth, but it comes out warm. ProAqua has installed cold water fountains but there is a small fee to be able to access them with a recyclable bottle. So Ron came up with the idea of giving the homeless access to this luxury by gifting them with a reusable bottle and a water card that they can return and have it topped up. He then started the Facebook group, to share his idea and see if there were others who would like to do the same.
There many organisations in Perth doing the best they can with limited resources to cloth, feed and support the homeless. Everyone can make a difference to a person’s day by buying them a meal or giving food and water vouchers to those on our streets. We are a group of people that believe and encourage every single individual to make a difference in any way you can.
This group is also open to donations, non-perishable food items, food vouchers, sealed water bottles and water vouchers and refillable bottles for the Pro Aqua water fountains in the city. Packs made up of toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, women's personal hygiene products and anything you would think was a normal part of life would be gratefully received. The homeless don't always have access to these kinds of things, so anything is going to be very helpful.
We take a hands-on approach to pursuing social justice in the community by responding to needs in practical ways and Referrals to other organizations that deal with homelessness.
We believe in the pursuit of honesty, ethical practice, trustworthiness, and accountability in all interactions, and maintain an openness to innovative ideas and possibilities.
Sydney Fox Rescue
#81 of 656 Charities with 70 votes
Sydney Fox Rescue (SFR) is a registered Australian charity and animal advocacy organisation. Since 2012 we have worked tirelessly to rescue, care for, desex and rehome a variety of introduced and native species with a particular focus on foxes and dingoes (through our program Sydney Dingo Rescue). Unfortunately, as an introduced species in Australia, the welfare of foxes often falls through the cracks.

Australia as a nation, consistently fails to stand up and take responsibility for animals we brought to this country. Foxes were brought to Australia, through no desire of their own, to be hunted and slaughtered. It’s time we move past this archaic attitude and look towards more compassionate conservation methods. A share in this funding would help cover the cost of much needed expansions of our outdoor enclosures to accommodate more rescue animals in need and assist those creatures all to often forgotten.

Please note: none of our foxes or dingoes are ever released. Foxes are kept under permits in accordance with relevant government regulations.
Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre
#82 of 656 Charities with 70 votes
Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre is a free community service run by volunteers to rescue, rehabilitate and release injured and orphaned native animals and birds. There is no funding for the work which has continued for 26 years 24/7. Over 10,500 injured wildlife have been admitted to the intensive care unit, with equally as many again assisted over the phone, email, website, and Facebook.It is a not for profit charity with the ACNC registered charity tick. The Centre is currently fund raising to build a large , round, raptor rehab facility to be used for birds of prey to flight them and build up their muscle tone in preparation for a successful rerelease.
Soldier On
#83 of 656 Charities with 69 votes
Soldier On is a national not-for-profit focused on helping veterans and their families build successful futures. Our mission is to achieve the best reintegrated generation of serving and ex-serving defence personnel in Australia’s history. We believe the best way to achieve this is by offering a range of support, services, resources and opportunities to veterans and their families, including:
Mental Health Support Services—Soldier On is focused on providing support to Australian veterans who have been psychologically wounded from their service to our country and we have psychologists available in Sydney and Canberra, and we are currently recruiting for a psychologist in Melbourne and Perth. We offer evidence-based psychological treatment to address a range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma and stress related issues and pain and injury adjustment concerns. As well as individual counselling for adults and adolescents, we also offer relationship and family counselling.
Social Connectedness—We offer a range of wellbeing activities and programs to help veterans reconnect with themselves, their loved ones and the wider community. Some of social inclusion activities and programs we run, include regular coffee catch ups, yoga and art classes, Surf Therapy program, golf days, sailing days and more!
Employment and Education Support—Soldier On has partnered with a number of organisations to offer veterans employment, training and education opportunities. In addition to this, Soldier On also offers a range of employment and career services and resources, including career guidance and pathways, transition support and help with preparing your CV or for job interviews.

Soldier On believes the best way to support veterans and their families is by providing the right services, support, resources and opportunities to help them overcome any impacts from their service and build successful futures.
To reach more veterans in more areas across Australia we need to raise more awareness and support from our community.
Golden Oldies Animal Rescue
#84 of 656 Charities with 69 votes
To Rescue & Rehome Animals in Need via Ethical Rescue Standards With a main focus on the elderly and frail whom are at high risk of being killed in our pounds.
SIDS and Kids South Australia
#84 of 656 Charities with 69 votes
There are few people in life untouched by the death of a child - be it miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS or accidental death. The grief that follows the loss of a child is unimaginable and unique.

SIDS and Kids SA is the only organisation in South Australia that provides free ongoing counselling to South Australians affected by the death of a child. This service is life saving. Highly qualified specialist counsellors help bereaved parents to live with and beyond the pain of their loss.

Last year we received double the number of referrals on the year before - 94 in 2016 vs 48 in 2015. That's double the Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and friends receiving support, and guidance on how to support each other. We receive no ongoing Government funding and rely on the South Australian community to help us fund this program.

Please take the time to vote for SIDS and Kids SA in My Giving Circle. It's your opportunity to provide some support back to us.
#86 of 656 Charities with 68 votes
Our project will offer to Foster Children the basic needs such as clothing, shoes, personal hygiene products, 85% of children removed from home come with nothing except what they have on.
Also it will enable these children access to sporting facilities, dancing, music lessons which in turn will help these children form friendships outside their normal circle thus showing them that child abuse and neglect is not the norm they think it is because that is all they have seen.Tutoring for the children to help them catch up to their class level thus lowering the stigma these children face from their peers.
If we are ever going to break this cycle of abuse and neglect from one generation to the next we need to provide these children with the parental skills they never learnt from their parents, through treating them the way children should be that is nurtured and loved and provided for and showing them they are worthy, so as when they have children they will have the ability to rasie them in a loving caring home. We can do this by education and building a strong base for them.
It takes a whole community to save these children.
#87 of 656 Charities with 67 votes
kogo (Knit One Give One) is a not for profit organisation that was established in 2004 to knit warm winter garments to help those in need. In 2016 kogo distributed 70,000 warm winter woollies to the most vulnerable in our community. Our volunteer knitters make a whole range of items – including scarves, beanies, blankets, toys, children’s and babies’ clothing. We distribute to over 250 Community Partner organisations. We need money to be able to cover the expenses of freight to regional and country areas.
Young Leadership Committee
#87 of 656 Charities with 67 votes
The Young Leadership Committee empowers young people with type 1 diabetes by raising funds for medical research, and running social events to give young people with T1D the support they need at the life stage that counts. Year on year we try to raise $15,000, but we can't do that without your help.

So invest in the next generation. Invest in YLC!
#89 of 656 Charities with 64 votes
Emerikus Land Foundation is a non for profit giving parents & family's the gift of time by donating Cold Cuddle Cots & Memory Boxes to hospitals through out Australia & into New Zealand. The Covercool Cuddle Cot is used to cool deceased neonatals allowing the family time to spend time with the baby whilst the baby is kept cool
Benefits include:
•Parents get days rather than hours
•Baby doesn't need to be send to the mortuary for cooling.
• Baby is keep in much better condition due to the direct cooling.
• Parents get the option of when they want to say goodbye not have that choose made for them.
• Having baby keep in the comfort of mums room the whole time.
• Gives parents more time to say goodbye but more importantly HELLO!
Currently there is around 200/250 in hospitals but on the large scheme that is not many as there is around 1400 maternity hospital throughout Australia.
Benefits of memory boxes
•Gifting parents items for parents to Create memory's
• Making Memories are so important these are the only Memories parents & family's will have for their life time.
Pay It Forward Community Shed Orange
#90 of 656 Charities with 63 votes
Pay It Forward is a unique charity which has an open access service, a not for profit which allows anyone in need or crisis to seek support, all at no financial cost to the recipient. PIF is self funded and receives no Government Support.
Pay It Forward offers a wide range of support from FREE clothing, furniture, bric a brac, food, fresh bread day, lawn mowing support program, and a 5 bedroom Crisis Accommodation Facility. Many other great things are happening at PIF.
Pay It Forward must be creative and innovative to continue to keep our Charity open and offer these amazing supports to the community in need.
Hucknall Horse Rescue
#90 of 656 Charities with 63 votes
We are a small horse rescue taking in abandoned, sick, injured and dogger bound horses that need a second chance. We provide all care, treatment and training necessary before finding suitable forever homes. We rely on public support and donations to keep being able to help horses in desperate situations.
Farm Animal Rescue Inc
#92 of 656 Charities with 60 votes
Farm Animal Rescue is a place of refuge for animals that have been freed from abusive situations and factory farms, each of which receives the best of life time care. The farm is open to visitors on a regular basis, so that people can come to meet our residents. Each visitor has the opportunity to rub a pigs belly, pat a sheep, tumble around with a goat, and feed a rooster. During these animal contact sessions, we will tell visitors what the animals endured before they were rescued, and what life is really like for the millions of others on factory farms that we cannot save.
Big Brothers - Big Sisters Australia Limited
#92 of 656 Charities with 60 votes
Changing Perspectives Changing Lives

Big Brothers Big Sisters helps young people who face serious adversity – those who have little opportunity to develop positive and supportive relationships with adults. Many who are hungry for friendship, guidance and acceptance.

By positively changing the course of a young person's life, Big Brothers Big Sisters know we can build resilience and a sense of self-worth that helps them to stay at school, improve their relationships with families and their community which in turn can lead to long-term community benefits like an increase in school retention; school and community safety; and greater employment opportunities.

By connecting a disadvantaged child to a positive role model we can break the cycle of disadvantage.
Advanced Breast Cancer Group Limited
#94 of 656 Charities with 59 votes
The Advanced Breast Cancer Group is a unique community based service that has been supporting women diagnosed with secondary breast cancer and their partners, families and carers throughout Queensland since 1999.

We offer a professionally led group delivered on a weekly basis, both face to face and by telephone, from our Brisbane office. This enables local and rural women throughout Queensland to access psychosocial support, to share their experience and overcome the isolation they feel. Every year, we deliver two workshops in Brisbane that bring together women involved in the weekly group, their partners and family. We invite guest speakers presenting on cancer-related topics as well as facilitators leading creative expression activities.

Women with advanced breast cancer are the forgotten face of breast cancer. They are not ‘survivors’ who can put their cancer behind them and get on with their lives. These are the women who have to live with the knowledge that sooner or later they will die of their disease. These women fall between the gaps, and the Advanced Breast Cancer Group has developed an efficient and effective means of bridging this gap by offering psychosocial support to find ways to live meaningful lives in the face of this frightening illness.

Your support will help us continue this important work.
Knitting for Brisbanes Needy
#95 of 656 Charities with 57 votes
Knitting for Brisbanes Needy (K4BN) was created almost 11years ago to knit/crochet warm items for the homeless in Queensland, as although we are the sunshine state, after talking to a couple of homeless they mentioned how cold it gets, even of a summer night, when living under bridges, in bushes, in doorways etc.
We started off with 3 members, and now all those years later, we have in excess of 400 volunteers who knit/crochet/loom and sew all sorts of items to distribute all over Queensland. In the 11 years we have donated over 340,000 items to homeless, less fortunate, Domestic Violence victims, hospitals; cancer patients, those suffering mental illnesses etc; aged care homes even wildlife carers and animal shelters; victims of natural disasters throughout Australia and also our Defence Forces serving overseas.
We also buy, beg for toiletries which we put into hand sewn toiletry bags which are distributed to those in need .
All these donations are delivered straight to those who need them or organisations who help them FREE OF CHARGE.
OUr founders drive all over Queensland, including out to Roma, Dalby, Bundaberg, Maryborough to name but a few places in their own vehicle at their own expense,

We receive no funding whatsoever. A majority of our volunteers are pensioners buy their own wool etc, or wool which is sometimes donated.

If we were to be fortunate to win any of this generous money it would be used to buy wool, toiletries and fuel, all to assist our donations getting to those who genuinely need them.
Thank you.
Halo Team Inc
#96 of 656 Charities with 57 votes
We provide a homeless shelter, a free soup kitchen, an outreach service and welfare assistance to anyone who is in need. We are not government funded and rely on the support from our community. We run an op shop 6 days a week which is what funds our services.
Rescue Cats Safe Haven Inc
#97 of 656 Charities with 56 votes
We rescue cats and kittens from all over Tasmania as well as from high-kill shelters around Australia (when space is available). We provide shelter, care and love for trapped, abandoned, surrendered and unwanted cats and kittens, giving them a chance of a new life with a loving family of their own.
We will continue to rescue as and when we can. We have found many new loving homes for many cats and kittens, and the cats who are in foster care are being nurtured and loved after being desexed as well as receiving all necessary veterinary work.
New homes will be found for them when they are fit, healthy and ready.
Share the Dignity Ltd
#98 of 656 Charities with 56 votes
Early in 2015, an article by Mia Freedman published on Mamamia caught our attention. We were shocked to learn that in Australia many homeless women and women in domestic violence shelters had to face unthinkable indignities during their monthly period. For these vulnerable and at risk women, each month brought a shameful and traumatic experience, suffering indignities such as having to clean themselves in public toilets and use paper towels or newspaper to create makeshift sanitary pads. Reading it from the comfort of our homes, with the knowledge that many Australian women couldn’t take hygiene for granted during menstruation, we knew we couldn’t allow it to continue.

We believe that sanitary items should be a right NOT a privilege.

In April and August we hold our collections for sanitary items,
Collection points around Australia help us in our mission to ensure every woman has dignity when dealing with her monthly period.
Scarlett May Foundation Limited
#98 of 656 Charities with 56 votes
Freedom for Farmed Rabbits Inc
#100 of 656 Charities with 55 votes
Freedom for Farmed Rabbits is a not-for-profit public charity, which is run by a very small team of volunteers. We receive no government funding and therefore rely purely on donations received.

FFR are an animal rights activist group who work on exposing the cruel rabbit farming industry and abolish the exploitation and abuse of these sensitive animals. Our campaigns range from education and advocacy to undercover investigations and rescue operations.

FFR conducts numerous undercover investigations and rescue operations, along with taking in unclaimed rabbits from a local pound and as a result saves hundreds of rabbits each year. We take them into our care, provide them with the necessary medical treatment, assist with finding short-term foster care, rehabilitation programs and find them permanent homes. We pride ourselves on being a no kill shelter and a sanctuary for those rabbits that come into our care with such horrible histories.

FFR educates on the horrific conditions of the rabbit farming industry and scientific testing on rabbits. We also educate the public on proper ownership and care for rabbits. These actions combined help us advocate for rabbits and help change society and rabbit welfare.
SevGen Indigenous Corporation
#100 of 656 Charities with 55 votes
SevGen is a grassroot Indigenous Charity. We exist to create wellness through Connection and Relationships. We do activities that have been called Justice, Health and Education reinvestment activities.

SevGen has an innovative and creative model that we operate under. It is our uniquely sustainable model we call the 3E model: Enterprise, Education, Entrepreneurship. Because of it we are proud to say that we have taken control of our own destiny trusting in the Dreamtime to allow our success. To get started, as you may gather, our achievements have been hard won but we do what we must with what we have. We are amazed at the results and we think you will be too.

Please give generously to our charity so that we can do what is needed to achieve positive social outcomes through positive social solution focused actions.and be the change we want to see in the world.

It is time!
Barrabool View Equine Retirement
#102 of 656 Charities with 54 votes
Barrabool View Equine Retirement is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating all creatures.. As vegans we have provided a safe and loving sanctuary for over 20 years where animals are free from harm and abuse. We are self funded and caring for animals is our life passion.
Mama Lana's Community Foundation
#103 of 656 Charities with 53 votes
Mama Lana’s Community Foundation (MLCF) is a wholly not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping our often forgotten homeless and underprivileged community in the greater Penrith region, to advance their wellbeing and prospects for future independence. The foundation offers hot meals six nights a week, supplies food and toiletry packs, as well as providing clothing, sleeping bags, swags and blankets to keep the homeless and underprivileged warm during cold nights. We want to let these beautiful patrons know that there are people out there that truly care and want to help them get back their self respect and dignity so that they eventually get back on their feet. MLCF also help with catering and personal care packs for our emergency services during times of emergency disasters as well as proving a lunch sponsorship program to high school kids that go to school without.
Tasmanian Wildlife Rehabilitation Council Inc
#104 of 656 Charities with 53 votes
Animal Welfare League Of Qld Inc
#105 of 656 Charities with 52 votes
Animal Welfare League Queensland has been in continuous operation since 1959 caring for homeless animals across Southeast Queensland. AWLQ receives no government funding for our welfare work and relies on individuals and businesses in the communities we serve to financially support our charitable work. We operate re-homing centres on the Gold Coast, Beenleigh, and Brisbane and care for up to 17,500 strayed, abandoned and surrendered animals every year. We also operate low cost community vet clinics on the Gold Coast and in Ipswich, where no animal that is injured or in pain is ever turned away due to an owner's ability to pay. AWLQ has successfully rehomed over 120,000 animals during its history. AWLQ is a modern, progressive and forward thinking organisation where every animal comes first in getting a 2nd chance
Telethon Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre
#105 of 656 Charities with 52 votes
The Family Centre was established in response to the mounting need for better psychosocial support for Western Australian families with children with type 1 diabetes. Our vision is for a supported, connected and informed community of Western Australian families with children with type 1 diabetes who are positive, motivated, and thriving.
The Family Centre works alongside the specialist Diabetes Team at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH). The PMH team advises families on the medical management of type 1, while the Family Centre offers community and group education, and a dynamic peer and psychosocial support service. We equip families with the knowledge they need to take on the challenges that life with type 1 may present - including travel, camps, exams, sports, and the emotional impact of living with a chronic disease.
We also work to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes in the general community and promote action on issues that affect families affected by type 1.
The Family Centre is a not-for-profit and we rely on community support to fund our work. When you support us, you make a big impact on the lives of kids and families affected by type 1.
Edmund Rice Camps WA
#107 of 656 Charities with 51 votes
Edmund Rice Camps for Kids WA Inc. (ERCWA) is a non-profit, community-based charity organisation that provides recreational and developmental programs and holiday camps for young children aged 7–16 and their families - families who would not otherwise have such opportunities.
Children who are disadvantaged or ‘at risk’ due to financial, cultural, social, behavioural, physical or emotional circumstances are referred to ERCWA by a variety of third party agencies that work with ERCWA to provide these children and their families with some respite.

Given the nature of the service we provide, the children who attend the programs come from all areas of Perth and a wide variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. For those who cannot make it to a Perth-based camp, our Eddie on the Road program delivers our services to regional, rural and remote areas across Western Australia.

ERCWA also promotes and empowers young volunteer leaders with formation and personal growth opportunities. A typical camp program has 25 kids living, working and playing along side 25 volunteer leaders. The role of a leader on these camps is more than purely recreation; leaders need to serve as a friend and mentor. These programs offer the young adult volunteers the experience of serving more vulnerable members of the community, develop confidence and the opportunity to develop leadership skills while encouraging a growth in empathy with a broader social understanding and awareness.

We rely on funds raised solely through one-off grants, sponsorship, donations and fundraising in order to run the not-for-profit camps and programs.

Help us make a difference to the lives of WA disadvantaged children and their families.
Empowered Women Foundation
#108 of 656 Charities with 50 votes
Our charitable purpose to to provide people with assistance with food and other financial burdens. We make practical grants to assist those in need. Our mission is to see the love of God transform the hearts and cities of all who are hungry for change. Money means we can give more people help in ways that effectively change lives permanently. That's why we value your support.
Express wildlife rescue and rehab
#109 of 656 Charities with 50 votes
Hello & welcome to Express Wildlife Rescue. My name is Andrea, and along with the help of my volunteers I run a not-for-profit wildlife organization based in Perth, Western Australia.

We rescue & rehabilitate injured and sick wildlife, releasing the animals back into the wild when we can. Sometimes they are just too sick, and they have to be re homed with long-term loving foster carers who continue to look after them.

Many of our animals come to us in a poor condition. Often malnourished, sick or injured, we provide them with veterinary care and 24 hour love needed to return them to good health.

We specialize in looking after orphaned kangaroos & possums, wild birds and reptiles and we can attend a number of call outs everyday to sick or injured animals. Above is a picture of one of our rescued roos, Monopoly. His mother was shot and he was poisoned when he was just a baby. Express Wildlife rescued and cared for him for as they do so many other orphans.

My team and I are very passionate about our native Australian Wildlife, and our aim is to make sure it is still here in generations to come for our children, grandchildren & great grandchildren to enjoy. To continue our valuable work we rely on our volunteers and supporters, who help us by giving up their time to help in our animal care center, help with fundraising events or kindly provide donations of food, bedding or financial support.
In addition, I am a licenced snake catcher charging a nominal fee to remove and relocate unwanted visitors. Please visit our 'Snake Removal' page for more information on the types of snakes we have caught & for advice on snake bites.
Registered charity: Express Wildlife Rescue & Rehab Animal Rescue Charity
ABN: 49 799 834 751
Life of Pikelet
#110 of 656 Charities with 50 votes
If Life of Pikelet manages to win or place in this giveaway we're going to hand over ALL the prize to a very special rescue charity - "Paws for Thought" Rescue.

This tiny little Sydney rescue made up of only a wife & husband team and a paw full of dedicated volunteers does some pretty incredible rescue work. This little rescue charity is the first port of call when it comes to some of the most neglected, oldest, broken and ill rescue cases Australia has ever seen. They take the dogs that no one wants. The pups that are dumped because they are "too old". And they take on these little dogs knowing full well that many of them are not too far off from crossing rainbow bridge. The incredible work that "Paws for Thought" Rescue do is flat out inspiring. But the work is tough. It's heartbreaking and it's never ending. Their vet bills?... Well let's just say vet bills are phenomenally large. These little dogs often need all the same medical treatments that us young healthy rescue pups need and then some. And then some more and then add more on top of that. Operations, dental, treatments, medicines, the list goes on. It's not cheap. It's not even manageable without donations just like this one I hope we can help with.
The Movement Wollongong
#111 of 656 Charities with 49 votes
#112 of 656 Charities with 48 votes
Our mission is to save lives, speed recovery and serve the community.

CareFlight is dedicated to providing the highest standard of rapid response critical care to the ill and injured. Our specially trained doctors and nurses use helicopters, aeroplanes, medi-jets and road ambulances to bring a hospital level of care to our patients.
Multiple Birth SA Incorporated
#113 of 656 Charities with 47 votes
Multiple Birth South Australia (MBSA) provides support and a network of connections for families with twins, triplets and more in South Australia in order to keep them supported, functional and sane.
Twins, triplets and more often have a rocky start to life with nearly 70% born prematurely, not to mention the emotional and financial challenges of taking care of two or more babies at once. PND rates in multiple parents are two to three times that of other parents. Through the support MBSA provides we can reduce this stress and improve the lives of families across South Australia.
Dress For Success Sydney Inc
#114 of 656 Charities with 46 votes
At Dress for Success Sydney, we increase the employability of women across NSW. Our mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional clothing and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and life. We need your help to keep changing lives.
Puddle Jumpers Incorporated
#115 of 656 Charities with 45 votes
Puddle Jumpers Incorporated is a non-profit NGO committed to responding to the social development needs of society’s most vulnerable children and young people; priority of our work is with children who do not live with their birth parents. We aim to empower children to recognise and experience their strengths, abilities, interests and talents which lead to self-confidence, opportunities to grow and develop their own capacities and competences. Puddle Jumpers also supports the community and those in need by providing weekly Free Food Nights, assist people/ families in need and provides free hygiene products.
Puddle Jumpers provides opportunities for children to develop social awareness and learn from their mentors (Puddle Jumper volunteers) on camp. Volunteers are also able to learn how to interact and communicate with other volunteers, as well as the children and families attending camps. All of this happens, in a safe, fun , supportive and challenging environment. Time is a gift that is given to the children and families who spend time with the volunteers. The volunteers have a big heart and all of them want to make a positive impact on the community.
Please help Puddle Jumpers Incorporated make a difference today! Thank you for your vote.
Cee4Life Inc, Cee4Life
#115 of 656 Charities with 45 votes
Cee4life (Conservation & Environmental Education 4 Life) is a unique non profit charity that takes on some of the most difficult animal cases (wild or captive) in the world, to protect the wild ones and give captive animals peace. We follow through and provide ongoing conservation education programs to a wide range of people from school children - villagers - tourists - corporations - Governments. although these can be some of the most challenging environments, we know from experience that education is a major key to protecting animals and preserving the environment.
Soquilichi Rescue Ranch Inc
#115 of 656 Charities with 45 votes
Soquilichi Rescue Ranch is a no kill charity that is ran by dedicated volunteers, who devote their lives to saving deathrow and or unwanted, abused or neglected pets. Srr specialises in cats, dogs and horses. With deathrow never sleeping, your donation allows an animal to receive a new lease on life.
Lillypilly's Trust
#118 of 656 Charities with 44 votes
We support families in Qld who have children in hospital. We help to make life easier during family crisis
Devoted 2 Dachshunds Rescue Inc
#118 of 656 Charities with 44 votes
Devoted 2 Dachshunds Rescue Inc (D2DR) rescues and rehomes all dachshunds into their furever homes.
Snowy Mountains Animal Rescue Team (S.M.A.R.T)
#120 of 656 Charities with 43 votes
Snowy Mountains Animal Rescue Team has now been running for 13 years. We rescue and rehome all domestic and farm animals. We have grown fast and work out of alot of country pounds. We are building a new isolation area for our rescue dogs from death row at the pounds. This will be a large shed with air conditioning and safe clean cages to house dogs which come into our care for a isolation period of 10 day. This helps us work out if they have any underlying health conditions etc. We desperately need more money to get this new isolation unit up and running. We receive no government funding or grants from the RSPCA. We make alot of our money from our dedicated volunteers sitting on street stalls. Please help us to help more animals get safely into their new life long homes.
The Wayside Chapel
#121 of 656 Charities with 42 votes
At The Wayside Chapel we’re not interested in fixing people; we’re interested in being there when people need us.

Those we help are often at their lowest point, with a perception that they are all alone in the world. They may be people who have burned all their bridges – who have no contact with former friends or extended family.

The people who turn up at the Wayside are not always easy people. Some have had such appalling experiences that their opinion of their fellow humans is at an all-time low. Many live on the streets or in circumstances that are far from safe. Some have mental illness, addictions, or vices they have become dependent on. Others are ready to turn their lives around and all it takes is a kind word and a sympathetic ear for them to ask, ‘Where do I start?’

The Wayside Chapel values every one of these people, and judges no one.

Everyone is worth our time. Each person deserves to be loved.

Wayside is a place where people who feel they have nothing left to live for can find a community. And when they are ready to move forward, someone who cares to walk alongside them.

Wayside is swamped with people who have exhausted all their options and literally have nowhere to go and no one to turn to. We need your help to keep our doors and our hearts open to the most vulnerable people in our community.
Diabetes Australia
#121 of 656 Charities with 42 votes
Diabetes Australia is the national body for all people affected by all types of diabetes, and those at risk of type 2 diabetes. 1.2 million Australians have been diagnosed with diabetes and a further 280 Australians develop diabetes every day – that’s 1 every 5 minutes…

We are the national “voice” for people affected by diabetes. We work to raise awareness of the seriousness and impact of diabetes and to generate more support from governments, business and the community.

We develop and promote type 2 diabetes prevention and early detection strategies, and work to create healthy communities, workplaces and environments. We work to strengthen care and management for all people with diabetes, developing self-care education and support, and strengthen programs to prevent the complications of diabetes.

A donation to Diabetes Australia is a donation towards:

• the search for a cure for diabetes,
• greater support for families and children living with diabetes, and;
• national awareness campaigns to reduce the number of Australians developing type 2 diabetes and diabetes-related complications.
Angel Flight Australia
#123 of 656 Charities with 41 votes
Angel Flight is a charity that coordinates non-emergency flights to help country people trying to deal with the triple trouble of bad health, poor finances and daunting distance. All flights are free and may involve patients travelling to medical facilities anywhere in Australia. Angel Flight regularly coordinates up to twenty flights per day. Flights are conducted by volunteer pilots in their own aircraft. Angel Flight operates Australia-wide with a growing network of pilots and aircraft. Volunteer pilots come from all walks of life and donate their time, their skills and most of their aircraft costs* for each flight. Angel Flight is funded by private donations from individuals, clubs and service clubs, companies large and small and deceased estates. We have a policy to never follow up donors asking for more money.
Essentials for Women of Perth
#124 of 656 Charities with 40 votes
Essentials for Women was ‘accidently’ founded in October 2014 by Lenny Jacoby, following a conversation with a friend around the need for sanitary items and basic toiletries for homeless women in Perth. Lenny set up a Facebook event to invite 60 of her friends to donate women’s underwear and sanitary products. Within 48 hours, the event had gone viral and had been sent out to over 67,000 people. To date, Essentials for Women has provided over 102,000 items to women in need in Perth and regional WA.
In Perth there are 9592 homeless people every night. Forty-four percent of these people are women who are in need of this support. All items collected by Essentials for Women are distributed directly to women in need at events for homeless and through other not-for-profit organisations in Perth.
At Essentials for Women, we believe that: Every woman has the right to access sanitary product; Essential toiletry items are exactly that, essential, not a luxury; By making essential items accessible to women in need, their dignity as a woman is protected.
The C.R.E.W Christians Ready Equipped & Willing Incorporated
#125 of 656 Charities with 39 votes
We look after the homeless & struggling family's in the Rockingham area. We provide morning tea, lunch, dessert, food hampers, hygine packs, counselling, budgeting courses, library, and so much more all for free. Everything donated from the community or paid for by a few members. A new and growing rapidly much needed charity. Please help us fill our shelves and help those who need it so badly.
Childhood Cancer Association Inc
#126 of 656 Charities with 39 votes
The Childhood Cancer Association is one of Australia's key childhood cancer support organisations, dedicated to supporting children with cancer, and their families through 30 tailored, professional services.

The Childhood Cancer Association relies solely on the generous support of the community, to enable it to continue to provide vital services and support to families in need such as counselling, accommodation for non-metro families, financial support and more.

Your generosity will ensure every child with cancer in South Australia, Northern Territory and country NSW/Vic will have access to vital support.

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
#127 of 656 Charities with 39 votes
As the largest independent human rights organisation for refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia, the ASRC delivers services that support and empower people seeking asylum to maximise their own physical, mental and social wellbeing.
We offer 30 holistic programs that protect people seeking asylum from persecution and destitution, support well-being and dignity, and empower people to advance their own future.
Independent of Federal Government funding, we are a community lead organisation that is supported by a network of more than 1,300 volunteers and 90 staff in assisting around 3,000 people each year.
Our vision is for all people seeking asylum have their human rights upheld and receive the support and opportunities they need to live independently.
HeartKids Limited
#128 of 656 Charities with 38 votes
8 babies are born with a heart defect in Australia every day. And every week, 4 lives are lost. There is no known cure.

HeartKids is dedicated to improving the lives and futures of those affected by childhood heart disease by providing life-long support, advocacy, and to give hope by funding world-class research.

$50 can help provide emergency accommodation for a family while their heart kid is in hospital

$120 can help our Family Support Team provide in-hospital support (in major cities as well as regional areas)

$200 can help fund teen and family camps that provide respite for our heart kids

$250 can help fund medical research in to the treatment causes and management of childhood heart disease

HeartKids relies on the generosity of the general public to make sure that these heart kids receive the care and support they need. Please give whatever you can to help make sure that these heart kids realise their dreams of a life unaffected by childhood heart disease.
Make a Difference Dingley Village Inc
#129 of 656 Charities with 38 votes
Make A Diffrence Dingley Village Inc provides aid and assistance for the relief of distress, poverty or misfortune of individuals and families in the community.

Also providing free, impartial and confidential support, information and referral services to members of the community.

Providing emergency relief and material aid to families in order to avoid a situation of poverty.

Counselling to people with complex issues.
Animal Angels Rescue
#130 of 656 Charities with 37 votes
Animal Angels is a rescue run by volunteers who work tirelessly to give their time to saving animals lives. Through networking, resources and a never give up attitude, we always ensure that a solution is found to help the animal in need. The best form of advertising is to share as much as you can.
Cleft Connect Australia Pty Ltd
#131 of 656 Charities with 37 votes
Imagine finding out at your 20 week scan that your baby may be born with a cleft lip and/or palate. Its very overwhelming and alot for families to process. Cleft babies from birth will start their medical journey until they become adults. The first year is very intense with medical teams and two surgeries.
A.OK Acts of Kindness
#132 of 656 Charities with 36 votes
We are a group but we prefer the term family, that don't believe anyone should be going without food or simple hygiene products no matter what the reason they are in this predicament. Every fortnight we join another group and feed the homeless in Parramatta and every 3 weeks we walk the city streets of Sydney looking for those that other charities have missed. We provide them with clean blankets, hot prepacked meals and toiletry and snack care-packs.we also give food hampers to struggling families up to 4 days a week. Everyone that helps does so as volunteers and all goods used are donated or purchased from our pockets. People should donate to us because we can only provide so much from our own funds and if they do it means that we can care for more. Please help us to help others.
The Salvation Army
#133 of 656 Charities with 35 votes
Assisting Your Life To Achieve (AYLA) Inc.
#134 of 656 Charities with 34 votes
Assisting Your Life to Achieve (AYLA) Inc. is a fun caring and community devoted group of volunteers who, through the passion they show, have inspired many people to give back to their community.
From humble beginnings AYLA Inc. has grown tremendously over the last year. Moving to bigger facilities has meant many more individuals and families can benefit from our services. These services include the provision of "You Matter" boxes ( food hampers), low cost/ free furniture and clothing, counselling services, training rooms and a place where anyone can feel that they belong.
New volunteers are always welcomed with open arms. Our volunteers inspire each other and the wider community daily. This creates a diverse and compassionate environment where people can share their wonderful talents to make our community the best it can be. Innovation and unique ways to deliver their services are how AYLA Inc. sets themselves apart from the mainstream setting of community assistance.
AYLA Inc. is a support network that wants everybody to be successful in reaching their life goals and believes that we all can thrive with a a little bit of a helping hand from time to time. AYLA Inc. is "Changing minds, Changing Lives."
The Movement Crew Orange
#135 of 656 Charities with 33 votes
Helping with the needs of the community.Supporting homeless and less fortunate
Dandelion Support Network Incorporated
#135 of 656 Charities with 33 votes
Safe Rescue
#135 of 656 Charities with 33 votes
Creative Caring Community Group
#138 of 656 Charities with 31 votes
We are a free community craft group based on the Northside of Brisbane who meet at Lawnton neighbourhood Centre hand making items to support organisations that assist disadvantaged individuals and families experiencing homelessness, as risk of homelessness and escaping domestic violence in our local area. We welcome your support of time hand making items, donations of wool, plarn, fabric, towels, toiletries and more. We sew reusable cloth sanitary pads for Share The Dignity, knit & crochet sleeping mats from plastic bags, collect pantry items & toiletries, make beanies, scarves, blankets, gloves, socks, angel gowns for stillborn babies, twiddle mats for aged care homes and more. If you're interested in learning more about what we do please follow us on Facebook - Creative Caring Community. Thanks for reading!
Transplant Australia Limited
#138 of 656 Charities with 31 votes
There are courrently 1,400 Aussies in need of a life-saving organ transplant. Their only hope, and that of their families, is that a generous family in a hospital somewhere will say "yes" to organ donation.

Transplant Australia is the national community organisation promoting organ and tissue donation, and supporting all those touched by transplantation. Its vision is for Australia to lead the world in organ and tissue donation and transplantation – saving lives, improving quality of life and providing much-needed care and support.

Transplant Australia funds research, advocates for best-practice policies in the transplantation space, and runs programs designed to help those in the organ donation community make the most of the gift of life.
Ovarian Cancer Australia Limited
#140 of 656 Charities with 31 votes
On average, 4 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every day; of these 3 will die.

57% of women with ovarian cancer will be dead within five years. There is NO early detection test and the Pap smear does not test for ovarian cancer.

Being aware of the symptoms is critical to survival, with 70% of women diagnosed at a late stage. Women need to take control of their health and speak to their GP if they’re worried about symptoms.

Ovarian Cancer Australia supports those affected by ovarian cancer, gives them a voice, facilitates research, and raises awareness on a national scale. We deliver best practice, accessible support informed by consumers.

Without government funding, we rely solely on the generosity of individuals and corporate Australia to continue our vital work.

With your support we will strive to reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer by 25% and improve the five year survival rate by 25% by the year 2025.
Avalon Centre Incorporated
#140 of 656 Charities with 31 votes
Avalon's aim is to help people who have slipped through the cracks , including homeless persons, people with mental health problems, disabilities and/or drug and alcohol addition ,refugees and asylum seekers.
A large part of Avalon's activity is the homeless clothes distribution program. Clothes, bedding and shoes are collected from donations then sorted and then distributed weekly to homeless people in Melbourne, St Kilda, Brunswick and North Melbourne .Clothes are also distributed to refugees and asylum seekers.
We also found there was a ongoing need amongst the homeless for personal items such as socks and underwear. Through donations we are able to buy new socks and underwear and assemble packs to be distributed with our clothes distribution program .
Avalon is run entirely by volunteers and survives on grants and donations from the community . We need donations so we can buy the socks and underwear and also to help with running costs ( e.g. fuel, registration ,servicing ) of the van called the "Moving Heart of Gold".
Adoptadane Rescue Queensland Inc
#142 of 656 Charities with 31 votes
AdoptADane is dedicated to finding Great Danes the homes they deserve. We are the only Great Dane rescue in Qld and now servicing parts of NSW since the NSW rescue shut its doors. We provide our foster carers with everything they need including food, flea, tick, heart worm, bedding, collars, leads to ensure our carers are not out of pocket when they open their homes to a gentle giant in need. We carefully pick new homes and ensure we match dogs to their furever home.
If you are interested in adopting one of the available Rescues, please go to their profile and follow the prompts to complete the Adoption Application form (which can also be found in files).

Foster Carers: If you would like to become a foster carer please complete the foster application & send through to

Donations: If you would like to donate to Adoptadane Rescue Queensland Inc, the Bank Account details are:

Name: Adoptadane Rescue Queensland Inc
BSB: 034-043
A/c: 387116

Adoptadane Rescue Qld Inc is a registered Charity. Donations are tax deductible.
Starting Over Dog Rescue Ltd
#143 of 656 Charities with 30 votes
We are a not for profit registered charity. All donations made to us are tax deductible. We save dogs from metropolitan and rural pounds that are in danger of being killed. These dogs are either surrendered by their owners, for any number of reasons, or have been lost and not claimed by a specific date. Once this date has been passed, they are at risk of death due solely to the lack of space in the pounds. We have volunteers who assess the dog's temperament. Because we are a community based foster care network, i.e. the dogs are fostered in volunteers homes, we make sure that all dogs are human and dog friendly, in accordance with the DPI regulations. After the dog has been in our care for approx 2 weeks, sometimes more, once the carer deems it to be socially acceptable, it is listed on the Petrescue website. We carefully vet the applicants for the dogs, as we don't want them to end up in the same situation again. Every dog is vaccinated, microchipped and desexed before being rehomed. Of course, they are vet checked as well. Some dogs are simple, others, can be very expensive, as they may be carrying injuries from previous abuse, or may have cancer or allergies that need to be treated. No dog is euthanised due to lack of funds, only terminal illness.
Breakfastbellies Inc
#143 of 656 Charities with 30 votes
Our projects are focused on those less fortunate , from providing individuality purpose packed food hampers to family's in need who are referred to us from places like the Smith Family and the Many Schools who recieve our Day to day service .
We also partake in other more elaborate programs .
Presently we are preparing a shipping container to deliver over 300 push bikes to the Villages in Seim Reap Cambodia .
All costs associated with all our services are provided though our own income .
Lost Dogs of Adelaide Inc
#143 of 656 Charities with 30 votes
Volunteer community service organisation dedicated to reuniting pets and their owners across all of South Australia. A registered charity as our Search and Rescue team have microchip scanners, leads, collars, consumables in the pursuit of identifying a found animal live or deceased, capturing animals at large, assist with transport, temporary care of misplaced animals and emergency vet treatment for those that need specialised help.
Blue Light Victoria Inc
#143 of 656 Charities with 30 votes
Every child deserves the chance to be the best that they can be. Blue Light, through strong partnerships with Victoria Police provides young people with positive alternatives and strategies to avoid becoming an offender or victim of crime. Our programs focus on increasing protective factors and reducing risk factors in a young persons life. This is done through programs that have been designed to meet the needs of the community in both rural and metropolitan Victoria.
With over 40 branches across Victoria Blue Light and its Branches run over 400 events annually with over 35,000 attendees, over 800 police and 2000 civilians being involved.
Paws of Love Animal Rescue Inc
#143 of 656 Charities with 30 votes

Paws of Love Animal Rescue is dedicated to identifying the most at risk companion animals - those most likely not to make it out of pounds alive - and to providing them with the necessary rehabilitation required before matching them with a family who will ensure that they never go without, for the remainder of their lives. From the time we rescue them, they will know "nothing but love".

Every donation goes directly towards the cost of vet care and rehabilitation, without which we couldn't save half the lives we save every year. We believe that animals are a special part of our community and as such, deserve to be respected and cared for as such. We are committed to helping them, one life at a time.
Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation Incorporated
#143 of 656 Charities with 30 votes
Carries Place Domestic Violence & Homelessness Services Incorporated
#143 of 656 Charities with 30 votes
White Angels Horse Rescue and Sanctuary
#143 of 656 Charities with 30 votes
We rescues the innocent victims of horse neglect and abuse, weather from people who ane not educated or industry's that overbreed, we save horse from meat sales and knackerys. We rehabilitate and rehouse some not all of the horses some are elderly or have health or menatal issues they stay in the WAHR sanctuary and get love and attention as part of a therapy program for people with depresion, ptsd and just life's battles. People helping horses helping people one big circle of kindness and compassion and love
All Breeds Canine Rescue Inc
#151 of 656 Charities with 29 votes
All Breeds Canine Rescue Inc is a canine rescue that never says no to any canine in need. We take on the hard cases, the animals suffering from medical conditions that require immediate treatment at great expense, cases that many other rescues would not be willing to take on. We place all of our canines in care into loving home environments for the duration of their stay with us, until they find their forever homes. We make sure each canine in our care receives the all the love and attention that they could want to help to make their transition to a new family a lot easier for them. We rely solely on fundraising to help these canines and sometimes have to raise thousands of dollars to treat a canine's medical condition which requires a wonderful dedicated team of volunteers, each of whom give freely of their time, but often dig deeply into their own pockets to help us reach a target. To receive a share of this $5000 would make things so much easier for us financially enabling us to take in and help more canines in crisis.
Bull Arab Rescue
#152 of 656 Charities with 29 votes
We save, rehabilitate and rehome Bull Arab and Bull Arab cross breeds from death row, unwanted and neglectful situations. We are the voice for those who cannot speak, we are the gentle touch and loving heart, that these dogs have never felt before. We are their second chance, the second chance that each and every dogs deserve to have.
Blessed be Bags
#152 of 656 Charities with 29 votes
Blessed Be Bags provide homeless persons and others in need a non judgmental 'hand up' by distributing food and personal essentials for 2-3 days. Our social media initiative assists those who are primarily residing within the Penrith Local Government area and its surrounds. Our organisation was founded by a single mum who knew the humiliation of asking for assistance and wanted others to not have this same negative experience. While we receive generous donations from 2nd Bite and Oz Harvest, other items that are considered essential are purchased with our own funds. We want people to assist us to continue assisting others.
Girl Guides Queensland
#152 of 656 Charities with 29 votes
Aspiring to be Australia's leading organisation for girls and young women in leadership and personal development. Our Mission is to empower girls and young women to grow into confident, self-respecting and responsible community members.

#155 of 656 Charities with 28 votes
Suicide is the number one cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44

500,000 Australians have a suicidal thought every year
3,000 Australians commit suicide every year
300,000 people are left behind.

We need your support to help those suffering from severe emotional stress - every dollar goes directly to enhancing and developing support programmes.
Bravehearts Foundation
#156 of 656 Charities with 28 votes
Happy Paws Haven Inc
#156 of 656 Charities with 28 votes
Lets together build a new home for our kittens for Christmas!
Our old Kitten House is Gone!
We urgently need a New Kitten House for Christmas!
We have the Place, We have the Space!
We just need the house for them to stay & play until they find their new home!
The kitten and puppy season is here!
There are many requests for help!
There is no place for them to be!
We urgently need a new kitten house near the cattery.
Bowel Cancer Australia
#158 of 656 Charities with 27 votes
Bowel Cancer Australia is the leading community-funded charity dedicated to prevention, early diagnosis, research, quality treatment and care for everyone affected by bowel cancer.

We make real change happen across the entire continuum of care
4Lyfe Rescue
#158 of 656 Charities with 27 votes
4Lyfe Rescue is a registered charity run solely by volunteers providing rescue, foster and rehoming services for animals in need though out the Canberra region and beyond. We are passionate about creating a community of educated responsible pet owners and dedicated to keeping pets out of pounds and placed in the loving homes they deserve for the duration of their life.

4Lyfe Rescue works with volunteers groups and council pounds to reduce the number of pets held and ultimately put sleep, and offers assistance to families who are no longer able to care for their pets to prevent them being placed in pound situations. All funds raised and donated to 4Lyfe Rescue are used for the sole purpose of providing the animals in our care with loving foster homes, medical care and training until they are placed in their very own forever home.
Desperate For Love Dog Pound Rescue Inc
#158 of 656 Charities with 27 votes
We are a Dog Rescue based in Perth Metro, run totally by volunteers. All of our dogs are placed in Foster homes in the metro area until they are adopted.

Desperate for Love Dog Pound Rescue (DFL) is committed to saving as many dogs from pounds as possible.

We have hundreds of foster carers all over Perth who care for the dogs until they are ready to move to their forever homes. We are always in need of foster carers for dogs of all ages and sizes.

DFL is run entirely by volunteers. We also rescue dogs that don’t have much time left. Rather than leave them to die in a pound alone, they will live with a “forever foster” carer & remain in the rescue until it is their time. They will only know love & kindness and will receive all vet work needed to make them as comfortable as possible.

When you adopt a dog from DFL, you are donating towards helping many, many more dogs who need our help. All dogs are vaccinated, microchipped & sterilised prior to adoption, and these costs are all covered by the adoption fee.


Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital Incorporated
#161 of 656 Charities with 26 votes
We are a group of vets and volunteers striving for a better outcome for Australia's iconic wildlife. Koalas, wombats, kangaroos, possums and echidnas and many other species of wildlife have suffered from car strikes, dog attacks, and most of all from human intervention
Previously many of our wildlife now
Being treated and released would either have been immediately euthanised or would have died a slow painful death where they were. Now they can be given every chance of survival and eventual release
We are proud to work with 3 universities participating in research into koala diseases and we Have an Education centre visited by old and young alike
We believe that the children of today are the custodians of our wildlife in the future, and that it is essential for them to learn to respect and care for these creatures
We also run an online kids club for the under 14's filled with lots to learn and fun activity to participate in
We have now been open for 2. 1/2 years and have treated in excess of 2000 patients at no cost to the rescuers or carers
We receive no Government funding and public donation is our lifeblood for which we are eternally grateful
Camp Quality Limited
#161 of 656 Charities with 26 votes
Camp Quality is the children’s cancer charity.
Our purpose is to create a better life for
every child living with cancer in Australia. Our
programs build optimism and resilience for
children living with cancer and their families.
Right from diagnosis, throughout
treatment and in remission or bereavement,
our programs support the whole family
by building optimism and resilience; at
hospital, at home, at school and at camp.
Our camps provide children living with
cancer and their families with an essential
break from hospital, stress and intensity.
They are especially designed to encourage
strength, confidence and independence.
Miss Piggy's Guinea Pig Lair Inc.
#163 of 656 Charities with 26 votes
We Rescue and take in Surrendered Guinea Pigs. Due to being small animals Guinea Pigs are often forgotten about in the Rescue world. They aren't low maintenance as many people advertise.
They should have Vitamin C provided daily via Vegetables as like humans they cannot produce their own.
Eighty percent of their diet should also be hay/grass to keep their molars worn and their gut stabilised.
The Guinea Pigs we Rescue often require an exotics vet which is often hard to find and expensive these costs add up very quickly.
So if you can help the Piggies in our care we would greatly appreciate it!
Mummies Paying it Forward
#164 of 656 Charities with 25 votes
Mummies Paying it Forward helps to support the most vulnerable within the community by distributing new and pre-loved items to local charities to assist individuals and families in need to get back on their feet.

We believe everyone deserves a helping hand in their time of need and through the amazing generosity of our members in the community, we can collectively make a difference in so many lives.

We'd love your help to continue this great community initiative!
Dogs' Refuge Home (WA) Inc
#165 of 656 Charities with 25 votes
The Dogs' Refuge Home is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the rescue, care and re-homing of dogs.

Established in 1935, the Dogs' Refuge Home is one of the oldest animal welfare agencies in Australia. Our activities are motivated by the fundamental understanding that dogs are entitled to the same love and respect that they unconditionally give to us.

Based at 30 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park, our kennels are capable of housing up to 150 dogs. We have a pro-life policy, which ensures that no dog will be euthanised on economic grounds.

Every year we take in many hundreds of dogs that have been abused, neglected or simply no longer wanted. In the past financial year we found homes for over 1300 dogs and reunited hundreds of lost dogs with their owners.

Without public support we are unable to provide vital care to these beautiful dogs and save healthy, re-homeable dogs from unnecessary destruction.
SA Dog Rescue
#165 of 656 Charities with 25 votes
SA Dog Rescue is a not for profit 100% volunteer run rescue group made up of members of the South Australian community who are passionate about animal welfare.

We are dedicated to saving pets from euthanasia and finding them a new home where they can live the life they deserve.

Animals come into our care in a number of ways; word of mouth, website or Facebook contact, from council pounds where animals are SA Dog Rescue's mission is to provide rescue, shelter and care for companion animals and to rehome those animals - especially the vulnerable with nowhere else to turn.on 'death row'/‘kill list’ and facing imminent euthanasia, private surrenders for a range of reasons, including relationship breakdowns, moving home where the owner is unable or unwilling to take their pets and elderly people who are not permitted to take their canine companions into to a nursing home.

We are dedicated to caring for dogs abandoned by everyone else. Whether it's death row in a pound, a pet who's become too much to handle, or someone who just can't care for their pet.

When other humans let them down, we won't turn our backs on them, as in the heart of every stray lies the single desire to be loved.
Autism-Friendly Puzzle House
#167 of 656 Charities with 24 votes
We are a Not-For-Profit Association established with a long term goal to obtain funds and land to build a purpose-built holiday house for people who are on the autism spectrum and their families. We believe and our research shows that such a facility is needed in our area. Our holiday house, which will be named Puzzle House when established is intended to be a place where the whole family can enjoy time together in an entertaining but relatively worry-free, low cost and private setting, while still addressing the needs of a child with autism.
Haydens Helping Hands
#168 of 656 Charities with 24 votes
Hayden's Helping Hands was established to provide for the relief and alleviation of poverty, distress, misfortune and disadvantage suffered by people experiencing homelessness in Australia including through:
distributing food and supplies to people experiencing homelessness through a network of volunteers, including in particular young people;
improving access to basic human needs for people experiencing homelessness, including sanitation and clothing;
Creating opportunities for people experiencing homelessness to interact on a meaningful and mutually beneficial level with the community, particularly young people;
promoting and raising awareness and understanding of homelessness, particularly among young Australians.
One Meal it makes a difference Inc
#169 of 656 Charities with 23 votes
One Meal at a time, we believe it can make a difference!

One Meal – it makes a difference, was established on 21 December 2014 by a group of friends that came together to give back to the community for a one-off Christmas service. Paul Mackin (President) came up with the idea which was supported by his wife Diana (Treasurer). Paul always had a passion for helping others, knowing well what it’s like to live on the streets as he was homeless between the ages of 15 and 19

Provide healthy nutritional meals to the homeless, destitute, impoverished and underprivileged people in our community. To assist in advancing their well-being, outlook on life and prospects for future independence.
Qld Staffy & Amstaff Rescue Inc
#169 of 656 Charities with 23 votes
Thank you for supporting rescue staffies, QLD Staffy and Amstaff Rescue (QSAR) are all about improving the lives of Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers and their crosses in need of help. We do this by providing rescue, foster care, education, training support, and adoption into safe and loving homes. Our work involve but is not limited to advertising, marketing, transporting, feeding, vet work, medical care, and temporary kenneling, fostering or homing.
SAFE Albany
#169 of 656 Charities with 23 votes
SAFE's dedicated work has made a positive impact on people, pets & wildlife. SAFEs foster care model provides temporary homes while permanent ones are found. There are no cages & no timelines on an animals life. Your donation can ensure that SAFEs good work can continue.
Angel Gowns Australia Incorporated
#169 of 656 Charities with 23 votes
Soul Soup Australia
#169 of 656 Charities with 23 votes
Soul Soup Australia provides a hot meal and donations of clothing, toiletries, bedding, books, fresh fruit & veggies and packaged foods to locals at risk of homelessness, social isolation or financial difficulties each Thursday night from the Labrador Community Hub. Throughout the week we deliver fresh produce and bakery goods to local homeless youth accommodation and lodging houses. We receive no financial assistance, and operate solely on the hard work and dedication of our volunteers to make a difference within our community. We receive food donations from Second Bite, who distribute thousands of tonnes of edible fresh produce to community organisations that would otherwise be sent to landfill from local supermarkets and turn it into nutritious and tasty vegetarian meals.
We provide a welcoming and friendly environment, often with a local musician or some form of entertainment, and encourage all volunteers to sit down and share a meal and have a chat with our guests each week. All meals are home cooked, fresh on the night and we try to provide options to suit all diets.
In the future, we would love to raise enough money to buy a food truck and branch further out into the community.
Little Haven Cooloola Sunshine Cst Palliative Care Assn Inc
#169 of 656 Charities with 23 votes
Animal Welfare League NSW
#175 of 656 Charities with 22 votes
Animal Welfare League NSW (AWL NSW) is a registered charity that has been operating for over 55 years. We provide expert care to surrendered, neglected and abandoned companion animal across New South Wales.

Our vision is that all companion animals in NSW have a safe and loving home. We strive for this through our work in rehoming, education and discount desexing programs. We also send out our inspectors who are authorised to investigate allegations of animal cruelty.

AWL NSW is a member of 'G2Z' Getting 2 Zero, and does not put a time-limit on the animals which come into our care. Provide an animal is healthy and rehomable we will continue to look after it as long as it takes to find a new loving home.
Zonta House Refuge Assn Inc
#175 of 656 Charities with 22 votes
Zonta House is one of the largest refuge association's in Western Australia. Our vision is to provide support services to women who have experienced family and domestic violence, homelessness and any other crises enabling them the opportunity to make safe and sustainable life choices.
The four service arms of Zonta:
* Crisis Accommodation (supported 8500 clients since 1984),
* Transitional Accommodation (18 properties) and
* Positive Pathways (Education/Counselling/Community Awareness);
* Safer Pathways (keeping women and children safe in their own homes)
These services provide a continuum of necessary supports and opportunities, for women and their families; from crisis, to transitioning out of the service system, to achieving sustainable positive individual and community outcomes.
The Positive Pathways program in particular is based on prevention, intervention, recovery and preparation and includes education workshops, coaching, mentoring, and counselling for women and children. Our belief is that we cannot say goodbye to our clients at the refuge - that we have a duty and a responsibility to help these clients rebuild their lives with as much support as possible. Currently 20 other refuges, government agencies and community organisations also refer to this award winning service.
Smith-Magenis Syndrome Australia Ltd
#175 of 656 Charities with 22 votes
Australian parents, who have children diagnosed with Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS), with the desire to raise awareness and help support our SMS community
#175 of 656 Charities with 22 votes
RSPCA WA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has been a voice for animals in Western Australia for over 120 years. RSPCA WA is responsible, through our Inspectorate, for enforcing the Animal Welfare Act (2002). We work with government, industry bodies and the community to improve animal welfare and campaign on a range of issues such as puppy farming or illicit breeding, promoting higher welfare food, and ending live export.

RSPCA WA is a charity and relies on fundraising activities for 94% of its funding. Without your generous support, RSPCA WA would be unable to provide crucial services that are required to stop animal cruelty.

Last year RSPCA WA received more than 15,000 cruelty calls, investigated over 6,000 cruelty complaints, provided 130,000 days of animal care and rehomed hundreds of animals.
RSPCA upholds five freedoms for animals:
- freedom from hunger and thirst
- freedom from discomfort
- freedom from pain, injury and disease
- freedom to express normal behaviour; and
- freedom from fear and distress.

There are many ways you can support RSPCA WA – through donations, fundraising events, volunteering, foster care, sponsorships or adopting one of our rescued animals. Visit for more information.
Heavy Horse Heaven Incorporated
#175 of 656 Charities with 22 votes
At Heavy Horse Heaven we continue to work hard to set up the infrastructure and a support base to enable us to take in those heavy friends who are in need of some TLC or just a comfy place to live out their days. There are many reasons that some people are unable to care for or keep their horses and we would like to help.

There are many wonderful horse rescue organisations around the country, but it would seem there are none dedicated to our gentle giants.
Teenies Pony Rescue and Rehome
#180 of 656 Charities with 21 votes
The Teenies Pony Rescue and Rehome is a Victorian based Rescue for horses and ponies throughout Australia.
We rescue horses and ponies from knackery's, sale yards, neglect and surrenders.
Horses and ponies are taken into care and receive rehabilitation, time and trust. We rehome horses ahd ponies into suitable forever homes on our contracts and in the event the home cannot keep the horses and ponies are returned to us.
We rely on donations and of course rescue is costly with many horses in need of various degrees of care.
We appreciate any kind of help whether practical like feed, or financial amd appreciate the support we receive however fubds are always needed for feed, farriers, vets, dentists, special care cases.
We're grateful for any help at all.

Thanks. Renee
Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids Inc.
#181 of 656 Charities with 21 votes
We fill backpacks and nappy bags with essential and personal items for kids going into foster and kinship care in Australia.
Imagine being removed from your home, with NOTHING and being dropped at a strangers house. The backpacks provides belongs and a little bit of security for children and youth coming in to care.
The bags are free for the kids, and to keep this happening, we need your support. Please visit our page to see what you can do!
Animals Asia Foundation (Australia) Limited
#181 of 656 Charities with 21 votes
Animals Asia’s goal is to close every last bear bile farm in Asia and build respect and kindness towards bears. Currently there are over 10,000 bears confined in cages on bile farms in China, and about 1,200 suffering the same fate in Vietnam. Many bears are caged their entire lives - up to 30 years - in cages so small that they are unable to turn around or stand on all fours. As if that wasn’t cruel enough, the bears suffer regular bile extraction - a hideously painful practice involving various invasive techniques that cause massive infection in the bears. Bear bile is used in traditional medicine many ordinary household products. The cruel practice continues despite the availability of a large number of effective and affordable herbal and synthetic alternatives.

Seeing these beautiful creatures suffer this pointless cruelty regularly brings us to tears. But what drives us on is working with our rehabilitated bears in our bear rescue centres in China and Vietnam.

Animals Asia works with, not against, the authorities and it’s a method that works. With your help, we can achieve so much more.

Deathrow Unchained
#181 of 656 Charities with 21 votes
Brisbane Motorcycle Street Feed
#184 of 656 Charities with 20 votes
Your donation would help us directly help those in need. Brisbane Motorcycle Street Feed is a community organisation which is passionate about helping the homeless and disadvantaged. We provide meals, fruit and sandwiches twice a week as well as blankets, clothes, books and hygiene products as donations allow.
We All Care
#185 of 656 Charities with 19 votes
We All Care is a community organisation working to support disadvantage families in the community. We are delighted to introduce a vital component of our service offering, and providing a platform through which clothing, toiletries, books, toys, food, linen and other goods can be distributed directly to children and families experiencing poverty.
Pets Haven Foundation Limited
#185 of 656 Charities with 19 votes
Pets Haven Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation (non-government funded) which re-homes orphan felines and canines who would otherwise have no future. Our highest value is "pro-life". We rescue from death row pounds, cruelty cases, puppy farms and the community. We endeavour to responsibly rehouse these orphans back into the community in order to give them a second chance at life.

Every case is unique and each animal is managed according to their particular circumstances and current condition. Animals that do not require rehabilitation are kept at the shelter whilst awaiting their forever home, whilst those in need of medical attention are placed into approved foster homes with all medical provisions paid for by Pets Haven. When the animal has recovered and is in good health, it will then be placed up for adoption.

Animals that enter Pets Haven have generally been mistreated, are malnourished, abused or neglected and often require extensive medical treatment which is always provided to ensure a full recovery. Our foster carers help immensely in that they provide a wonderful, safe and loving home environment so that the rehabilitation process can be successful.
Brightside Farm Sanctuary Inc
#185 of 656 Charities with 19 votes
Brightside rescues abandoned, abused and neglected farm and companions animals including those from puppy farms, hoarders and battery farms. It also rescues approximately 200 greyhounds from the racing industry each year. Animals are re-homed where possible but Brightside provides a permanent home for over 300 animals - from guinea pigs right up to camels and everything in between.

Brightside runs the only education programme in Tasmania on animal welfare and animal rights.
Zambi Wildlife Retreat
#188 of 656 Charities with 19 votes
Zambi Wildlife Retreat is Australia's first and only animal welfare establishment that can Rescue, Rehabilitate, Re-home and offer Shelter to a wide range of species.
While our focus will be on exotic animals needing retirement from zoo breeding programs, circus and private ownership, we also provide care and shelter to domestics, farm animals and native wildlife. Emergency rescue is available across all species.
Managed by highly qualified staff and volunteers, Zambi Wildlife Retreat ensures the health, saftey and dignity to all animals in our care.
Currently we are applying for a permit to construct an animal display establishment with the NSW government. This will enable us to conduct educational classes and seminars, which will help fund the running costs of Zambi Wildlife Retreat. Our Development Application has already been approved by local council and we are now awaiting our permit from DPI to begin construction of our new area. This area will house lions, tigers, puma, birds and reptiles. Presently we care for over 100 animals including 24 big cats (lions and tigers). We are also partnered with Open Colleges as a real world training ground for students studying to be animal carers. We are in desperate need of donations and corporate sponsorship to continue caring for the animals and to establish a secure future for the animals that call Zambi their forever home.
LOTL Rescue, established in 2012, is the founding company of Zambi Wildlife Retreat and operates as a registered charity in NSW (Australia). CF23435
Good Samaritan Donkey Sanctuary Incorporated
#189 of 656 Charities with 19 votes
The Good Samaritan Donkey Sanctuary (GSDS) was established in 1990 by Jo-Anne Kokas (OAM) to care for rescued donkeys. It offers shelter, food, refuge and care for abandoned, neglected, mistreated or ill donkeys. It also offers a home for donkeys that are unable to be cared for by their owners due to sickness or simply moving to an unsuitable location.

Most of these donkeys come to the attention of the GSDS via the public, RSPCA, police or rangers. Sometimes the donkeys are delivered to the Sanctuary and sometimes the Sanctuary has to organise collection.

The GSDS is located at Glen William which is around 30 kms south of Dungog in the picturesque Upper Hunter Valley. The property covers 300 acres which is divided into paddocks that offering both hilly and flat grazing land. A specialist Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is located on the property which includes stalls and equipment to cater for the needs of very sick donkeys that need constant care. The herd fluctuates between 70 and 150 donkeys with up to 12 in the ICU.

In addition to the herd, a further 100 donkeys are currently in foster homes, mostly as companion animals and occasionally as work animals – donkeys can be used as guardians to protect herds of sheep and goats from wild dogs. These fostered donkeys always remain the property of the GSDS so they can be returned to the Sanctuary should their living or health circumstances change.

The GSDS is a non-profit registered charity. It receives no government funding and relies totally on the generosity of the public.
Holly's Rescue for Senior Little Dogs
#190 of 656 Charities with 18 votes
Holly’s rescues small senior dogs. They are health checked and if suitable then placed for adoption. The really old, frail dogs, remain with us as Holly’s Sanctuary Dogs.
Muddy Puddles Foundation Inc
#191 of 656 Charities with 17 votes
Muddy Puddles Foundation supports South Australian children fighting chronic and complex
bowel and bladder conditions requiring surgical interventions.

We connect these little warriors, and their families, with one another so that they can see they’re not alone in their sometimes very private and painful struggles.
Muddy Puddles children rely on the help of their parents and carers to help them to empty their bladders and bowels every day. They are very used to hospitals and have had more surgeries than most of us could ever imagine.
By giving to this foundation, you will be supporting these children and their families directly to ensure they get to have some awesome experiences that they may not ordinarily be able to have without support.
Some of these experiences include:
 Family fun days with specialist art or sport sessions for the children
 Overnight camps for affected children and their families where medical and therapeutic support is offered
 Play Therapy for affected children to help them work through the medical trauma that many of them suffer as a result of numerous and ongoing medical procedures
 Early Preventative Therapies to hopefully reduce the impact of medical trauma in their teen and adult years
 Break out groups for mums and dads (together and separately) to discuss research based interventions for their child’s complex conditions and to give psychological support where needed
 Maintaining and sustaining the connections made between affected children to ensure they are constantly reminded they are not alone and that their experiences can be valued and understood
Life's Little Treasures Foundation
#191 of 656 Charities with 17 votes
Life’s Little Treasures Foundation is Australia’s foremost charity dedicated to providing comprehensive information and support to families with a premature or sick baby. We help give these children the best possible start in life and take care of the wellbeing of the whole family.

Our mission is to ensure that no family endures the difficult and life-changing experience of having a premature or sick baby without easy access to critical information and support. We intimately understand the needs of parents and families and we are always there to guide them through their journey, from pregnancy and birth, through the hospital stay and transition home, into the early years of childhood and beyond.

We bring together the expertise and guidance of leading health professionals, social workers, researchers and trained volunteers to reduce trauma and empower parents to make the best choices for their family. In doing so, we help reduce instances of mental health problems, alleviate financial hardship and lower the risk of relationship breakdown which these families are highly vulnerable to.

Life's Little Treasures Foundation does not receive any government funding and relies on donations and fundraising to make our work possible.
St Kilda Mums
#193 of 656 Charities with 16 votes
St Kilda Mums (and our sister branches Geelong Mums and Eureka Mums, Ballarat) aim to share the joy of parenthood and save the earth’s precious resources by joining with Maternal & Child Health Nurses and social workers throughout Victoria to meet the material needs of families with young children. We collect, sort and redistribute essential nursery equipment, clothing, books and toys to families in need. By becoming a financial donor, you enable us to help the rapidly growing number of families that turn to us. Your support allows us to meet the immediate needs of families in crisis, as well as plan for our long-term future. Your gift, combined with an incredible team of volunteers and generous donations of pre-loved baby gear, means that we multiply the impact of your support. We helped 7,383 families last financial year, the average family spends $2000 on nursery equipment – multiplied by 7,383, that’s $14,766,000 those families would not have been able to afford. Through financial donations, volunteer support (we have one part-time staff member for every 100 volunteers), and donations of pre-loved baby gear, we were able to give those families everything they needed to keep their children safe for less that $1Million.

Greener Pastures Sanctuary
#194 of 656 Charities with 16 votes
GPS is a safe place and a voice for neglected, abused and abandoned farm animals. Home to approx 110 rescued animals including horses, cows, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, ducks and pigs. We strongly encourage group visits and private tours to allow people to get to know these amazing, unique, intelligent friends known as farm animals.
Heartfelt Homes
#195 of 656 Charities with 16 votes
We keep regional and rural families together through medical crisis by providing accommodation near city hospitals. We hope you never have to turn to Heartfelt Homes for help. But if you do, we’re here to help, thanks to the kindness and on-going support of fellow Australians like you
Wish Animal Rescue Inc
#196 of 656 Charities with 15 votes
“WISH” Animal Rescue Team INC aims to promote animals welfare by supporting the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of unwanted dogs and cats. We hope to provide a balance between dogs and people through support and education. We are located in Western Australia.
“WISH” Animal Rescue is a community based, not for profit organisation, run entirely by a dedicated team of experienced volunteers.

WISH seeks to provide support to existing dog owners, in a caring, positive, non judgmental fashion to assist you to work through any problems or refer you to someone who can help. We feel education is a vitally important facet and we aim to provide you with information and resources to assist you.

"WISH" also see the benefits of networking and we aim to provide links to many established rescues, advocacy organisations and animal care facilities already doing great work in Australia.
ABN: 92 565 633 298

Our beautiful "WISH" animals have wound up here, due to no fault of their own. Please email with any enquiries..

We at WISH have made a promise to them, to find them new homes, with perfect families-who will be there forever.

The adoption fee for our dogs & puppies is $550 (unless stated otherwise) and covers all the vet work that has been done/or will be done for them - Sterilisation, Microchipping, Vaccination, and they have all received Flea & Intestinal worm treatment and a vet check.
They are in foster care throughout Perth, until the perfect home comes along..

Some animals will receive more than one application for adoption, therefore some things can take a little longer than we'd like as we are a volunteer based organisation with limited resources. Adoption fee is $550 which covers the vet work that each dog recieves.Some dogs have a different adoption fee-but it depends on age and vet work...

Please follow this process for your adoption enquiry;



2) Fill in our adoption inquiry form so we can learn more about you, your family and lifestyle.

3) A meet and greet can be organised with the foster carer, once questionnaire and yard pictures have been viewed.

3) Wish Animals Rescue will conduct a house check if we believe you to be a suitable applicant.

5) Adoption form & adoption fee is to be completed prior to the re homing of the animal-there is a safe two week trial period.

6) After a successful trial period, the animal becomes a permanent member of the family and their new life begins, and this is our Wish...
Silver Lining Pet Rescue Inc
#196 of 656 Charities with 15 votes
We are a dedicated "No Kill" rescue ensuring pets have the opportunity of a forever home. As a foster based rescue we get to know the pets and their needs. We ensure all vet work is completed and any behaviour issues sorted. Then we select the home that suits the pet. We serve pets with love
Homeless And Abused Animal Rescue Team Association Inc HAART
#196 of 656 Charities with 15 votes
The Homeless and Abused Animal Rescue Team Inc. (HAART) are a not-for-profit, 100% no-kill animal rescue charity based in Perth, Western Australia.

Each year, HAART rescues and re-homes 100’s of animals that would otherwise be euthanised, go homeless or continue to be neglected.

HAART relies solely on the generosity of the general public and our supporters for ALL funding and receive no government or local authority funding.

Since HAART was founded in January 2012 approx. 2300 animals lives have been saved. HAART will continue in it’s plight until the day all animals have a loving home, the decision to spey and neuter your pet is automatic and work tirelessly until rescue organisations are no longer needed.

This day will come.
Animal Liberation NSW
#196 of 656 Charities with 15 votes
The Garvan Institute Of Medical Research
#196 of 656 Charities with 15 votes
Forever Friends - Animal Rescue Inc
#196 of 656 Charities with 15 votes
Established in 2011, Forever Friends Animal Rescue Inc. is a registered charity run by animal-loving volunteers.
We are staffed entirely by volunteers, receive no government funding, and rely on the community for donations and support.
We are governed by a management committee and currently have in excess of 600 active volunteers.
To date we have saved more than 3,500 lives.
Our Mission is to rescue animals from death-row and find them loving forever homes.
We achieve this:
•Via our volunteer-run statewide fostering network consisting of carers, transporters, trainers and behaviourists
•Through fundraising events, campaigns, merchandise and partnerships
•By educating and raising awareness of responsible pet ownership, and the sad realities of puppy farms and backyard breeding.
United Way South Australia Foundation
#196 of 656 Charities with 15 votes
In some areas of South Australia 1 in 3 children start school without the skills they need to learn and succeed. Our United We Read program seeks to improve the reading skills of children in the most disadvantaged communities to help prepare them for starting school. We provide a new book each month to over 400 children from ages 0 to 5 years old and reading aids for parents and carers. We are a not-for profit charity with no government funding. We seek the generosity of the community to help run this program
The Cancer Support Group
#196 of 656 Charities with 15 votes
The Cancer Support Group takes over some of the additional costs associated with cancer to reduce the level of financial and emotional stress for our patients in Queanbeyan, ACT, South Coast & Surrounds.
Cherry lane equine retirement
#196 of 656 Charities with 15 votes
Cherry lane rescues & retires geriatric horses who would be otherwise neglected or slaughterbound due to the fact they are very high maintenance and can no longer be ridden.we provide food, grazing, shelter, rugging , and above all safety and around the clock supervision. We need people to donate to keep them fed and going until there last days were feeling the pinch so much because of there high needs and are very worried about the impending winter ahead. Please help us keep these old dears from dropping weight due to lack of teeth which is there main problem
FreeHearts Animal Sanctuary Inc
#196 of 656 Charities with 15 votes
FreeHearts Animal Sanctuary provides a safe, lifelong home for animals who have been rescued from cruelty, neglect and exploitation.
We currently have over 120 animals who call FreeHearts home including cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, horses, rabbits, cats and dogs. We provide them with a loving permanent sanctuary where they are free to live in peace and as nature intended.
Although we have a strong focus on animals used in Animal Agriculture we will always try to help any animal in need regardless of species. We rescue and transport injured and orphaned wildlife to a dedicated wildlife carer where the animal will be rehabilitated and re-released wherever possible.
Through the sharing of photographs and videos on our Facebook page we hope to help people reconnect with ALL animals as unique individuals who are just as full of emotion and the desire to live and enjoy life as humans are.
A1 Wheatbelt Dog Rescue
#196 of 656 Charities with 15 votes
Second Chance Animal Rescue Inc
#207 of 656 Charities with 14 votes
Second Chance Animal Rescue was founded in 2008 after vet nurse and local shelter volunteer Marisa Debattista witnessed firsthand how many beautiful animals needed help, versus how little resources were available.

Knowing she could make a change, Marisa launched Second Chance Animal Rescue with a few vet nurse friends and a handful of animals. Since then, we've grown into a network of hundreds of foster carers and other volunteers, with just as many cats and dogs in care. We're proud to say that by the end of 2015 over 6000 animals had been rescued from not-so-pleasant fates in pounds and shelters throughout Victoria, and are now happily settled in new homes around the state. (Of course, our adopters will tell you, the question remains about just who saved who!)

On April 19th, 2015, after many years of planning and endless fundraising efforts, our first animal shelter opened in Campbellfield, Victoria. This allows us to save more animals and gives potential adopters the chance to meet animals in a happy, relaxed space. We'd love you to visit us. Who knows? You might just meet your new best friend.

Second Chance Animal Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status

Please consider a bequest to Second Chance Animal Rescue in your will. With your help, we can continue our rescue work for years to come.
#208 of 656 Charities with 13 votes
Grow4Life provides assistance in the form of training, employment, life skills, housing and support. The beneficiaries of Grow4Life services includes the most marginalised members of the community including young people, unemployed, people with a disability and those experiencing homelessness. Grow4Life is a new not-for-profit organisation that needs your help!
Aussie Helpers Ltd
#208 of 656 Charities with 13 votes
Dairy Farming Families are suffering immeasurable financial pressures bought on by the devastating drop at the farm gate of milk prices especially in Victoria and Tasmania by milk processors Fonterra and Murray Goulburn who incidentally made profits for their shareholders. Some Dairy Farming Families have already had to leave the industry and many more are on the brink of financial ruin. Abnormal rain events over the past three months in Victoria and Tasmania have increased pressure as Farmers resort to hand feeding their cows, problem is many farmers can’t afford to buy in hay because they are not being paid for their milk, many Dairy farmers are running at a loss.

Aussie Helpers have assisted hundreds of Dairy Farming Families with more than three thousand round bales of hay delivered directly to farms in need free of any charge to help keep their cows fed and farms operating.
It is time for all of you who really care about our Dairy Farming Families to help Aussie Helpers continue with our work, keeping in mind that we have already spent $400,000 assisting our Dairy Farmers over the past three months.
We are asking you to donate, just five dollars if that's all you can afford and more if you are able as there is no help from the Government as they just don't care. We must work around Helen Keller's words and donate to get moving.
"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"
So PLEASE AUSTRALIA open your wallets and hearts and give what you can.
#208 of 656 Charities with 13 votes
South Oakleigh Wildlife Shelter is the largest in the Metropolitan Area. We are open 24/7 and are available to assist at bushfires, heat stress events, oil spills or other emergencies.

We hold educational talks and training days to educate the community about our wildlife and how to live in harmony with them.
We are a non profit organisation and rely on donations to keep the shelter operating.
German Shepherd Rescue Victoria Inc
#208 of 656 Charities with 13 votes
German Shepherd Rescue Victoria is a breed specific rescue that focuses on the rescuing and rehoming of German Shepherd dogs. German Shepherd Rescue Victoria is a registered charity that consists of a passionate group of people dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming of German Shepherds. We are a not for profit organisation consisting solely of volunteers who donate their time and energy to the cause.
Anonymous X
#208 of 656 Charities with 13 votes
Anonymous X is a non-profit organisation, who support individuals who are experiencing homelessness in and around Melbourne, in addition to supporting those less fortunate with new clothing, bedding and essential items.
What differentiates Anonymous X from other agencies is that our overall focus is to not only make a different in these peoples lives but develop friendships to last a life time. In order to do this we just be ourselves! It's very simple, but together as a team we have built a reputation that is well known and respected on our streets. Over the years we have developed countless friendships with individuals who are sleeping rough, some to the point we'd even consider them family. That is because we go beyond just the physical donations we can provide. We provide an ear to listen and a heart that cares.

The "Anonymous X" name stands for personal before political, thereby our aim is to raise awareness of the issues of homelessness and disadvantaged.
We genuinely care about the people we helps, welfare. We will sit and listen to their stories, get to know more about their journey and what led to them sleeping on our streets.
We have a volunteers program in which we run fortnightly called "X - Marks the Spot.”
This is designed to give volunteers an opportunity to experience the cause they are supporting, first hand. Together our team distribute all the amazing donations given to as many individuals, groups, organisations, shelters as we possibly can.

"We can make a difference and together create a change"
Sydney Dogs and Cats Home
#208 of 656 Charities with 13 votes

Our mission is simple – to prevent the unnecessary euthanasia of healthy, loving, domestic pets, young, old or with special needs by re-homing them and giving them a second chance at life, and to provide meaningful experiences for at-risk members of the community. Sydney Dogs and Cats Home opens its doors to over 3,000 animals each year, servicing multiple council areas across Sydney.
Animals in need Brisbane
#208 of 656 Charities with 13 votes
We work hard to save many animals most of the animals that come into our care are surrendered or saved by third parties from terrible situations.

Sometimes we temporarily place animals in kennels to ensure they have a chance, this is only while we seek a carer or forever home. It is not our preference but sometimes it is their only chance. We continually fundraise to cover kennel and medical expenses. We are lucky to have volunteers who do this for us. But always we need to be careful with our expenses and therefore are always grateful for additional funds.

Everyone involved is passionate about animals and committed to doing the best for each and every homeless one that comes into our care.
Community Thrifty Food Inc
#215 of 656 Charities with 12 votes
Community Thrifty Food is a Non Profit Low Cost Shop. The need for such a shop in the city of Salisbury is already apparent.
We really would love it if we could have your support in helping to make this bigger & better for everyone.
Anyone can visit no cards required. No purchased required to collect our free bread, fruit & veg. Which we collect daily from Second Bite.
All money made from sales in our non profit shop & money donations goes back into helping Community Thrifty Food become bigger & better & will enable us to help more people.
Cure For MND Foundation
#215 of 656 Charities with 12 votes
Join Neale Daniher in the fight against Motor Neurone Disease (MND). The Cure for MND Foundation aims to raise the profile of MND within Australia in the hopes that increased awareness may lead to better care for those affected by the disease and increased funding for research into finding a cure. We are Australia’s leading independent MND foundation dedicated to supporting large-scale collaborative MND research projects, clinical trials, and improved care for all Australian’s living with MND. Every donation, whether large or small, can make a real difference in helping us achieve our mission of a World free from MND.
Epilepsy Action Australia
#215 of 656 Charities with 12 votes
Epilepsy is a seizure disorder that can affect anyone at any time. It is estimated that over 800,000 Australian’s will be diagnosed at some stage in life. Epilepsy Action delivers innovative services that increase awareness, understanding, knowledge and skills to assist people with epilepsy to optimise their life outcomes. Take Action Now to support our work and make a positive difference to those living with epilepsy around the country.
Red Collar Rescue Incorportated
#215 of 656 Charities with 12 votes
Give and Take Families - Sutherland Shire
#215 of 656 Charities with 12 votes
Give and Take Families - Sutherland Shire assist families and people that need help when leaving Domestic and family violence. We assist with relocation of the community members with transport and more assistance. We assistance setting up homes for families and people that have left a refuge or been homeless. We offer food packages and other items for families and people in need. We assist children that are in vulnerable with back to school backs, including stationery, backpacks, lunch boxes, drink bottles, pens and etc. We also assist with providing uniforms for the children.
The HeavyHiterz Foundation
#215 of 656 Charities with 12 votes
The HeavyHiterz Foundation is a Gold Coast and NSW Rivers based charity providing programs and support strategies for those living with mental illness, and their families.
As you are no doubt aware, mental illness affects us all - with one in 5 Australians expected to deal with some kind of mental health issue in the coming 12 months. We are seeking financial support for our charity so that we can broaden our support programs with the aim of reducing the burden of mental health issues within our society.
Funds raised will be used to cover the day to day operational costs of running our charity, establishing a drop-in centre and other misc costs ( travel and speaking fees) which will allow us to continue our engagement with both the community and other organisations working in this area. Funds will also be used to broaden the delivery of our flagship fundraising program the Better Living and Mental Wellness Workshop within schools and other areas.
All Over Staffy Rescue
#221 of 656 Charities with 11 votes
All Over Staffy Rescue is a small group of Volunteers who dedicate their time to saving Staffies in Australian pounds. Our aim is to save them from death row and love them as our own until we find them a forever home. All Over Staffy Rescue believes that with ongoing support from our team, we can set these dogs up to have the perfect new life they deserve.
Animal Rescues Appeal Inc
#221 of 656 Charities with 11 votes
A new collar should not be considered a luxury item to a rescuer.... basic needs like food, flea treatments, vet fees should not have to be fought for every day by rescuers...Our number one aim is to get as many donations to as many rescues, foster carers and shelters as possible, either by putting people in touch with their local rescues etc or by coordinating donations to make sure they end up where they are needed most.
We are currently gathering donations of goods to send to animal rescuers and foster carers for Christmas.
We send out hundreds and hundreds of care parcels every year. We purchase emergency supplies of food, meds etc for them.
We also hold regular auctions of donated and our own goods so that we can pay postage and buy the items rescues consider to be luxuries....Toys, treats, New collars, dog jumpers, supplements for arthritic/ sick animals crates..anything they need we try our very best to get it for them.
Breast Cancer Care Wa Inc
#221 of 656 Charities with 11 votes
Old Bear Paws Rescue
#221 of 656 Charities with 11 votes
Old Bear Paws is a special rescue who rescues and saves Disabled, elderly, special needs and palliative care pets across Australia.

We take pets into care and fill their remaining days with love and sunshine, as it should be all along.

We help special needs pets and disabled pets with rehabilitation, treatments and training so they can find the perfect home.
We have a different adoption process to most ensuring our fur kids find the perfect home.
Dachshund Rescue Australia Inc
#221 of 656 Charities with 11 votes
Since 2009 we have developed a reputation as an ethical breed specific Organisation within the animal welfare community and continue to build positive relationships founded on open and respectful communication with shelters or pounds, other rescue groups, registered breeders and members of the Dachshund Community.

We understand that life changes for people. Whether it is a family break up, moving overseas, an owner has passed away, no longer enough time to spend with your dachshund, children or any other number of reasons they come for rehoming, we work with you in a non- judgemental manner to make sure that your dachshund goes to a home where they will be ideally suited. Our dachshunds are placed with people who know and understand the quirks of this breed.

All our dachshunds are desexed, vaccinated, heartwormed and invariably have to undergo extensive dentals before they can be rehomed. Any donations received go straight to the veterinary care of our dachshunds.

Pounds are extremely stressful places for a dachshund so please contact us for help so that they do not have to go through one. We do not charge for helping you rehome your dachshund and we do not judge anybody who needs to rehome.
#221 of 656 Charities with 11 votes
OzHarvest is the first perishable food rescue organisation in Australia that collects quality excess food from more than 2,000 commercial outlets and delivers it, direct and free of charge, to more than 800 charities.

We provide much needed assistance to vulnerable men, women and children across Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle and Perth as well as regional areas through our regional food rescue program, REAP.

OzHarvest is the only food rescue organisation in Australia collecting surplus food from all types of food providers including fruit and vegetable markets, supermarkets, hotels, wholesalers, farmers, stadiums, corporate events, catering companies, shopping centres, delis, cafes, restaurants, film and TV shoots and boardrooms.
The Cure Starts Now Inc
#221 of 656 Charities with 11 votes
The Cure Starts Now’s mission is one that knows no boundaries and stops at no borders. It is an international effort of families, friends, businesses and even strangers, united in the desire to cure cancer, one child at a time. While it all started with one child, today, the inspiration is carried by us all. The Cure Starts Now Incorporated is the Australian arm of a movement gaining massive recognition both here and overseas. Empowered after witnessing the depth of human suffering, our organisation was established by parents and friends associated with arguably the worst of all cancers - Paediatric Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, or DIPG. We strive for a "homerun" cure for all cancers through our work. Families encountering paediatric DIPG brain tumours all over this country are subjecting their loved ones to hideous treatments that do not offer a cure. The aftermath painfully endures. Well, our voices must now be heard. Enough is enough.

All funds donated by The Cure Starts Now are used to promote and advance Australian research endeavours! Every single cent... Aussie kids need our your help NOW!
SIDS and Kids Tasmania
#228 of 656 Charities with 10 votes
Bonnie Support
#228 of 656 Charities with 10 votes
Redlands Centre for Women Inc
#228 of 656 Charities with 10 votes
The Redland Centre for Women (RCW), incorporated in 2011 as a not for profit organisation, relies upon a powerful volunteer base to deliver core initiatives to Empower women to take charge of and improve their lives, Educate and provide opportunities for women, and Connect women with people, services and programs that support them in the Redlands area.
Hobart Women's Shelter
#228 of 656 Charities with 10 votes
Our core business is providing safe, emergency accommodation and support to women who are affected by family violence and those who are homeless
Hobart Women's Shelter provides support and a coordinated approach to assist women and children to address their housing, legal, emotional support, health, education, employment, financial support and other needs.

When should I call Hobart Women’s Shelter?
You can contact Hobart Women’s Shelter if:

You are escaping domestic/family violence
You have nowhere to sleep tonight
If you are currently sleeping in temporary accommodation (for example, another person’s house or couch-surfing).
What happens if I call Hobart Women’s Shelter?
A support worker will talk with you about your situation. We take a few details and provide information about how we can help you.

What support is offered?
Each woman who stays with the Hobart Women's Shelter has a support worker who can help with:

Practical support for settling into the safe house
Getting information
Identifying options
Making your own decisions
Exploring long term accommodation options
Other referral sources
If we can accommodate you, we will do a risk assessment over the phone and ask you to come into HWS for intake. A support worker will explain rent, support available and the conditions of your stay, which will be up to 6 weeks.
Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute
#228 of 656 Charities with 10 votes
The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute (ONJCRI) is dedicated to finding better treatments and cures for people living with cancer.

Our teams of laboratory scientists and clinician-researchers work hand in hand to ensure that we tackle the most pressing needs that improve every patient’s cancer journey. Our research programs impact on brain, breast, melanoma, stomach, bowel and colon, head and neck, pancreatic, prostate and lung cancer.

There have been exciting advancements in the treatment of cancer through the power of the immune system. You may not know that ONJ clinician researchers have been at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy research for many years. We continue to look for and find new answers. We are also leaders in lung and brain cancer research – both on the verge of important discoveries that will help every patient.

But we cannot do this without philanthropic support and need to raise upwards of $2m every year to ensure that the research continues. With your help, we will find the answers.
Cheltenham Cat Rescue Inc
#228 of 656 Charities with 10 votes
Every cat deserves a loving and caring forever home. That’s why Cheltenham Cat Rescue provide care to all breeds of homeless cats and kittens across Melbourne. We work collaboratively with other rescue groups, councils and pounds to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome cats in need.
Little Paws Kitten Rescue Association Inc
#228 of 656 Charities with 10 votes
Every cat deserves a furrever home!

Our mission is to help as many cats and kittens as possible to find loving, secure homes so that they can have peace and contentment throughout their lives. We aim to teach the public about the responsible ownership of cats and kittens through educational events promoting desexing, microchipping and vet checks for their feline friends.

Little Paws is a NO KILL non-profit organisation funded wholly by donations and fundraising events and we rely on the public’s generosity to continue our important work. All funds raised go directly to the care and upkeep of the cats and kittens. We exist thanks to the kind-hearted folks who donate, sponsor and help foster the cats and kittens we take on.

If you have room in your home and heart, please consider adopting one of our cats or kittens in need of a loving furrever home, or sponsoring one of our long term residents.
Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage
#228 of 656 Charities with 10 votes
RABBIT RUN-AWAY ORPHANAGE is a non-profit public charity,with a small dedicated group of volunteers. The Orphanage receives no government funding and is reliant on donations and fundraising. It is an entity that belongs to all people that care about the welfare of pet rabbits.

The Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage aims to:provide care for sick, unwanted, stray, or mistreated rabbits, and to facilitate:appropriate short-term care;medical treatment; rehabilitation treatment; long-term re-homing solutions. Rabbit run-away also educates the public on rabbit ownership and care, and strives to prevent unnecessary euthanasia of rabbits and discourage cruelty to rabbits

Bunny orphans come to Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage as ‘overflows’ from other animal shelters such as AAPS, Lort Smith, Animal Aid, council shelters, private rescues and other shelters throughout Victoria. Bunnies also often come to the orphanage as a result of being dumped, neglected, handed into vets or rescued through the orphanage’s rescue service.

Judi & Bryce’s passion for the pet rabbit was born in 2003 when two bunnies arrived through a hole in their back fence. The two young giants were Hiro and Chi (RIP). The couple were intrigued by their intelligence and unique nature, and when they became aware of the high number of rabbits dumped in night boxes at shelters and subsequently euthanaised, their journey into pet rabbit welfare began
Peggys Promise: Helping fur kids of the central coast homeless
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
Peggy's Promise is a registered not for profit Animal Welfare Charity AND Public Benevolent Institution. The first of its kind.
The team provides a One Health approach when dealing with companion animals in our community. For many, their Pet may be a sole companion and friend and we try to assist maintaining this bond by supporting owners to KEEP their pet rather than surrender to an already overburdened shelter. We offer support services for pets including but not limited to vet work ie desexing, vaccination, microchipping, emergency surgery and quality of life options. Included in health care we provide owners with flea treatment and worming. We assist with a good quality dry food as many issues come from a lack of suitable nutrition. Other assistance includes short-term emergency accommodation, grooming, leads, collars, coats, and bedding. In addition, we support with ongoing welfare checks and advice and liaise with a number of community services including police, disability support, community centers, homeless shelters, refuges and other animal welfare groups.
When a person is unable to continue to care for their pet we offer rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming. This can work toward the reduction of unwanted litters and responsible animal management.
The team consists of a number of experienced coordinators with knowledge in animal health, nutrition, and behaviour. Included are additional volunteers who offer transport, foster care, fundraising skills and administrative support.

Peggys Promise also takes in dogs & cats from pounds across NSW, we complete all vet work and find suitable homes for them.
Greyhound Rescue Victoria Inc
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
Greyhound Rescue Victoria (GResVic) is a non-profit greyhound charity based in Victoria, Australia. Passionate about rescuing, rehabilitating and rehome
Brainchild Foundation Limited
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
Brain cancer is the biggest cancer killer of our children with nearly half of the children diagnosed dying within 5 years. This is not acceptable! Join us in the fight to support the hundreds of families given this devastating diagnosis each year in Australia and help us to fund the research for a cure.
Australian Families Of The Military Research and Support Foundation
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
The Australian Families of the Military Research and Support Foundation (AFOM) is a Foundation set up by past and current serving Australian Military Personnel and their families.
Our mission is to advance the health and wellbeing of partners and families of past and current serving Australian Military Personnel.
We aim to become the foremost organisation in Australia that: promotes, coordinates and funds research that is not encumbered by political and/or Departmental outcomes and provide support for and advocates for the needs of partners and families of past and current Australian Military personnel.
We are soley run by volunteers, all fundraising money go directly to front line services for Military personnel, veterans and their families. This is also extended to first line responders, Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance SES etc.
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
Denise at PAWS has been running successfully for many years and we take in dogs and cats that are abandoned or unwanted, from pounds, and we also take surrendered animals where owners are either unwilling or unable to continue to care for their pet.

We have all the necessary vet work done, desexing, vaccinations,heartworm tests,grooming,dentals,microchipping and any other operation, treatment or procedure to alleviate pain and suffering and increase the animals quality of life. Specialist consultation or surgery is sought if needed and we have had surgeries/treatments for catracts, glaucoma,limb deformities or injuries, heart issues and skin conditions.We will also seek the services of a behaviouralist/trainer if required.

The pet is then placed in the home of one of our approved foster carers until we are able to find a home that suits their individual needs. We remain committed to the pet until a new owner takes on that responsibility. We will take back our pets and find them another home at any time in the future if for any reason they are unable to stay in that new home. We never want to see the pet end up back in the pound.

We do home checks on all new homes.

All donations are used for the care of the dogs and cats. We are all volunteers, and we have no overheads, wages or rents.

Sweet Shepherd Rescue Australia Inc
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
We save german shepherds all across Australia
Greyhound Adoptions WA
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
As a rescue group we have a no kill policy and take in dogs which have not made the grade on the track or no longer wish to race and place them in homes where the love and affection they offer can be returned. We also believe it is our job is to educate people as to what a wonderful and loyal pet a greyhound can be and through adoption you will saving that dog from a life which can often be short and unhappy.
Greyhound Rescue Incorporated
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
So many greyhounds are discarded from the racing industry with barely a thought, it’s the least we can do to honour their lives as worthwhile. They all deserve a loving home.

Greyhound Rescue, NSW largest non-industry affiliated rescue relies on donations and fundraising. Donations that will ensure that we can continue saving these beautiful greyhounds, one at a time.

We need your help.
Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary Inc
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
Gunyah is a 130 acre safe haven for animals who have suffered from abuse, neglect, illness or exploitation. Here they are given the loving care that they need and the time to recover from their past traumas, in a serene environment where they can live the rest of their days out peacefully.

The Sanctuary is currently home to cows, horses, ponies, alpacas, sheep, goats, pigs, dogs and cats and there is also an abundance of wildlife who choose to call this land home. Although large in size, Gunyah is run by one woman who has devoted much of her life to helping animals in need. With much of Kathy's time spent caring for the residents and maintaining their home, she has little time left to raise funds for this charity which relies on public support to survive.
Zahra Foundation Australia
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
Zahra Foundation Australia is a South Australian based charity supporting women and children affected by domestic and family violence. We specifically aim to address the financial abuse and disadvantage most often experienced as a result of domestic violence.
We do this through the development and delivery of programs that support the economic empowerment of women and create pathways for them into further education, training and employment.
We also distribute small grants to women who are in domestic violence accommodation to support them with the costs associated with education or employment, for themselves and for their children.
Guide Dogs WA, Association for the Blind of WA Inc
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
Variety Australia Limited
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
Variety - the Children's Charity is a national not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to help and empower Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs, to live, laugh and learn.
Variety ‘fills the gaps’ that government or other organisations cannot, providing practical and tangible assistance to individuals, families, schools and other children’s organisations who often have nowhere else to turn.
We do this by supporting children and families with practical equipment, programs and experiences, helping children in need to overcome whatever obstacles they face.
Indigenous Literacy Foundation
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) work aims to put books into homes and communities where there are few to none and in its lifetime has gifted over 150,000 books. Its core focus is early literacy and its Book Buzz program aims to instil an early love of reading and build a strong literacy foundation for families, babies and toddlers. Its third program aims to publish stories written by children and adults in remote communities. Where possible it aims to publish those books in language.
Working in partnerships, ILF has published over 47 titles, 12 in Aboriginal languages.

The Foundation runs writing and illustrating workshops in a number of remote communities each year. In 2013 it received a special bequest from Pamela Lofts' estate to nurture promising young writers and illustrators.

The Foundation runs a national advocacy and fundraising campaign called The Great Book Swap with schools, libraries and businesses. This is celebrated on Indigenous Literacy Day, the first Wednesday in September.
Dogs behind Bars
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
We take some of the worst cases of abuse, illness and dog aggression. We provide medical care and behavior training. We are there for the underdog who are often not wanted by other organisations. We have lots of older dogs that are in foster forever homes that need ongoing medical care.

Recent surgeries - Simba - $10k, Zara - $4-5k estimate, Burt $1k, Monthy $1k

Out vet bills are over 7K and we need to find another 5k to cover Zaras vet bill
Disabled Children's Foundation Inc
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
Disabled Children’s Foundation Inc. was established in 1997, and is an independent, non-religious, registered charitable organisation that works to increase community participation of disabled children in Australia.

The Foundation works in partnership with children and their communities to create lasting change by supporting long-term development goals, responding to respite care and promoting social inclusion.

The Foundation supports programs that deliver: modified recreational activities, specialised therapy, education & training support, social contact & inclusion, advocacy support, specialised equipment, and respite care, when families cannot afford it, and when Government assistance is not accessible.

Disabled Children’s Foundation is proudly supported by individuals, and businesses, big and small, throughout Australia. Some choose to support us anonymously while others tell everyone about their commitment to ensuring all disabled children have the same rights and opportunities to participate in the community.

The Foundation receives less than 1% operating budget from government sources, relying heavily upon the generosity of the general public. There are a number of ways that you can help us to raise funds to support our aims including: making a one off or monthly donation, buying a lucky number, or workplace giving, along with including a gift to Disabled Children’s Foundation in your will can be the gift of a lifetime for a disabled child. Gifts in wills, no matter how big or small, can make a huge difference to the work we do.

Our aim is for every disabled child to be able to achieve rehabilitation, confidence, self-determination, and to gain physical and psychological independence.
Calisto Park Equestrian Centre Inc
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
Special Needs Equestrians @ CPEC provides horse riding therapy lessons for people with disabilities in the Redlands, Queensland. CPEC has been operating for five years and provides personalised riding tuition via highly qualified coaches. Our motto is "to put smiles on our riders' faces" and we achieve just that.
Homelessness NSW
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
Homelessness NSW is a peak not for profit organisation that works with its members to prevent and reduce homelessness across NSW. Our members include small, locally based community organisations, multiservice agencies with a regional reach and large State-wide service providers.

Key services that we provide include policy development and advocacy in working to end homelessness, public education about the changing faces of homeless people and those at risk, information about the diverse mix of initiatives operating in NSW and elsewhere and advice and support for member organisations and others about organisational change and improvement.
Smart Pups Assistance Dogs For Special Needs Children Inc
#236 of 656 Charities with 9 votes
Smart Pups Assistance Dogs is a dedicated not-for-profit organisation based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. We specialise in providing trained service dogs to assist children with special needs. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of children with autism and seizure related syndromes through training our dogs in ‘task specific’ skills. Our Smart Pups reduce stress levels in children and have a profound effect on the day-to-day lives of the child and family. These positive changes continue as the bond and relationship between child and Smart Pup grows over time.
Guardian Angel Animal Rescue (South Australia) Incorporated
#254 of 656 Charities with 8 votes
Guardian Angel Animal Rescue SA Incorporated (GAAR) is a small volunteer based rescue in South Australia. GAAR is a registered not for profit Australian Charity who’s primary focus is to rescue, rehabilitate, train and rehome companion animals Australia wide. In addition to this, we utilise the rescued dogs to transform people’s lives. Through the power of the human-canine bond, we empower dogs and people to live healthy, happy and productive lives.
Organ Donation & Transplant Foundation Of WA
#254 of 656 Charities with 8 votes
The Organ Donation & Transplant Foundation of WA is a registered West Australian charity and operates as an incorporated, not for profit, independent organisation. As our organisation receives no government funding, we depend heavily on the kind generosity of volunteers and the ongoing support of the WA community to enable us to fulfill our key objectives, working to improve the quality of life of those West Australians in need of life saving transplantation.
As a Western Australian charity, all funds raised will remain in WA and go directly towards providing community education, promotion, support and advocacy on all aspects of organ and tissue donation in WA. This serves to enhance the quality of life of those West Australians in need of life saving organ and tissue transplantation.
Our organisation is fundamentally based on generating knowledge and awareness in the WA community about the importance of organ and tissue donation. Being part of The My Giving Circle will not only help us raise vital funds for the organisation but will serve as a platform to further increase community awareness about this important and life-saving health issue that is currently impacting the lives of many West Australians.
Barnyard Betty's Rescue
#254 of 656 Charities with 8 votes
Horse Welfare Incorporated
#254 of 656 Charities with 8 votes
Horse Welfare Inc is a registered charity supporting the Rescue, Rehabilitation, Re-Training and Re-Housing of Equines in need. Horse Welfare Inc was formed to support the plight of horses in need throughout the country. Based in the Hunter Valley in NSW we are able to co-ordinate with carers and other rescue organisations across the country to assist horses anywhere.

We have a small group of volunteers performing amazing results with limited financial support. Whilst every year is different, Horse Welfare Inc rehome in the vicinity of 80 horses annually. We are dedicated to education in the industry and with qualified trainers and equine nurses on the team we regularly promote courses in basic care, first aid and emergency rescue to support the income of the charity.
#254 of 656 Charities with 8 votes
we like helping people
Hunter Melanoma Foundation Inc
#254 of 656 Charities with 8 votes
The Hunter Melanoma Foundation (HMF) is a small community based charity raising funds in support of melanoma research, melanoma prevention and early detection education, professional development of melanoma unit nursing staff and support and amenities to melanoma patients in the Newcastle/Hunter Region.
The Hunter Region has a higher than average incidence of melanoma and we are working towards lowering the incidence of melanoma as well as the mortality rate in our region.
Geelong Animal Rescue Gar Limited
#254 of 656 Charities with 8 votes
Geelong Animal Rescue takes in unwanted and unloved pets from across Victoria. We rescue animals from pounds that cannot be adopted out to the public for either medical or behavioural reasons and rehabilitate them while they are cared for in loving foster homes throughout the Geelong region. There is no limit on the time or money that is spent with these animals, they are with us as long as it takes to find them their forever homes.
GAR is 100% not for profit, we receive no funding and have no paid members. We rely on fundraising to continue to pay our vet bills, food costs and flea/worm treatments.
Please help us to help them
Single Mums PIF Domestic Violence Support
#254 of 656 Charities with 8 votes
Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary
#254 of 656 Charities with 8 votes
Where wombats dominate and humans accommodate!
To be the best wombat sanctuary in the world, driven and taught by the best teachers, wombats themselves.
To continue our high rate of success with releasing wombats (WITH THE NECESSARY SKILLS) back to the bush at Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary.
Driving a passion in people for wombats which will ultimately lead to education, community involvement and the preservation of the species long term.

The sanctuary deals with cruelty cases, education, rescues, and wombat rehabilitation all through our own private funding and donations (yes, we have DGR status). We receive no Government funding for our work.
A Poultry Place
#254 of 656 Charities with 8 votes
A Poultry Place is a no kill sanctuary which offers a safe, permanent home to rescued and unwanted domesticated poultry (roosters, chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese). The sanctuary focuses on poultry because they are the most exploited group of animals in today’s society, with almost 50 billion being slaughtered each year, most having been farmed in cramped windowless sheds and battery cages. Some of the residents are products of school hatching projects, which only serve to teach kids to view animals as disposable products; or have been dumped in public parks or roadsides. While the sanctuary’s primary focus is on domesticated poultry there is also a resident sheep flock, a resident pride of cats and two resident goats. All residents have a carefree existence – they are not exploited for food or clothing and are free to roam during the day. Since 2001 A Poultry Place has assisted more than 2600 beings by offering them temporary or permanent shelter.
More about the philosophy behind A Poultry Place can be viewed here:
The Silver Coin Project
#254 of 656 Charities with 8 votes
We are The Silver Coin Project and we have been working hard to get a new program into schools that will give the general public and the business community an opportunity to help those children coming to school without the basic items that you and I take for granted, such as correct shoes, proper fitting uniforms, a school bag or even a packed lunch.
With your help Coins for Kids will be able to reach many more schools in the future as we believe that Coins for Kids will be a game changer for those children from the most disadvantaged families, setting them up for a great life of learning and beyond.
Lap Warmers Cat Rescue
#254 of 656 Charities with 8 votes
Kapululangu Aboriginal Women's Law and Culture Centre
#254 of 656 Charities with 8 votes
The Kapululangu Women’s Law and Culture Centre was established by Balgo Women Elders to assist them in fulfilling their obligations as the Senior Law Women (ceremonial bosses), healers, providers and protectors for their families and peoples. All funds raised are spent on enabling our Elders to continue to live at home at their Women's Centre on Balgo's Women's Law (ceremonial) ground so that they can enjoy their cultural practices and pass their cultural knowledge onto their younger generations so that they grow up strong, proud and resilient.
GSDs in Need Australia Inc
#254 of 656 Charities with 8 votes
Access Street Vans
#254 of 656 Charities with 8 votes
Koala Rescue Queensland Incorporated
#269 of 656 Charities with 7 votes
KRQ is the only 24/7 volunteer run koala rescue service operating Queensland wide. With a pair of qualified tree climbers specializing in high tree climb koala rescues, our services are regularly requested by other koala rescue groups statewide. We work with schools and other community groups to educate the public, and regularly plant new koala food trees for future habitat.
Our dedicated koala ambulance has been written off on a rescue late last year and we are desperate to get another one back on the road to offer immediate triage and treatment to all koalas, regardless of age, condition or injuries. We have a trained vet on call, for all koalas as well as a dedicated network of carers. We believe euthanasia is a very last resort.
KP's Awesome Paws Rescue and Rehoming
#269 of 656 Charities with 7 votes
Cat Cuddle Cafe Brisbane
#269 of 656 Charities with 7 votes
Cats are our passion & rescue is our mission. When we were opening the cafe we wanted to create the purrfect environment for cat lovers from all over to enjoy while interacting with cats. All of the cats we have in the cafe are rescue cats who have been brought into our rescues from a variety of different situations. Unlike many other cat cafés around the world all of our cats are up for adoption.
Animal Adoption Agency Sydney
#269 of 656 Charities with 7 votes
Our humble organisation is run by a very dedicated husband and wife team: Lee and Fiona Amiti. Together, they devote their lives to taking in animals and finding them happy new homes. Lee and Fiona both have a great love for cats, dogs, and all kinds of animals and are sure to provide nothing but the best for the furry four-legged friends in their care.
Borderless Community Services
#269 of 656 Charities with 7 votes
Borderless Community Services is based in Sydney Australia.
Our vision is "building strong families for life".

At present we are supplying 70-80 families per week, every week with food hampers from donated and rescued food. We are a Not for profit Organisation and operate solely from the generosity of its Members and Partners

We would like your votes and donations, to help us purchase a chiller vehicle to store and/or transport food.
Thank You
Boots for Bushies
#269 of 656 Charities with 7 votes
We collect donations online to send out new pairs of boots to struggling farmers.
Hobart Feline Rescue
#269 of 656 Charities with 7 votes
Helping re home, rescue and desex cats and kittens . Welcome to Hobart Feline Rescue . We are a small group of foster carers that are very passionate about helping our feline friends .We take in dumped , surrendered, lost, and help trapped feral cats and kittens. We also help with arranging discounted desexing and micro-chipping. We are busy mums who have jobs an kids also , picking up and dropping off animals vet runs trapping all takes time an money an with out donations we would not be able to continue so any support is great

Hobart Feline Rescue
Commonwealth Bank
BSB 067101
Account No. 1062 2122
Freedom Hill Sanctuary
#269 of 656 Charities with 7 votes

We are located in South Australia, in the Adelaide Hills, with 48 acres of picturesque hills country. Freedom Hill opened 2011 and is the first sanctuary for farmed animals in South Australia.

Our mission at Freedom Hill Sanctuary is to re-home or provide a safe haven for animals that have been rescued from abuse, exploitation or neglect. We also aim to change the way people view farm animals and promote, educate and encourage compassionate cruelty-free living.

Life begins at Freedom Hill for all our rescues and each and every one will always have a safe, happy and forever home. We are not open to the public yet but our future plan is to open the sanctuary for weekend visits and later school visits.
Angel-Paws Inc
#269 of 656 Charities with 7 votes
Angel-Paws Inc. is a Townsville based registered charity that specialises in offering abandoned and rejected animals a second chance at life whilst actively working towards being a part of the permanent solution. We take in animals from across North Queensland and work with vets and foster carers to bring them to full health before finding them a new home. We are a no-kill organisation which means that we are committed to every animal we accept.
WildCats Animal Welfare
#269 of 656 Charities with 7 votes
WildCats rescue and rehome lost, abandoned, dumped and injured cats and kittens out on the streets of southeast Queensland. We've been doing this work since 2002 and registered as a charity in 2009. Without our help, these animals would never make it into a shelter and would instead die from starvation and dehydration, illness or untreated injuries. We rescue many young orphaned kittens who have been taken from their mothers and dumped, often in industrial estate skip bins. We provide veterinary care, get them desexed, chipped, vaccinated and housetrained then find loving homes for them. It is hard work and we rely entirely on donations. We are all volunteers.
The Orangutan Project
#269 of 656 Charities with 7 votes

That all endangered wild orangutan species/subspecies will live in secure, protected populations for generations to come.


To ensure the survival of both Sumatran and Bornean orangutan species in their natural habitat and promote the welfare of all orangutans.

Our Achievements

Since its formation in 1998, The Orangutan Project has contributed more than $8,700,000 directly into orangutan conservation projects and has earned a reputation amongst its partners and donors for being financially responsible and transparent, with 100% of all donations and orangutan adoptions monies raised going straight into the field. Overall administration costs are funded via non tax-deductible fundraising activities.
Labrador Rescue Inc
#269 of 656 Charities with 7 votes
Labrador Rescue Inc. was established in 2007 and is a Registered Charity.
The organisation is run solely by volunteers who donate their time and open their homes to our rescues. Since its inception, Labrador Rescue has rehomed over 1500 Labradors (and some Labracats) into beautiful forever homes. No dog is turned away from Labrador Rescue due to age or illness.
White Ribbon Australia
#269 of 656 Charities with 7 votes
#269 of 656 Charities with 7 votes
Who we are
iSEE CARE believes in a love that has no strings attached. A love that is unconditional and puts others needs before our own. A love that is practical and loud – we call it ‘LOVE OUT LOUD’!

iSEE CARE demonstrates practical love or what we like to call ‘LOVE OUT LOUD’ to the school communities throughout the City of Brisbane and the wider state of Queensland. We do this in three simple ways – the CARE Hamper Program, the LOVE OUT LOUD Blitz Days and the iDECIDE Schools Tour.

CARE Hampers are distributed through school welfare programs, and we deliver direct to our school networks every week of the school term. Our LOVE OUT LOUD Blitz Days mobilizes a whole school community of teachers, parents, students and an army of iSEE CARE volunteers to come together, get involved and ‘blitz’ a local school. The iDECIDE Schools Tour is a curriculum based program. Our seminars are packed with energy, humour, music & dance and loads of real-talk. The seminar content is specifically created to help combat issues and challenges young people face today such as bullying, depression, suicidal thought, low self-efficacy and personal resilience.
Armadale Community Animal Rescue Group Inc
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
The Armadale Community Animal Rescue Group is a not for profit, no kill animal shelter which is run by volunteers who rescue unwanted, abandoned and stray animals. We care for the animals in our care until they find loving, forever homes, no matter how long it takes. We are a small charity who receive no government funding, and would really love to receive the $5000 to help us develop a website for our charity.
Healing Hooves Inc
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
We bring Horses with Special Needs ( blind, disabled, traumatised, rescued ),and People with Special Needs together to find a sense of purpose. Via equine interactive sessions.We also offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to Children, Teens and Adults suffering Trauma, In Foster Care, Autism, PTSD sufferers,Social and Emotional Disorders. These programs are facilitated by Registered Psychologist and Certified Equine Specialist.
Dindi Dog Rescue Inc
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
Dindi Dog Rescue Inc. is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission,
Charity ABN 46 469 387 434
We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation (where necessary) and rehoming dogs of dogs either via private surrender or from pounds and animal shelters.
When rehoming, we aim to match all dogs to compatible families ensuring the best possible outcome for both doggy and family. All potential adopters will require a home check.
All dogs are desexed, microchipped, vet-checked, vaccinated, flea and worm treated
Luke Batty Foundation
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
What is the Luke Batty Foundation?
After the tragic murder of her son by his father, Rosie Batty established the Luke Batty Foundation to give voice to women and children affected by the trauma of family violence.
Since then, Rosie has become a fearless advocate for cultural and systemic change for gender inequality and family violence.

What can I do to help?
Your donation can support Rosie’s advocacy for women and children who experience family and domestic violence.
We also invite you to join the Luke Batty Foundation’s campaign ‘Never Alone’, which has more than 70,000+ supporters standing with victims and actively working towards cultural and systemic change.

How can I learn more?
We thank you in advance for standing beside every victim of family violence by joining the campaign at
Brother Bears
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
Brother Bears aims to support bereaved families who have experienced the stillbirth of their child. We donate essential equipment to hospitals that provide families with the opportunity to create precious memories with their baby. We also provide packages for siblings to assist them with understanding and processing the loss of their baby brother/sister.
Animalia Wildlife Shelter and Rescue
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
Animalia Wildlife Shelter urgently needs funds to feed the animals in its care and provide medicines and treatments to many of its patients. Between 1500-3000 animals are responded to each year by Animalia Volunteer Rescuers and many of them are victims of predation ,car hit or electrocution.We rely heavily on fundraising and donations to continue the work we do, we currently recieve no government funding or assistance.Animalia is hospital/home to wombats wallabies koala possums gliders penguins pelicans fruit bats ducks and many waterbirds. Many of these have come into care due to loss of habitat and the continued degredation of the environment.We rehabilitate injured wildlife, return it to the wild where it belongs, this is our honour and priviliage to do.
World Animal Protection Limited
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
We are World Animal Protection

We end the needless suffering of animals
We influence decision makers to put animals on the global agenda
We help the world see how important animals are to all of us
We inspire people to change animals’ lives for the better
We move the world to protect animals.
Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Inc
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
Kanyana is a volunteer run organisation which receives no government funding. We rely on donations to continue to care for our Australian wildlife, including a breeding program for the critically endangered woylie(brush tailed bettong).
Australian wildlife faces many dangers everyday. Unfortunately most admissions that we see are in one way or another caused by humans. Motor vehicle collisions and cat/dog attacks are our main reasons for admissions, of which we see approximately 3000 each year. By voting for Kanyana, you will be supporting native birds, reptiles and mammals who need your help.
Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness Inc
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
SAFE Bunbury
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
Please vote for SAFE Bunbury so we can provide foster carers the necessary means to care for rehomable Cats and Dogs. All our Cats and Dogs are cared for in private homes by dedicated families who volunteer to foster an animal until they are adopted.
Rosie's Place Inc
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
Rosie's Place is a place for children and young people who have been impacted by sexual assault and domestic violence. Rosie's Place has been operating for 30 years in the outer western suburbs of Sydney. Predominately the Blacktown Local Government Area and surrounding areas. Rosie's Place provides therapeutic services to our clients through counselling, support, advocacy, court support, group work, and sensory play. Rosie's Place is funded by Family and Community Services, so all our services to families are free. Rosie's Place is constantly seeking external financial support from the community to expand on our therapeutic work. Over the years additional donations and grants has allowed Rosie's Place to create and self publish resources for our clients and the wider community, as well as set up a sensory play space, garden and art therapy space and pay for a therapy dog for the service. To date Rosies Place has created 22 books and 1 board game. These publications give voice to our clients stories and their continuing struggle to hang on to their connections of hope when violence has ripped it from their young lives. We believe we have a responsibility to capture those stories of our clients
to acknowledge their experiences and have their voices heard. We currently have several resources we are wanting to develop for children and young people including a protective behaviours resource, children rights card game and young mens art book. But we can only have these resources printed with the help of the community through donations.
YP Puppy Rescue
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
We rescue.
We take the dogs and puppies from the pounds who have been left behind, and we mend their hearts, love them, rehabilitate and retrain the older dogs, readying them to be a part of someones' life with vital vet work all completed.
We will also bring in puppies as a result from "accidents" , we will pay to de-sex Mum dog, and with kindness and expertise, we ready the puppies for their new lives.
From new borns that need bottle feeding, to the aged dogs in their twilight years, YP Puppy Rescue will reach out to help.
Rescuing kittens from precarious circumstances sees us hand rearing tiny beings, giving them all they need and more, ensuring wonderful homes are found, and the vet work, again, will always be done.
Working in our community with the more vulnerable sees YPPR busy assisting people with their pets in many and varied ways. Non judgmental, confidentiality assured, we are paying it forward and to see the smiles on the faces of those we help is more than enough reward.

"One by one, we will save them".
Golden Paws Rescue Inc
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
Aus. Hair of the Dog Rescue Inc
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
Maneki Neko Cat Rescue (Mncr) Inc
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
Donate now to support Maneki Neko Cat Rescue and saves lives!

Maneki Neko Cat Rescue is an all breed cat rescue organisation run entirely by volunteers and is a registered charitable animal welfare organisation with Deductable Gift Recipient status. The Maneki Neko is a Japanese symbol of success, prosperity, good health and happiness. Maneki Neko Cat Rescue is specifically focused on working collaboratively with the community, community groups, business's and local councils to improve the welfare of cats and kittens.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and are utilised to improve the health and wellbeing of rescued cats and kittens as well as to support our animal welfare programs.
Rev. Dr Ian Mavor Foundation for Integral Education Health and Spirituality Ltd
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
The purpose of the Ian Mavor Foundation is to relieve poverty, suffering and distress for the poor, the sick, the dying and the bereaved and deliver core life skills and counselling services and education to children living with life-limiting illnesses and their families. To rehabilitate women and children in need who have symptoms of PTSD and are traumatised by domestic violence, imprisonment, suicide or the death of a parent or partner through natural disasters, war or murder.
Project Underdog Rescue Inc
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
Project Underdog Rescue is a not for profit animal rescue charity located in Melbourne, Australia. Our organisation is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and successfully rehoming companion animals facing imminent euthanasia in Victorian and NSW pounds and shelters. We do not discriminate on breed, age or sex. We take those that need us most. For this reason we will only occasionally accept surrendered animals into our care.

We pride ourselves on providing our animals with the same amount of love, attention and level of care we would give our own pets. Any specialised treatment recommended by our veterinarian will be provided to the animals in our care. This may include; dental work, orthopaedic surgery, specialist treatment and palliative care.

Our purpose:

To provide refuge for stray, abandoned and surrendered animals – primarily those facing imminent euthanasia in shelters and pounds
To rehabilitate each animal while in foster care so that they can be placed in loving, safe and permanent homes.
To promote responsible pet ownership, animal welfare and no kill solutions
Shalom house
#283 of 656 Charities with 6 votes
Moorook Animal Shelter
#301 of 656 Charities with 5 votes
The Moorook Animal Shelter has been rehoming unwanted dogs and cats since 1999 and during this time the shelter has managed to home thousands of dogs and puppies, cats and kittens. The shelter has made such a difference for so many of the abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats not only in the Riverland but across South Australia The shelter was founded upon a no kill, open inclusion philosophy and does not discriminate; we provide a second chance for all ages, genders, breeds, colours and sizes as every dog and cat deserves to find a loving home. We have often taken in animals refused by other shelters. In an effort to reduce the number of animals in shelters, desexing and immunisations are included in a minimal adoption cost (for dogs this also includes micro-chipping). Our focus has primarily been the 3 Rs; rescue, rehabilitate and rehome, fundraising was always a secondary consideration with very generous supporters and sponsorships meaning that all donations were gratefully received with minimal appeals required. Unfortunately that has now changed. We receive no government assistance and the shelter is run by dedicated volunteers and aided by the public who support the essential community service the shelter provides.
Lymphoma Australia, Lymphoma Australia
#301 of 656 Charities with 5 votes
Our mission is to support those touched by Lymphoma, raise awareness of this Cancer and help support research for a cure.
With your help, our goal is to fund a specialist lymphoma care nurse in every Australian state - making a direct impact to those living with lymphoma or supporting a loved one on their journey.
The C.R.E.W Christians Ready Equipped & Willing Incorporated
#303 of 656 Charities with 5 votes
Small children sleeping in cars because their Dad has been laid off. Families are losing everything and they're just like you and me. We are all supposedly 8 weeks away from becoming homeless ourselves!!
Single homeless people living behind buildings for shelter because they haven't had opportunities or missed the opportunity in life or suffer mental illness or addictions.
No one wants to be homeless.
The CREW bridge the gap of what these people are missing from society... support !! Geneuine support and caring. We are all humans and deserve better. We all eat and poop the same but why are some displaced people treated like leppers or unworthy??
Or dismissed by government agencies as the problem is too big to fix??
The CREW are not giving up we will change our struggling communities in Rockingham and Kwinana with love, care and support.
Ausnep australia
#304 of 656 Charities with 5 votes
Established in January 2008, as a not for profit organisation, Ausnep achieved charitable status & tax deductibility on 13 April 2015.
Ausnep's vision is to provide a health link between two countries; providing free surgical & dental procedures to those who have no means to access health care, in both remote & urban regions of Nepal.
Nepal is a beautiful country steeped in culture and tradition, located in the southern part of asia. Land locked between China, Tibet & India, it is one of the poorest countries in the world, & one of the least developed.
Nepal is south asia's third poorest country, (World Bank Report), life expectancy is around 60 years of age. Approximately 55.1% of the population live below the poverty line and have little or no access to health care, living on less than $1.25(US) per day. Despite improvements, the 'gap' between rich and poor continues to widen. (Asian Development Bank ADB report, August 09 ).
With all these issues in mind, Ausnep believes, any contribution made, is of value to this small country; where eight of the worlds highest mountains reach for the sky.
It is easy to become totally enamored with the people: their depth of soul!, for in this country, those who have so little, offer so much about the real values of life.
Alittlebitiffy Animal Sanctuary
#304 of 656 Charities with 5 votes
Alittlebitiffy Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit, non-funded guinea pig rescue and sanctuary dedicated to giving the smaller, sometimes forgotten pets a second chance. As a rescue, we rehabilitate and rehome guinea pigs that are surrendered to our care. As a sanctuary, we provide a forever home to permanently injured or terminally ill pets. Currently a small charity with very big dreams, we're passionate about bringing big hope to little animals.
The Salvation Army Southern Territory
#304 of 656 Charities with 5 votes
The Salvation Army is one of the largest and most visible providers of care and social service to the Australian community, assisting more than one million people every year.

When people are feeling despair, facing economic hardship or in need of emotional support, The Salvation Army is there to help.
Blacktown Women's and Girls' Health Centre
#304 of 656 Charities with 5 votes
Blacktown Women's and Girls' Health Centre has been providing holistic health care and support for women and girls in the Blacktown LGA and beyond for nearly 30 years. Together with the North West Sydney Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service, BWGHC provides frontline support for women and children leaving domestic violence and finding their way forward to a healthier and happier future. The Centre offers a range of groups including exercise, health education and self development, such as Yoga and Anger Management. We have a team of counsellors and case workers to assist women with various needs, as well as a Women's Health Clinic every Wednesday, a 0-5 years children's clinic every Monday and a Naturopath on Tuesdays. We also have specialist DV counselling,and outreach services from Staying Home Leaving Violence, Indigenous Women's Legal and Women's Legal Services NSW. We work with other organsations to empower women in our local area and also host events and activities to raise awareness about women's health and DV, as well as helping to build a healthy, sustaining community which supports all people. To find out more, phone 9831 2070 or check out our website or Facebook.
Animal Liberation Qld
#304 of 656 Charities with 5 votes
Animal Liberation Queensland (ALQ) is an independent animal rights organisation which advocates the rights of non-human animals so that they may live free from abuse, cruelty, and exploitation. We have no paid staff so all funds go directly to helping on our campaigns and vital outreach.
Founded in 1979, ALQ is a not-for-profit organisation in the state of Queensland and a registered charity. For more info see:
FoodCare Orange Incorporated
#304 of 656 Charities with 5 votes
Melbourne Homeless Collective
#304 of 656 Charities with 5 votes
Melbourne Homeless Collective (MHC) operates three key projects within Victoria. Blanket Melbourne provides warm life saving sleeping bags and blankets to rough sleepers. Melbourne Period Project is our largest project providing sanitary items and toiletries to many women across Victoria who have fled and are homeless due to domestic abuse. The School Project provides essential school items and backpacks to the children of these families so they can continue their education and stay in school. We provide all new items to more than 50 organisations across Melbourne and have thus far supported around 150 children to continue their schooling in 2017 alone. Each year we provide thousands of Period Packs to women experiencing homelessness so they're not forced to steal or go without essential items.
The Bushfire Foundation Inc
#304 of 656 Charities with 5 votes
Help us to achieve our purpose to improve and enhance bushfire preparedness, by voting for our organisation, your votes will help to deliver programs to do this.
Precious Paws Animal Rescue Inc
#304 of 656 Charities with 5 votes
Australian Wildlife Society
#304 of 656 Charities with 5 votes
The Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia is an all volunteer registered, non-for-profit conservation organisation holding tax exemption status with the Australian Tax Office and is listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations.

The Society was formed in Sydney in May 1909 and is totally committed to the preservation and protection of Australia’s unique native fauna and flora in all its forms through national environmental education programs, community involvement, political lobbying and advocacy, as well as practical hands-on wildlife conservation projects.

The Society’s members are dedicated to preserving Australia’s native wildlife for future generations of young Australians.

The Society celebrated a Centenary of wildlife conservation in 2009.
South Coast Animal Rescue Inc
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
We are a non for profit origination & rescue animals from death row in pounds/shelters or slaughter yards, most can not be rehomed due to illness, injury or special needs the ones who are able to be rehomed are adopted out. We struggle with on going bills eg, vet, medication & food, at present we have very little money & struggle on a daily basis so have not been able to save more but do hope in the futures we will be back to full on rescuing.
Adara Group
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Dongara Placemaking Group
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
The Placemaking Group is a volunteer non-for-profit community group with the goal to taking action in making the Town Centre more interesting, stimulating and unique.
It is a people-centred approach to planning, design and management of public spaces working with council approval.
It is used to create a common vision for any place with a implementation strategy, beginning with small-scale, do-able improvements that can immediately bring benefits to public spaces for locals and tourism whom use them individually or bringing together community events.
Being a New Group, we have lots of direction in approach's to inspire people, create new sites and improve public spaces.
Please help us start getting a wonderful network of approach's commencing.
Chapel Lodge Standardbred Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Chapel lodge Standardbred Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc takes in Standardbreds that have retired from racing or who have never raced and give them a new career as a pleasure horse.
Foodbank Victoria
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Southern Tas Cat Rescue Inc
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
We are a small group, mainly based in the Huon, Kingborough and Far South areas of Tasmania, although we will take cats from other areas if we have room. We are dedicated to rescuing and re-homing unwanted cats and kittens. STCR accepts surrendered pet cats/kittens from the public and also traps feral/stray animals. This helps protect wildlife by reducing the number of cats hunting in the local environment. STCR cat and kittens are cared for by a dedicated group of foster carers who spend considerable time and effort socialising and preparing the cats and kittens for eventual re-homing. All cats and kittens accepted by STCR are de-sexed, micro-chipped and vaccinated before being re-homed.
Our organisation also works to educate the public on responsible pet ownership with an emphasis on de-sexing. We further promote and support the confinement of cats indoors or in a secure outdoor enclosure, for the safety of the cat and to help protect Tasmania’s native animals.
We rely on donations from the public and our adoption fees but this barely covers our veterinary costs. Our foster carers pay for their own cat food, litter, bedding and basic veterinary supplies.
Ideally, we would like to de-sex, microchip and vaccinate all cats and kittens as soon as we can, but we do not have the funds. We generally wait until a cat is adopted before we arrange veterinary procedures. No cat leaves us for a permanent home until it is de-sexed, microchipped and vaccinated.
It is very upsetting to all concerned when we have no available foster carers or sufficient funds and can no longer accept surrendered cats.
Berry Street Victoria Incorporated
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Homeless Hounds Animal Rescue
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Homeless hounds animal rescue is a no kill animal rescue specialising in companion animals. We take animals from dire circumstances and rehabilitate and rehome them into appropriate and loving environments.
We take all breeds and seek the best outcome for the animal despite challenges or costs.
We are active in the community offering support to those in need. Especially in kitten season!
Of course we have high costs and any help is very much appreciated. Funds are the limiting factor in how many animals we can help. All donations are put to the use intended.
O.N.E Heart Ministry
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Our organisation assists with low income families, the elderly and all persons who are less fortunate or going through financial hardships with food assistance, clothing and furniture.
Our vision is to share the love of giving that has been planted in us in the hope that it plants a seed in each person who receives from our organisation to pay it forward. All donations we receive we sow back into our organisation to continue to do what we have been called to do for our community with love.

"Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver."
2 Corinthians 9:7
Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation Limited
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Mitochondrial disease (mito) is a debilitating genetic disorder that robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure and potentially death. It is terminal. There is no cure and few effective treatments.

One in 200 people are at risk of mito, making it the second most common, serious genetic disease after cystic fibrosis. One Australian child born each week will develop a severe or life-threatening form of mitochondrial disease.

The Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (AMDF) supports sufferers and their families, funds essential research into the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of mitochondrial disorders, and increases awareness and education about this devastating disease.

The AMDF’s mission is to support the mito community whilst seeking a cure. Founded by and working closely with those from the mito community, the AMDF strives to provide support services that help those affected by mito to feel more informed, empowered, connected and less isolated.
The AMDF is committed to finding an urgently needed cure for mitochondrial disease and believe that funding research is the only way a cure and effective treatments will be developed. As such the AMDF is driving research into mito by identifying and funding strategic research initiatives that improve diagnosis and treatment, and translate into preventions and cures.
Wombat Awareness Ltd
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Wombat Awareness Organisation is a non-profit organisation specialising in the rescue, rehabilitation and advocation of the Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat. We aim to develop strategies to keep the wild population healthy, safe and free!

We are proudly the only free range, cage free wombat sanctuary!

We are independently funded relying solely on donations and run entirely by volunteers who have dedicated their life to the wombat.
A Seat at the Table Inc.
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
A Seat at the Table Inc. (ASATT Inc.) provides sponsored opportunities for young women to attend advocacy and leadership events, such as the UN International Women’s Day Breakfast. Recipients are young women aged 12 - 22 who attend a public high school and/or are seeking the services of youth organisations. Traditionally it is these young women that often face barriers to attending professional and personal development opportunities.
ASATT recognises the challenges for young women who are either disengaged, from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and from regional or rural locations.
Programs such as ASATTs Transferring Skills to Work Program, uses interactive and out of the box group activities to tackle the misconceptions about the labour market, boost participant confidence and demonstrate that everyone has the inherent skills to contribute to the labour market at an entry level capacity. Skills from school, home, and anywhere in between are transferable and valuable to employers. The program also includes recruitment experts and local Shero’s who inspire with their stories and share some lessons learnt from their own experiences.
ASATT aims to deliver Transferring Skills to Work in School around Australia, starting with South Australia. Your support can help make this happen!
Mandurah Wildlife Rescue Inc
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Mandurah Wildlife Rescue is a charity which rescues orphaned, displaced and injured wildlife rehabilitates them and returns them to the wild. For the first time in 8 years we are completely full with more than 100 birds, reptiles,marsupials being cared for. We are the only wildlife rescue agency in our area and operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year assisting injured animals on the roads as well as at the centre. We are completely dependent on donations and have no staff. We operate solely with more than 70 volunteers. Mandurah Wildlife Rescue also conducts education talks in the community and at schools to engage the public in protecting and caring for Australian wildlife. We desperately need your support any donation really helps a small charity like ours. Thank you.
Hope Springs Eternal Dog Rescue, Rehoming and Retirement Inc
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
In addition to providing rescue, rehoming and retirement services to small breed dogs, Hope Springs Eternal is committed to providing support services that help keep people and their pets together. We are passionate about helping the underdogs and providing care and treatment to those living rough with a pet. In addition, we wish to establish a pet medical crisis fund (Pay It Paw-ward) to help people pay for their pet's medical expenses when they are struggling financially so that their pet can be healthy and happy and contribute to the health and happiness of their owners.
Walk With Us
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Our aim is to bring joy on Christmas Eve by playing host to a Free Gold Coast Community Lunch for those that without the support and love would miss out on a warm meal and someone to talk to. We invite families and people of all ages to join us on the 24th of December for Christmas lunch with some fun entertainment for everyone and if we’re lucky a visit from Santa with gifts for the children. Let’s all support each other and join together at this time of year when no one should be alone.
We also run a weekly dinner in the park that caters for the homeless and disadvantaged but everyone is welcome to attend.
We run a sleeping bag/blanket drive and hand these out at a fun filled night full of food, entertainment, barbers, Orange Sky Laundry.
Plus help out within in the community at DV refuges, finding work and accommodation for our friends on the streets
Whale And Dolphin Conservation (Australasia)
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
WDC Australasia is currently running a number of campaigns, these include:
 Supporting a comprehensive Marine Protected Area network around Australia
 Opposing oil and gas exploration in sensitive South Australian marine areas
 Helping to protect the endangered maui/ hector dolphin populations in New Zealand
 Working to end Japanese whaling in and around Antarctic waters

We also work with the successfully recognised DolphinWatch program which currently operates in 2 states coordinating school students to work in citizen science projects conducting dolphin surveys in their local waters.

As well as researching and lobbying for increased protection for the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary population, WDC believes that the dolphins would be best served by establishment of a Dolphin Interpretive Centre next to the water. The success of the Sanctuary ultimately depends on the education of residents, user groups, visitors and all people living in the stormwater catchment area. To achieve this success, and fulfil its required objectives the Sanctuary requires a public profile.

Warriors 4 Wildlife Inc
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Warriors 4 Wildlife is a not-for-profit organisation that rescues, rehabilitates and releases or re-homes native Australian and domestic animals.
Manna Perth
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Some of the Manna services to disadvantaged individuals and families include:

Hot ’n’ Healthy Meals
These are prepared and distributed to the homeless and struggling people of Perth six days a week at an inner city park. The meals distributed include freshly made soup, a main course with a vegetarian option and a dessert. These meals annually total:
90,000 soups with a bread roll
90,000 hot main meals
90,000 desserts
That’s over 270,000 individual servings for the hungry and homeless every year. The meals are always made fresh every day by our large group of volunteers at the Manna Kitchen in the inner city Perth Suburb of Victoria Park.
Healthy School Breakfasts
The school breakfast program provides breakfast to disadvantaged students at 20 schools.
Over 100,000 breakfasts are provided to these school children every year.
Winter School Uniform
Winter School uniforms are provided for children who and who do not have access to a winter uniform.
In the past twelve months Manna has provided over 1,000 winter school uniforms to students in 43 schools.

Special Lunch Functions for the Elderly
Special luncheons each year are served to the elderly.
Christmas food hampers
These are provided to individuals and families in need.

Staffy Rescue Incorporated
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Staffy Rescue is a NO KILL registered animal welfare charity committed to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming Bull breeds of all shapes and sizes from death row.
While all the dogs in our care whether it be for a short stay or for the rest of their lives they receive the best care possible including housing, vet care, rehabilitation and most importantly unconditional love ❤️.
Paws For Diabetics Inc
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Australian Animal Rescue Inc
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Australian Animal Rescue Incorporated (AAR) is a non-profit, volunteer run, non government organization. AAR was established in April 2009 after bush fires devastated the Gippsland, Kinglake and Marysville areas of Victoria.

Spurred into action by the devastating events that were unfolding, a small group of dedicated volunteers spent 3 months rescuing wildlife and providing as much food and supplies as possible out to the effected people and animals.

We at AAR differ from other rescue groups as we also specialize, not only in wildlife animals but also domestic animal rescues.
Australian Animal Rescue Incorporated operates 7 days a week and provides animal rescue and information services throughout Victoria.
We also provide assistance to other shelters and disaster relief by doing fundraising throughout Melbourne and Queensland.Your support helps us to continue our work and provide better facilities to help our precious Australian Animals.
Mums Supporting Families in Need Inc
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Can you imagine having to flee an abusive relationship leaving your belongings behind? Can you imagine not having enough money to buy your child clothes that fit as they grow? Can you imagine not being able to afford a pram to get your baby out and about? At Mums Supporting Families in Need Inc, we can. MSFIN provides material aid such as clothing, nursery furniture, toiletries and food items to vulnerable families in Victoria. We work with support agencies to provide aid to approx 130 families every month. We are fully run by volunteers and all our material aid is sourced from the amazing community that support us!
Please consider donating to us. This ensures we can continue to provide clothing, nursery furniture and food to our most vulnerable and disadvantaged families in our community.
Little Heroes Foundation Incorporated
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Native Animal Rescue
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
We treat, care for sick, injured and immature native wildlife, we also provide for a pre-release facility for fauna so that they can be rehabitated back into their natural habitats!
Epilepsy Queensland Inc
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Peninsula Cat Rescue Inc
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
We rescue cats and kittens from council pound or vets, care for them in foster homes, feed and
provide vet care, they are 100% desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. Forever homes are then found for
them and the new owners pay to help cover costs.
A caring society cares for its animals.
Sandy's a helping hand charity
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
We help with fire victims and DV victims with helping them to start over again with clothes , kitchenware, blankets,ect we also help with people and there family's with clothing , blankets, house hold goods as well and also with food hampers when we can.
Making Memories
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
More and more it is important to realise that the most important things in life can't be bought, time, health, happiness. The motivation behind "making memories" was inspired by a close friend who is going through the heartbreaking process of living with terminal cancer that will see her soon leave behind a loving husband and three beautiful sons. While we can't give her more time, we can make the time count and feel that every family affected by terminal illness should have the opportunity to experience something positive to enjoy together as a lasting and beautiful memory. Making memories is devoted to gifting once in a life time experiences to More and more it is important to realise that the most important things in life can't be bought, time, health, happiness. The motivation behind "making memories" was inspired by a close friend who is going through the heartbreaking process of living with terminal cancer that will see her soon leave behind a loving husband and three beautiful sons. While we can't give her more time, we can make the time count and feel that every family affected by terminal illness should have the opportunity to experience something positive to enjoy together as a lasting and beautiful memory.
Kids Arthritis
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Everyday 1 in 1000 Children in Australia are living in pain, stiffness, swelling, blindness and sometimes depression and anxiety for something that they have no control over, Juvenile Arthritis.
Kids Arthritis is Australia's First and Leading organisation solely dedicated to supporting children living with Arthritis. Founded by life long severe Juvenile Arthritis suffer, Sarah Hammond and solely run by volunteers. Kids Arthritis relies solely on donations from the public to run our Australian First Education and Support Groups and Events for children, their families and carers living with Juvenile Arthritis.

In 2017 Kids Arthritis is leading the way in Australia for support and education of Juvenile Arthritis and our latest project and goal is; Project Arthur. Arthur the Kids Arthritis Bear is our Offical cuddly and supportive mascot who receives letters and drawing from all over the world from children living with Juvenile Arthritis. Through Project Arthur, Kids Arthritis goal is to give every child in Australia living with Juvenile Arthritis their own Heat Pack Arthur, so that their favourite supportive bear can really give them a nice warm hug.
Helping Wings
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Helping Wings knows that Christmas is around the corner, but having said that, please help us at Helping Wings as we rely on donations to be able to help those in need with vet accounts in time of crisis. We at helping wings do not profit from any of the donations, all the donations go directly to the treating vet clinic for the bird.
So if you would like to share a bit of cheer please help us by donating to Helping Wings and giving us a chance to win badly needed funds to help those who need it over the holiday period.

Thank you all
Lucky stars Animal sanctuary
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Lucky Stars Sanctuary Inc is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Non-Profit Commission. The sanctuary assists abandoned, abused, neglected and injured animals. This includes domestic, farm and wildlife. We treat, rehabilitate, re-home or provide a home for the animals.

Lucky Stars also provides education sessions in house and at selected events such as the Living Green Festival and Southside Markets. We also have volunteer days at the sanctuary where people help and learn about how to care for animals. These days also assist people with certain conditions such as depression and ADD. Health workers also frequent the sanctuary for a break from usual routines.

We are based at Phillip, ACT and Bywong, NSW and we would greatly appreciate it if you could extend assistance by placing our charity on your list to receive a rescue discount. Please phone if any further information is required.

Thank you for your kind consideration and support.
Ginger Ninja Animal Rescue
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
GNR takes in stray and abandoned cats and kittens. They are rehabilitated, receive all necessary vet work and are then rehomed. They live in safe foster homes while waiting for adoption. We also assist in desexing cats for low income families
Cat Connections HQ
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Broken Hill Pet Rescue
#314 of 656 Charities with 4 votes
Broken Hill Pet Rescue is a non-profit organisation committed to saving on average 400 animals per year that are surrendered or abandoned at the Broken Hill Pound.

We are unique in the way we operate acting as a stopgap, providing these animals who are at risk of being euthanised with temporary homes whilst we look for adoptive homes or alternative rescue.

Our work is supported by volunteer carers, fundraising activities and donations received. Funds are spent on a variety of things to provide for the animals such as food, medicines, vetwork, topical treatments and anything else that they may require.

We believe that no animal should be euthanised simply because they found themselves unwanted or in unfortunate circumstances and work tirelessy to educate the community on resposnible pet ownership. We strongly support microcipping, vaccinations and desexing of every animal in our care.

We aim to support the rescues we work with both financially and with our services. We are provide extensive notes and information on our animals, temperment testing every animal that comes into our care. During busy periods of time or when we have a lot of animals going to certain rescues we will cover the costs of transport, vet work or release fees to take away some of the financial burden.

To sustain the work that we do we seek support from other organisations and groups. Without donations we would not be able to provide these animals with the new start that each and every one of them deserve.
Lillian Howell Project Incorporated
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
The Hills Community Aid & Information Service Inc
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Paws & Claws Adoptions Inc.
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Paws & Claws Adoptions is a small self-funded volunteer group located in South Australia, dedicated to caring for and finding furever homes for abandoned and surrendered animals. By enabling fostering and promoting adoption, Paws & Claws Adoptions aims to re-home the rescued/surrendered animals into what we call their ‘furever’ home. An interim foster home ensures animals are kept in a family type environment to help them better adjust to new homes.

All our animals are desexed prior to adoption, as well as micro chipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treatment.
Sanfilippo Children's Foundation
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Our mission is to fund medical research so a cure can be found in time for children battling Sanfilippo today and those born with it tomorrow.
Sanfilippo Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that is progressive, neurodegenerative and always fatal. It is estimated that 2,000 babies are born each year worldwide with Sanfilippo and life expectancy is just 12 – 20 years. There is currently no treatment, so a child diagnosed with this condition and their family face many challenges for which the foundation was created to address. These include limited opportunity to access emerging treatment and clinical trials; lack of up to date and accurate information; and as a rare disease there is significant isolation and lack of an accessible support network dedicated to the condition.
Since our inception in 2013 we have funded 6 research projects both in Australia and overseas. Our funding is critical as research in any field is highly competitive and grossly limited, but for rare diseases this is further exacerbated. Researchers struggle to obtain funding from traditional sources due to the relatively small patient numbers and inadequate return on commercial investment. We are directing much needed funds into critical research for a condition that until now has been largely neglected.
Animals Tasmania
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Animals Tasmania is an independent animal advocacy organisation based in Tasmania. Our broad aim is to eliminate exploitation, abuse, and suffering of all non-human animals within our state and beyond.

We work to facilitate change through peaceful action, education and political lobbying on issues affecting all species. We encourage greater awareness and understanding of the way human choices impact on non-human animals. We represent and speak for all animals, no exceptions.
SEQ K9 Rescue Inc
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SEQ K9 Rescue Inc is a privately run dog rescue, no kill registered charity located in South East Qld we rescue and re-homes, all breeds and sizes of dogs.

We receive no government funding and are totally reliant on the generosity and good will of Volunteers and the general public to help these dogs in need of shelter, foster care and re-homing.

SEQ K9 Rescue Inc have successfully rehomed over 160 dogs since March this year. With the never ending amount of dogs needing our help, we are needing to continually fundraise to help pay the amounting vet bill.

SEQ K9 Rescue Inc complete all vet work on all the dogs that come into our care. This includes de- sexing, microchipping, heartworm prevention, intestinal worming, vaccinations, dental and surgery when needed.

We do not use cages or kennels, all of our dogs stay with families most with children and other animals. They stay with this family until we find their fur ever home.

We appreciate any donation no matter how small, everything adds up. A $5 donation pays for a worming tablet which lasts for 3 months. $25 donation pays for a bag of dog food. $160 pays to desex a male dog $180 pays to desex a female.

Thank you for reading about our amazing rescue.
Rein Rescue
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REIN Rescue is a Not For Profit Organisation existing to support the needs of horses.

REIN Rescue's purpose is to take in sales horses who are unwanted, neglected and potentially going to the slaughterhouse as well as private surrenders.

We provide rescued horses with medical support, rehabilitation, foster care, and adoption when they are ready.

We also donate gear as well as providing helpful advice and useful resources.
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Pinchapoo is proudly responsible for creating a cheeky hotel toiletry ‘pinching’ movement seven years ago… and for good reason!
Using this concept, we have redistributed more than 900,000 personal hygiene products to thousands of disadvantaged men, women and children around Australia.

Pinchapoo works with over 70 leading organisations nationally as a total hygiene solution, providing products to people in need through via homeless shelters, soup vans, family violence refuges, community shower programs, refugee support centres, short term housing, crisis accommodation, hospitals, schools, jails and emergency relief efforts for bushfire and flood victims.

Each year we reach countless thousands, however there is still so many who need our help! Make your donation count today!

Leftys Place
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Lefty's Place rescues, rehabilitates and offers a forever sanctuary for farmed animals who have been used and abused in agricultural systems.
Purrfect Match Cat Adoptions Incorporated
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#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
LIVIN® is a registered charity, non-profit organisation that was founded to wipe out the stigma on mental illness and raise awareness for suicide prevention. LIVIN utilise innovative approaches to remaining relatable to the younger generation through apparel, social media and profiles to change the way society understands, perceives and interprets mental illness. The core of LIVIN’s mission is the mantra “It Ain’t Weak to Speak”, to encourage and inspire people to speak up and seek help. Education is the forms the heart of what we do so that we can influence generational change through a fresh new approach to mental health.
Staffies United Rescue
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Assisting in rehoming English and American Staffies.
Providing education and assistance to the community and creating a positive reputation for the breed.
Working with other rescue groups to provide a safe environment for pets.
Australian Veterans' Children Assistance Trust Limited
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World Hope Australia Overseas Aid Fund
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At World Hope International, we take a holistic approach to tackling poverty. We partner with local communities to determine the most sustainable, grassroots solutions to injustice and oppression, with the ultimate goal of transferring ownership of all development initiatives to the community. Through these partnerships, we are committed to reflecting Christ's compassion for all who suffer by providing:

Clean water for those who thirst
Opportunity for entrepreneurs
Education to those without
Freedom to survivors of slavery
Food security for the hungry
Emergency aid to those in need
Health support for the sick and vulnerable

The needs present in today's world are complex and deeply interconnected. Our program areas complement one another and act as a comprehensive response to poverty. Students who are drinking clean water stay in school longer. Further education leads to better job opportunities. Stable families are less vulnerable to traffickers’ lies. Children who are free from slavery grow up with opportunity, dignity and hope. Those with access to clean water live healthier, more productive lives. The upward cycle continues.
NSW Bull Terrier Rescue Inc
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We give hope, love and Fambullies to Bull Terriers in crisis!

NSW Bull Terrier Rescue Inc is a Registered Charity dedicated to making the lives of Bull Terriers in NSW & QLD better. We believe a house isn't a home unless its filled with a four legged, waggy tailed friend.

We rely on the generosity of people like you to help us make a difference in the lives of surrendered, abandoned and neglected Bull Terriers.

All help is greatly appreciated, whether that's becoming a foster carer, adopting, or donating, every little bit helps. 

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and as adoption fees rarely cover the cost of rescuing these beauties, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to continue to do our work.

NSW Bull Terrier Rescue Inc is a Registered Charity in NSW and Qld.
Victorian Bull Terrier Rescue Inc
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VBTR is a non-profit, volunteer run organisation in, but not exclusive to, Victoria Australia.

We are dedicated to rescuing bull terriers left homeless for whatever reason. We strive to work with area shelters and other rescue and humane organisations to develop a network of supporters and volunteers in order to create a better world for homeless bully’s.

We place dogs in loving, responsible, committed permanent homes, following a comprehensive adoption/fostering process which includes taking considerable care in finding good matches and educating prospective adopters about the responsibilities and costs of bringing a bull terrier into their homes and lives.

100% of all money donated and raised for our organisation goes to the dogs. We are a completely volunteer run organisation.
Working Breed Rehab
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Working Breed Rehab (WBR) is a rescue group focusing on the working breeds – Cattle dogs, Kelpies, Border collies, Koolies, Maremmas, Shetland Sheepdogs, Aussie Shepherds and their crosses. At WBR, we work hard to ensure the dogs we rehome not only go to great homes, but each dog is the best possible match for its new family
Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Zaidee Rose Alexander Turner – aged 7 years and 22 days died suddenly on 2nd December 2004 from a burst blood vessel in her brain called a Cerebral Aneurism. Zaidee’s parents, Kim and Allan, founded Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation not long after.
At the time of Zaidee’s death the Turner family had been registered Organ and Tissue Donors for 5 years. As a result Zaidee donated her organs and tissues at the Royal Children’s Hospital, as were her wishes at the time.
Zaidee’s gifts help save or improve the lives of 7 people.
Zaidee was the only child in Victoria under the age of 16 years and we have been told one of the youngest Australians to donate her organs and tissues in 2004. She was only 1 of 6 children nationally to donate their organs in 2004.
Zaidee’s Story is directed towards both children and adults so they can think about others who are waiting for a life saving operation and a suitable match for an organ or tissue. Think about giving this gift to others so they can live a better life and in some cases, have a second chance at life.
Australian Society for Kangaroos Inc
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North East Animal Sanctuary Tasmania Inc
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
North East Animal Sanctuary Tasmania is a non profit organization that is made up of a small group of like-minded animal lovers who have identified a gap in the animal welfare section within North East Tasmania, and have come together to rescue and re-home domestic pets in need. We will also strive to educate owners and potential owners on animal health and maintenance and aim to reduce the number of unwanted litters within the area via education and a strict in house policy on neutering.

Long term we would also like to implement programs that can help people keep their pets, whether it's to secure their yard better, training for their animal or to help them find the right help if they are in difficult family situations
Mini's Bulldog Rescue Club
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Mini’s Bulldog Rescue Club (ABN 85 245 910 521) is a registered charity and operates 100% not-for-profit to help bulldogs in need across Australia. We are a small team of volunteers dedicated to helping bulldogs whilst juggling our (paid) work, family & personal commitments.

Our first priority is to assist bulldogs in need of rescue. They may be located in a pound, or in a risky situation and surrendered urgently. Once a suitable foster carer has been found, rescue bulldogs will be cared for in the foster carer’s home, just like they would their own dog. MBRC will provide the necessary medical and behavioural support to get the rescue bulldog ready to be adopted to a new home. MBRC will also provide support to families who need to find a new home for their bulldog. These are known as an ‘assisted adoption’ where we match the bulldog up with a new family.

MBRC relies on the generosity of foster carers and donations from the community in order to help the bulldogs in need.
Donations of $2+ to Mini’s Bulldog Rescue Club are tax deductible and there are 2 easy ways to donate:
* PayPayl
* WESTPAC BSB: 032-051 ACC: 806473
Fauna Rescue Of South Australia Inc
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
When you find native wildlife needing help in South Australia, who do you call? Fauna Rescue SA is an independent, not-for-profit organisation providing native wildlife rescue and rehabilitation services. We operate three 24-Hour Wildlife Rescue Hotlines and the only specialist Koala Rescue Unit in SA. Our highly skilled and experienced teams of wildlife specialists are all volunteers. We receive no government funding. In the past 30 years Fauna Rescue SA has grown to become the largest wildlife welfare organisation in SA - the responsibility is huge and the financial burden greater.

Rescued wildlife need specialist care. In most cases our volunteers are trained, experienced and accredited to treat them. In others we rely on support from a network of veterinary clinics across Adelaide who mostly provide us with low or no cost services. Post initial treatment these animals almost always require rehabilitation prior to release. If not for Fauna Rescue SA over 7000 sick, injured or orphaned wild animals such as koalas would simply have nowhere to go for the specialist care they require.

Funds raised will help with ongoing costs such as specialist rescue equipment, medication, some veterinary services, feed, and wildlife enclosures. Fauna Rescue SA is a registered charity with deductible gift recipient status for personal donations over $2.

Thank you for helping us save South Australia's native wildlife
Wollongong Emergency Family Housing
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Wollongong Homeless Hub, a specialist homelessness service that provides support, information, referral and advocacy to homeless people or those at risk of homelessness.

Our target groups varies from those living rough on the streets, parent/s sleeping in cars with their children, those suffering from long term mental illnesses, young and old people suffering from the long term effects of drug and alcohol use, those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders, women or men with children escaping domestic violence.

The Wollongong Homeless Hub is such an integral part of our greater community. We are a multi-service facility where a range of local community service officers are available to support and mentor the homeless. We provide shower and laundry facilities, storage bins and daily breakfast to further support the homeless. We provide an Internet Hub for clients to search and apply for properties.
V360 Australia Ltd
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
V360 Australia Ltd is a veteran centric charity that provides a first responder model of assertive outreach nationwide. When we receive a report of a veteran sleeping rough or otherwise experiencing homelessness we immediately despatch to them. We provide expert assistance in medical and mental health referral, immediate accommodation and work with the veteran to source and place them into permanent affordable accommodation. We work closely with DVA and various other stakeholders to ensure the veterans we encounter are supported throughout their transition. We also operate one three bedroom house for medium to long term accommodation and manage another three bedroom home for crisis and emergency accommodation in Perth.
Tiny Tails Rescue Adelaide Inc
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Tiny Tails Rescue Adelaide Incorporated is a not for profit rescue run by dedicated volunteers helping rescue unwanted dogs & cats and giving them a second chance.
Before being adopted all dogs & cats have vet work completed and are cared for in the loving homes of our foster carers.
While in foster care, they get to experience the comforts of a family environment and are taught how to be a well behaved and loving pet.
Once ready for adoption, we look for the best and most suitable home for every dog and cat in our care.

This current kitten season we have already been inundated with abandoned kittens and our dedicated vollies are undertaking 2, 4 and 6 hourly round the clock bottle feeds. A true labour of love. We rely heavily on donations and need funding assistance to purchase kitten supplement milk, kitten and food and kitty litter.

Dogs that come into our care often require medical and dental treatment all of which can be costly. ALL money raised at events is used solely for the purpose of veterinary expenses to give every animal a second chance.

To contact us via email at
Melbourne City Mission
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Melbourne City Mission is one of Victoria’s oldest and largest community services organisations, with a broad service platform encompassing early years, education and employment, homelessness and justice services, early childhood intervention, disability and palliative care services.

Melbourne City Mission Melbourne City Mission walks alongside our clients, providing services and support that you choose and control. To them, we're a friendly, capable and respectful partner. And we want to see them achieve the safe, independent and empowered life you desire.
Darwin Animal Rescue Group Incorporated
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
The animals we rescue are in all manner of conditions (unwanted, abandoned/dumped, abused, mistreated, malnourished, starved, injured, sick, old, orphaned, newly born, pregnant)and we provide vet care, love and comfort to assist with recovery and rebuilding trust with the aim of rehoming. If quality of life cannot be assured then we enlist the aid of vets to help end their suffering, holding them and telling them they are loved to the very end. The work that we do is vital in our community, and we are often called upon by government departments, police fire and emergency, and non government organisations and charities to assist with animals in need. We are self funded so we have full time work in order to provide this money. As we are a no kill shelter, we are always full, and we are always struggling for funding, every cent goes back into the animals and we are transparent in our spending. Any assistance is urgently needed and greatly appreciated.
Chally animal rescue Bendigo
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
This rescue is run by myself and a small group of foster carers we rescue all animals big or small I work full time to fund the rescue we rescue and rehome the forgotten ones the pounds that are rural and remote
Foodbank WA
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Foodbank WA help feed over 53,000 people every month, 22,000 of whom are children. In 2016 Foodbank provided 2.8 million kilos, which equates to over 100,000 meals a day. Hunger is a hidden crisis in Australia with over two million Australians, 1 in 6 seeking hunger relief at some point each year. Half of those in need are children. The annual Foodbank Hunger Report highlights that it’s not just the homeless and unemployed who are doing it tough but 74% of those in need are low income families including single parents. Also at risk are the elderly, people with a disability, refugees and people of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander descent.

While we have the scale and size to effectively fight hunger throughout the state, our Foodbank Hunger Report 2016 shows that there are at least 7,000 people who are being turned away every month due to the lack of available food. The need to bridge this gap becomes more compelling when you consider the benefits of ensuring every Australian has enough to eat. According to a recent Foodbank Hunger Report the return on our services include addressing immediate nutrition needs but also contributing to improvements in health, emotional wellbeing, sense of self-worth, social relationships and ultimately overall standard of living.

It’s clear that every meal provides people with more than just a full stomach today. It helps them and the community in which they live to achieve a brighter future. This is why we need your help. Join us in the fight to end hunger.

Cystic Fibrosis Queensland Limited
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a degenerative condition that affects the lungs and digestive system. Just to survive, people living with cystic fibrosis endure a daily regimen of medication and physiotherapy. The average life expectancy for Australians with Cystic Fibrosis is 37 years. The prevalence of Cystic Fibrosis in Australia is the same as childhood leukaemia. The difference is that over 95% of children with leukaemia will be cured. There is still no cure for Cystic Fibrosis.
Cystic Fibrosis Queensland is a not-for-profit organisation. In conjunction with other CF state and territory organisations, as well as Cystic Fibrosis Australia, Cystic Fibrosis Queensland advocates for those with CF, for research and clinical improvement programs. When you are living with Cystic Fibrosis, every day matters. The money we receive as an organisation goes directly to providing essential services and support which fellow Queenslanders need just to survive. Our organisation receives less than 13% of our funding from Government. We rely heavily on the development of corporate partnerships and community fundraising initiatives.
Donations help make lives just a little easier for people living with CF.
Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Each year the community's own Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service is on standby 24 hours a day to help save lives throughout Northern NSW. While the sound of the Rescue Helicopter’s beating blades is a welcome one for those in critical need, the next patient we fly could be someone close to you. Every contribution helps to ensure that no one ever pays to be assisted.
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Little Oak Sanctuary Incorporated
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Little Oak Sanctuary is home to around 100 farmed animals who have come to us as abused, abandoned, neglected or orphaned individuals seeking refuge.
Cystic Fibrosis New South Wales
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
At Cystic Fibrosis (CF) NSW we have a vision of people living lives unaffected by CF. A mission to improve the quality of life for people with CF and their carers, and a goal to provide support services, education and research that will help people with CF. Please join our Giving Circle and help us continue our vital work.
E4WSA, Essentials 4 Women SA
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
For disadvantaged women, Essentials 4 Women SA aim to provide the basic, but costly, items for feminine hygiene including sanitary products and underwear. Our passion for helping women promises to help empower and enhance the wellbeing and dignity for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

People should donate to our charity because we are the only one who provides this service to women in need in SA. Prior to our establishment women and girls simply went without.
Northern Beaches Business Education Network Incorporated
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes

Some had an easier journey than others. Some had family, some had friends but for some there is no one.

The BEN supports all young people to reach their full potential and create a better future. Through education, links to business, mentors, case management and events, we are able to connect young people to the support they need to be great.

Invest in YOUR future and vote for us!
Help support our future - young people, future workforce, future parents and future leaders!
Fresh Start Rescue Incorporated
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Fresh Start Rescue is a South East Queensland based non-profit organisation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of dogs and cats in need.

We are run solely by incredible volunteers and foster carers, hence we have no shelter. All of our rescue animals (aka "Freshies") live with loving foster families until their forever homes are found.

All "Freshies" have a full health check and vet work completed before adoption. This includes: spay/neuter, microchip, vaccination, heart worm test and treatment and internal and external parasite treatments whilst in foster care. This is included in the adoption fee, meaning you save money by adopting a rescue animal.

Fresh Start Rescue Incorporated receives NO funding and relies on donations from our generous volunteers and supporters. We are now a Registered Chairty so your donations over $2.00 are tax deductable!
Asperger Services Australia
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Asperger Services Australia Ltd is a volunteer organisation established in 1995 located on the north side of Brisbane. We support families and individuals who live with Asperger's Syndrome. It's life long condition falling under the umbrella of Autism. In 2012 we opened the first Asperger Centre in Australia and are running groups for children (5-10), a Youth (high school students), Adult self-help discussion group/Adult social and a craft group. We offer free information to families and individuals. Maintain a large lending resource library and provide clinical and non-clinical services. Our 5 psychologists can diagnose and support you and your family at a reasonable cost, well below city prices. An occupational therapist will compliment the support.
With the NDIS being rolled out in Queensland in 2019, our very very small funding we received from the State Government is going to come to an end. There are many families who will not be able to participate in the NDIS and experience financial stress. These families have the same rights to get support and the Asperger Centre will do that. Having said all that, we need your charity dollar to the larger organisations to be redirected to small charities like the Asperger Centre. Autism ration in Australia is currently 1:68 so you would have come across someone with Autism/Asperger within your family or friends circle.
Rescue Hub
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
We rescue the hardest cases from Hawkesbury pound, the ones other rescues pass over. Dogs with behavioural issues who require training and rehabilitation or dogs with medical issues that deter people from adopting them. We believe that every dog deserves a chance to be the best it can be.
Oxfam Australia
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
One person in three in the world lives in poverty. Oxfam is determined to change that world by mobilising the power of people against poverty.

Around the globe, Oxfam works to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. We save lives and help rebuild livelihoods when crisis strikes. And we campaign so that the voices of the poor influence the local and global decisions that affect them.

In all we do, Oxfam works with partner organisations and alongside vulnerable women and men to end the injustices that cause poverty.
StreetMed Incorporated
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Epilepsy Association Of Western Australia (Inc)
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Your donation will assist us in significantly improving outcomes for people living with epilepsy throughout Western Australia.

We are doing this by:

Coordinating a network of support groups throughout the state
Organising much needed information seminars for our community on topics of interest
Providing accessible resources, and
Increasing community awareness of the condition.

Epilepsy is a chronic disorder suffered by over 24,000 West Australians and can present many challenges to those living with the condition.
Wildlife Rescue South Coast Incorporated
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Our dedicated volunteers operate a 24/7 telephone rescue hotline, where anyone can report injured, sick or orphaned wildlife. Trained volunteers provide assistance to anyone with an injured possum, wallaby, flying fox, wombat, bird, snake or other native animal.

Many of the animals which we have in care at the moment are victims of human types of impact. With the recent holiday season and many holiday tourists, we have seen massive increases in animals injured by motor vehicles. Whilst the injuries to the adults are often too sever to be rehabilitated, we frequently find a baby or juvenile which can be saved.

baby possums, wombats, flying foxes and many more. Some stay with use for quite some time and their needs can be quite demanding. Our volunteers are really under a lot of pressure right now.
Coopers Animal Refuge
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
We are a non funded organisation that rescues and rejabilitates injured and orphaned wildlife.. it cost between $800-$1000 a firnight to feed and look after these animals. Everything comes out of our own pockets...
Mandurah Volunteer Dolphin Rescue Group ( Sponsored by Peel Preservation Group Inc)
#348 of 656 Charities with 3 votes
Mandurah WA. has vast amounts of very shallow water and over 60 dolphins have needed rescuing but there is no specialised dolphin rescue equipment held in this town! We must wait for equipment to come from Perth or further during which time the animal can suffer.
It's time Mandurah has proper rescue equipment ready to go to help save these amazing animals! Your donation or vote will help save a dolphin.
Yasminah's Gift Of Hope
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
Birth for HumanKIND Limited
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
Wombat Protection Society Of Australia Limited
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
The Society...
* offers education and advice for farmers and other members of the public co-existing with wombats on their land
* accepts injured and orphaned animals needing care and rehabilitation
* offers treatment and prevention advice and kits for wombats suffering with Mange
* has a safe release sites
* offers site inspections and public talks
* stocks emergency supplies for wombats
* conducts wombat watching tours
* supports people disturbed by the mistreatment of wombats
* fights for the protection and respect that wombats deserve as a vital part of the Australian eco-system!
The Orange Pigeon
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
The Orange Pigeon is a unique and special organisation and a symbol of hope, care and compassion for adults 18 years and older who have life threatening or terminal illnesses by granting them a wish or providing them with a simple comfort in their lives, giving moments of happiness and distraction away from their illness to help lift their spirits. The only adult wish granting organisation of its type in Australia.

The Orange Pigeon strives to create unique and unforgettable wishes or comforts that are tailored to the needs of each recipient. We aim to meet and, wherever possible, exceed their expectations, making the experience truly special and memorable. Every wish or comfort aims to provide recipients and their loved ones with a break from the realities of their diagnosis and treatment. At a time of uncertainty, spending quality time with family and friends or doing something they have always dreamed of can help restore a sense of normality, boost confidence and create precious memories for the future.

The Orange Pigeon is a non-profit Incorporated Association and holds a DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) endorsement with the Australian Taxation Department.
Surfers Paradise Anglican Crisis Care Inc
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
We are a hub for many Government and private community support groups, such as the Homeless Health Outreach Team, Gold Coast Homelessness Hub, Ashmore Community Mental Health, Centrelink, Gold Coast Primary Health Network, Gold Coast Homeless Youth Services, Gideon’s Bible Society, English Teaching Classes, and Narcotics and Crystal Meth Anonymous groups.
We provide hot meals including dessert five days a week and a hot breakfast every Saturday including complementary sandwiches, fruit and snacks and hot and cold beverages; emergency relief assistance 5 days a week, which includes supplying food hampers, clothing, swags, food vouchers; financial assistance for many miscellaneous items such as phone bills, prescription scripts, schooling needs, travel cards and other extreme hardships. We also provide multi-support for those seeking refuge from domestic-family violence, with crisis counselling, legal and other referral, assistance with accommodation and relocation, provision and delivery of food, clothing, toiletries, toys, white goods and furniture.

Weekly services are provided: GP referral, Podiatry, Social Worker and Tertiary student facilitation, Counselling, Financial advice/budgeting, Centrelink access, Men’s Barber and Women’s Hairdresser, Beautician and JP. Free access to laundry, shower and toilet facilities with weekly addition of Orange Sky Mobile Laundry services, free access to Wi-Fi.
The Restore
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
Western Chances
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
Western Chances rely on your donations to provide much needed support to young people in Melbourne's west. Western Chances assists motivated young people in Melbourne’s west to realise their potential by providing scholarships, opportunity programs and ongoing support.

Our scholarships provide funding for small items that have a big impact. Things like textbooks and tuition fees, laptops and internet access, maths calculators and MYKI cards. Our recipients face barriers that often result in an inability to purchase these essential items.

What we also give our young people is a sense of self-belief. One of the keys to our success is the ability to promote self-confidence, esteem, motivation and pride, ‘suggesting that a scholarship involves more than simply disbursing money.’ We’re so proud of the young people we’ve supported and continue to support, and the momentum we’ve achieved in just over a decade.

“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to renew my scholarship. I recently received a fully paid MYKI without which there would be no possible way for me to travel to school. In essence, without Western Chances I wouldn’t be able to continue with my high school education and complete Year 12 this year,” Western Chances Scholarship Recipient
Squishies Flat Faced Animal Rescue Incorporated
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
In 2011, Paw Prints Private Rescue began as a small all breeds cat and dog rescue group in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Squishies Flat Faced Cat Rescue was founded in 2012, to give flat faced cats all the special care they need and to find them homes that understand the commitment they require. After 4 years of running Paw Prints and Squishies Cat Rescue side by side, we have now merged the two groups creating Squishies Flat Faced Animal Rescue Incorporated. As a result of the hundreds and hundreds of animals we have taken in over the past 7 years, we have an outstanding vet bill at Maroondah Vet Clinic of over $25,000. As hard as we try to reduce this enormous bill, with animals still coming into care, we just cannot find the money to continue to save lives and pay off the debts of the hundreds of animals that are now living happily ever after in their forever homes.
The Gap on Graham Inc
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
The GAP on Graham Inc is a not-for-profit organisation that has been established for the youth of Melton.
Our target age group ranges from twelve to twenty five year olds. Our primary aims are to provide a safe venue that engourages young people to engage in positive recreation, reduce crime, harm prevention, foster community relationships and build social cohesion.
Telethon Kids Institute
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
The Telethon Kids Institute's vision is to improve the health and wellbeing of children through excellence in research.
We want every child to have the very best opportunity to enjoy a happy and healthy childhood.

Our team of almost 600 dedicated researchers and support staff are passionate about discovering causes, cures and treatments for the illnesses and diseases that target our kids and young people. With top scientific minds and facilities, a reputation for being at the forefront of global child health research and a track record to prove it, Telethon Kids is world-class.
Yet we know that our work is even stronger when we work together. We are committed to collaboration.

Through your generosity, the impact of Telethon Kids can be felt around the world – through research that uncovers how and why kids get sick and ways to make them better; through the translation of research into better policies, programs, services and treatments to tackle the complex challenges facing kids and families today; and through training the next generation of child health researchers.

We're working hard to save and improve the lives of children, though we can’t do it alone.
International Fund For Animal Welfare (Australia) Pty Ltd
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Humpty Dumpty Foundation
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
The Humpty Dumpty Foundation is a children's charity that, for more than 27 years has been purchasing essential and often life-saving medical equipment for sick and injured children in paediatric, neonatal, maternity, emergency and intensive care units in over 300 hospitals across Australia.

Donors can select a particular piece of medical equipment to purchase from Humpty's unique "wish list" This piece of equipment is then delivered to the hospital the donor has selected and will bear a sticker for its life-span (10-15 years) "generously donated by XX" This provides an almost instant tangible result of each donation and recognition of the donor to all who use the equipment.

Humpty organises a visit to the hospital so that the donor can see their piece and hear first hand, the difference they have made.
Karma's Place rescue
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Karma's Place Rescue Inc is a small, non profit, volunteer organisation, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re homing of animals in need. We aim to provide quality care to each animal, regardless of age, disability or breed. We pride ourselves on having a strong moral and ethical foundation and being compassionate in our dealings with both people and animals. We aim to help orphaned, aged, abused, neglected and unwanted pets. Our mission is to find each pet a loving forever home based on their individual needs, regardless of how long it takes. All pets in our care will be flea and worm treated, vaccinated, desexed and microchiped before rehoming. We receive no government funding so rely solely on donations and fundraising activities. We aim to encourage responsible pet ownership by promoting desexing, microchiping and health care in our local community.
Whitelion Inc
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Whitelion is a not for profit community organisation that has been supporting highly vulnerable young people in the community for more than sixteen years. Whitelion opens doors to opportunities for youth at risk aged 10-24, with specialist youth outreach services including case management, housing, mentoring, education and employment programs. By connecting these young people back to their community, Whitelion provides our young people with practical and effective supports that enable them to make positive choices in their lives. The young people that Whitelion supports have seldom had positive influences in their lives; many come from backgrounds that are characterised by multi-generational disadvantage, unemployment, substance abuse and offending behaviour. These young people require consistent, practical and intensive support to break the cycle of disadvantage and reach their full potential. Whitelion delivers integrated programs & practice approaches that go to the heart of addressing youth disadvantage. Today with a service footprint across NSW, Vic, Tas, SA and WA Australia, Whitelion provides support to over 2,000 at risk and disadvantaged young people at any given time.
Ruby Benjamin Animal Foundation inc
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Pugs SOS
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Welcome to Pugs SOS - a rescue organisation.
Pugs SOS was started by a registered breeder, who wants to protect her breed and is dedicated to keeping pugs out of puppy farms and backyard breeding operations. Please be aware that we also take in Boston terriers and Pekingese.
Friends Of The Hound Inc
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Thousands of Greyhounds are farmed and killed in Australia every year for a commercial racing and gambling industry. Friends of the Hound is dedicated to saving Greyhounds and finding homes for as many as possible as pets and family companions. Our non-profit, volunteer rescue group works tirelessly to help Greyhounds and to spread awareness about their plight, and needs your support. Please give so Greyhounds can live.
Greyhound Rehoming Association NT Inc
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Guinea Pig rescue and Rehoming Adelaide
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STAR - Stitchers for Tamborine Animal Rescues
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STAR Stitchers is a group of volunteers who meet regularly to sew pouches and other supplies for wildlife carers around Australia. To date we have donated more than 3000 items to assist in the care of orphaned and injured wildlife. We are a 100% not-for-profit, registered charity and rely on the kindness and generosity of the public to fund our work. Your donation will directly help Australian wildlife.
One Voice For Aussie Youth LTD
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One Voice is a not-for-profit community organisation that assists people experiencing homelessness by providing our unique Mobile Shower Services in Melbourne and Sydney, and by creating community on the streets through our Love Out Loud and Hand UP not a Hand Out philosophy.

Our Mobile Shower Services are not just a service but also a place that anyone experiencing homelessness can receive access to free clothing, hygiene products, haircuts and most importantly, it helps to restore ones dignity.

We have just launched a Life Restoration Housing Community in Melbourne that will provide a safe place for homeless youth to develop new skills, help restore their lives and ultimately provide a platform to achieve their dreams.
Top End Rehoming Group Incorporated
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We are a small dedicated group of volunteers that rescue and rehome abandoned and unwanted animals in Darwin and the rest of the NT. We work closely with the local pounds and vet clinics to help home strays and those that find themselves lost and unwanted. We often take in hard cases, for example brain damage, injuries and animals that are very poor condition that need vet treatment, time and TLC to be ready to find their forever homes. We provide desexing programs for those that can't afford to desex their pets and education to pet owners.
Stafford Rescue Victoria Org
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Stafford Rescue Victoria was started with the intent to establish a central point of contact for those who had lost or found a Stafford. Unfortunately this service is fast becoming one of the most used. Today our aim is:

*To promote the welfare of unwanted and destitute pure bred Staffords regardless of age if the quality of life is still good.
*To raise funds towards this aim. To maintain funds for SRV.
*To operate an adoption scheme for the protection of these dogs and to provide a happy and secure home.

With the increasing popularity of the breed more Staffords are ending up in shelters or unwanted pets. In some cases the ‘Staffy’ has become the fashion accessory of youth.
For some it’s a fleeting encounter as they are faced with the needs of an energetic dog that quickly becomes too demanding on their time. It’s a fact that Staffordshire Bull Terriers need to be ‘Part of the Family’. They simply cannot be left in the backyard.

With a deep knowledge for the breed the current rescue co-coordinators are Jan Hutton & Linda Szirer, along with several other volunteers.
There is no ‘used- by date’ placed on SRV Staffords, they are cared for and loved as long as needed until a suitable ‘Forever Home’ is found.
The Umbrella Foundation Australia
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The Umbrella Foundation Australia (TUFA) is a family-first, children’s charity working to relieve the impact of trafficking and poverty on the children of Nepal through projects which promote education, reintegration and community development. TUFA are currently working on projects which include building a school in the earthquake damaged district of Sindhupalchowk, establishing school health and hygiene education programs and supporting a Day's For Girls enterprise team in Kathmandu which is giving dignity and health to girls and women living in poverty.
TUFA have an association with the Australian Charity 'Centre For Hope' and through fundraising efforts also support vulnerable Australian youth.

The team at TUFA currently need your support to assist us with our projects. TUFA is run by volunteers with 100% of all funds going directly to the programs in Nepal and Australia. All projects are run from a bottom up prospective, giving communities in Nepal sustainability, ownership and sense of value.
Hope for Buns
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Hope for buns is a small rabbit rescue located in Traralgon, we aim to help as many rabbits in need as we can.
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SurfAid is a humanitarian aid organisation that works with some of the most isolated and vulnerable communities in Indonesia to improve access to clean water, basic health care, and improved nutrition outcomes. SurfAid works together with government and communities across 50 villages in Nias,The Mentawai Islands, Sumba and Sumbawa. The organisation rose to prominence for its emergency response efforts after a series of tsunamis where SurfAid was the only organisation able to respond. SurfAid has been recognised by the Australian, New Zealand, and Indonesia governments as well as the U.N. for its work.
Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women's Shelter Incorporated
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The Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women’s Shelter provides temporary supported accommodation for women who are victim of domestic violence and/or homelessness. We provide a safe, non-threatening environment for women that will assist them through their emotional and physical crisis. Our Board also works with local, state and federal politicians to bring about policy change.

The shelter receives no government funding and is entirely dependent on donations. Every dollar received benefits the shelter directly. Our board and supporting committees consist of dedicated, unpaid volunteers. We aim to keep running cost to the absolute minimum, but keeping the shelter open is a costly affair though. Without boring you with the details, it costs $109 per day to house and feed one woman.
Team Tigger
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Team Tigger (TT) came into being in 2015 when Tigger, a senior rescue Staffordshire bull terrier, in foster care was in danger of losing his leg.
A close network of dog lovers came together to raise the funds required to save his leg under the auspices of a couple of rescue groups that TT volunteers were involved with.
Hence Team Tigger was born.
Save a Soul Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation
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We are a strictly no kill animal rescue that give our 100% to save lives and rehabilitate them because we beliebe every life matters and deserves a second chance
Hunter Valley Brumby Association
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The Hunter Valley Brumby Association is dedicated to the promotion, protection, rescue and rehoming of Brumbies that are passively trapped by NPWS to save them from slaughter. The HVBA also advocates on their behalf to ensure Brumbies are treated humanely at all times and we provide education and promotion to the public to raise awareness of the major problems our wild horses face by our Government. Our Hunter Valley Brumby Sanctuary provides refuge for our Brumbies while in care, especially mares that are generally trapped while pregnant and also for some Brumbies that cannot be rehomed. But for those that can be rehomed, the HVBA finds those Brumbies wonderful forever homes where they are adored by their new families. Despite our Brumbies coming from Government land, eg Kosciuszko National Park, we do not receive any Government funding and rely solely on donations.
Australian Anti Ice Campaign
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AAIC (Australian Anti Ice Campaign) are Educating and Raising Awareness of the dangers associated with the drug ICE, which is currently a growing epidemic in our nation.
We are inviting the community to unite with us in this campaign to “Put the Freeze on ICE” in your community.
AAIC have a proven role model program that has been implemented in over 8 states in the USA with outstanding results decreasing ICE/Meth use in over 8 states in the USA by 80 per cent.
Drug Free Kids have partnered with AAIC to help us implement this program nationally within Australia.
AAIC has a National Education program to deliver into High schools across Australia. Along side this we will be holding Community Forums to inform our nation of the dangers associated with ICE use. We have commercials, social media adverts and billboards ready to saturate our nation warning them about this highly addictive and destructive drug ICE.
Consider what AAIC can bring to your community. What are you doing about our national ICE issue? Have you educated your loved ones against this highly destructive and debilitating drug? The truth is ICE is taking lives daily... killing, stealing and destroying families and communities nationally. We encourage Australia to join us in the fight against ICE. us educate more kids on the dangers of ICE
27 youth a DAY are becoming dependant on ICE - the end result for ice addicts is JAIL, MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES OR DEATH
Only 2 percent of ice addicts actually recover from ICE addiction - help us educate our youth
Please help us warn our kids around Australia today before its too late -

All profits go to materials and equipment used to PUT a FREEZE on ICE
Cathy Freeman Foundation
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
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Today in Australia, Indigenous children are twice as likely to be developmentally vulnerable as non-Indigenous children. The vision of the Cathy Freeman Foundation has always been ambitious but simple: An Australia where Indigenous and non-Indigenous children have the same education standards and opportunities in life. Every year the Cathy Freeman Foundation provides education programs to thousands of Indigenous children across Australia to help improve attendance, confidence and goal-setting skills.

The success of our programs speaks for themselves. For example, in 2016 one of our wonderful partner schools, Xavier Catholic School in Wurrumiyanga NT, is finishing the year with a 400% increase in Year 12 graduates compared to the year before.

But we need your help to keep these positive trends going. By supporting the Cathy Freeman Foundation, every dollar you donate helps us to close the education gap once and for all and help Indigenous children build bright futures.

Holy Fools Inc
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
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HOLY FOOLS is an independent, grassroots, not-for-profit charity focusing on the Yarra Ranges offering Hope, unconditional Love, and Grace to individuals and families experiencing disadvantage, homelessness, addiction, mental illness and isolation. A catalyst for social change, HOLY FOOLS seeks to form transformative relationships fostering positive change both in the lives of individuals, as well as the broader community.
Operation Smile Australia
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Operation Smile is a children’s medical charity that has provided hundreds of thousands of free surgeries for children and young adults in developing countries who are born with cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformities.

To build long-term self-sufficiency in resource poor environments, Operation Smile trains doctors and local medical professionals in its partner countries so they are empowered to treat their local communities. Operation Smile also donates medical equipment, supplies and provides year-round medical treatment through its worldwide centres.

Every three minutes a child is born with a cleft. Children with clefts who survive will have difficulty eating, speaking, hearing or breathing properly. In some places, they are shunned and rejected.
Native ARC
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
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Native ARC receives no government funding and relies on donations from the public to keep its doors open. The Centre admits in excess of 3000 sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife every year. The Centre provides the only 24 hour phone service for wildlife in Western Australia and admits all wildlife species including birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians. As well as rehabilitating wildlife, the Centre provides education and training to primary, secondary and tertiary schools with strong emphasis on conservation, biodiversity and sustainability. In addition, the Centre provides an opportunity for more than 250 volunteers wanting to work with wildlife and a volunteer program for people with disabilities.
Fernlea House Inc
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Fernlea House is a not-for-profit community organisation providing care for people with life limiting illnesses, chronic conditions and dementia. Our funding is limited, in fact, we receive no funding at all to care for people under 65. We therefore rely on the generosity of donors to continue this important and necessary work. Located in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, Fernlea House is a pretty country cottage where we provide day respite for our “Guests” so their carers can have some time for themselves. Nursing staff are supported by our trained volunteers, who provide lots of fun, interesting activities and really pamper and spoil our “guests”.
Furkids Animal Rescue
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
We are a self funded QLD based animal rescue that survives on public donations and fundraising to keep saving lives.
We have saved nearly 1000 animals in 3 years and this number continues to grow unfortunately quicker than we can help.
$5,000 would go towards the purchase of a vehicle that we can use for transporting animals, collecting physical donations, food donations and vet trips where we have multiple animals being seen on any one day.
Or, $5,000 could desex 40 male puppies or 30 female puppies. Or it could microchip 200 animals.
Without the help from our supporters and donations such as this, we have minimal resources and rely on the Committee and Volunteers for many things that can only be sustained for so long.
We spend hours at fundraisers to raise $300.......... It's not the most efficient way to raise funds, but we do what we have to do.
We also pride ourselves in educating the public on many aspects of animal welfare, health, diet, training and many other topics.
$5,000 is an awesome amount of money and we could only be so lucky as to be the recipient.
Shining Stars Foundation
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
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Shining Stars Foundation is a charity providing a mobile outreach service to help rough sleepers and people less fortunate. Our aim is to make a difference providing blankets, clothing, meals, daily hygiene and daily living needs with a focus on social or public welfare providing connections to multiple service in the Macarthur and Sydney region
Bobby Goldsmith Foundation
#394 of 656 Charities with 2 votes
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Bobby Goldsmith Foundation (BGF) is Australia’s longest-running HIV charity. Founded in 1984, BGF undertakes a range of support and interventions that address key determinants of poor health outcomes for people living with HIV (PLHIV) – ie long-term social and economic poverty.

BGF provides direct financial and practical assistance, emotional support, financial counselling, housing, study and employment support to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people living with HIV in New South Wales. From January 2016, BGF will extend financial assistance for health related issues to PLHIV on low incomes in South Australia.

Working holistically with clients to limit the challenging circumstances that are often detrimental to physical and emotional well-being: BGF has provided care and support to thousands of PLHIV and operate a range of programs and services to address issues of social isolation, stigma, medication adherence and positive healthy living.
Project KIN
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Project KIN is a registered charity with a mission to empower, educate and equip underprivileged communities. Their vision is a world where all children feel loved, valued and have the opportunity to play and learn.

Project KIN distribute Play & Learn packs which contain a backpack, a handmade doll, a beautifully illustrated storybook and an activity kit. Project KIN have partnered with aid organisations to deliver these packs to kids in need. These dolls are made with a purpose - to be a friend to a child who may be living in disadvantage, poverty, loneliness, abandonment and sadness.

Their goal is to gift 200 packs to kids in need. Sponsor a pack to help them reach their goal of #200for200 in 2017!
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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With a focus on farmed animals - we aim to help spread the word for animals needing rescue via temporary or permanent placement into new homes, or when needed, rescue and rehab of farm animal in need at our property called Kookaburra - home of "Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary".

To support West Australian rescue groups in their advertising efforts to bring awareness to the general community about the plight of surrendered/abused/exploited animals.

To raise community awareness about the connection between lifestyle choices and the direct detrimental impact these choices have on the quality of life for animals.

To educate that consumer choices have the power to change industry and thus encourage a more compassionate interaction with animals, and to embrace green living and healthful lifestyle choices.

Compassion and harmony, it's a lovely concept.
Tiki Animal Rescue
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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Tiki Animal Rescue is a not for profit organisation that dedicates the necessities to animals in need and finds them safe, and loving forever homes.
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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We desex low-income people's pets for free! We pay the entire cost to desex cats and dogs of low-income earners helping to end the cycle of animal homelessness.

We have a Last Litter program where people can surrender a litter of puppies, ensuring they are ethically vetted and rehomed, in exchange for us paying the cost to desex the mum and dad dogs (if dad is also known).

Funds left over from vetting the parents and puppies goes back into our community free desexing program.
Edmund Rice Camps Qld
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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Edmund Rice Camps provides recreational camps programs for children aged 6-16 and families experiencing disadvantage during school holidays. Young adults volunteer as ‘big buddies’ matched with a child for the week to be their mentor, positive role model, and best mate.
The children come to us through contact with Agency Groups within the community. Many come from families that may not be in a position to provide such experiences for their children, or are under pressure in some way. Referrals are taken from schools and agencies in a variety of fields in the Greater Brisbane region and beyond, including disability support, mental health, community housing, family support, social work and education.
We aim to boost participants’ independence and resilience through an increased sense of self-worth, inner and outer confidence fostered by the 1-on-1 attention and friendship of our volunteers, and also provide a much-needed break from often difficult circumstances.
Money raised for ERC contributes to our on-camp resources, hiring catered camp sites, a broader range of activities and the training of our volunteers. This has a positive and direct impact on the number of children for whom we can make a difference.
Hunter Homeless Connect Incorporated
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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Hunter Homeless Connect is a volunteer not-for-profit organisation that coordinates the annual Hunter Homeless Connect Day. The day links people to vital services such as accommodation and housing providers, health and wellbeing, legal and financial assistance, employment, study, and support to people who are homeless, doing it tough and at risk of homelessness.

This is delivered in an environment that maintains dignity, fosters a culture of connectedness, and encourages a sense of being a valued member of the community.

Each year since 2009 up to 1,500 guests have been welcomed at the annual Hunter Homeless Connect Day, accessing a one-stop-shop of human and community services, plus receiving free haircuts, massages, immunisations, birth certificates, bedding, phone cards, food, clothing and much more.

The Hunter Homeless Connect Day is delivered by a ‘community coalition’ of government and non-government services and volunteers, with in-kind and financial support from organisations, community partners and individuals across the Hunter.
Blessing Bags Inc
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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Can you imagine living without a toothbrush? Not being able to shave for a job interview? Getting your period and not having access to sanitary products?
These are the types of situations that we strive to prevent from happening.
Blessing Bags provides basic essentials to those in need all over Victoria. This can include people experiencing homelessness, domestic violence victims, refugees and anyone else who is disadvantaged. This comes in the form of a Blessing Bag which contains shampoo, conditioner, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a muesli bar, tissues, deodorant, sanitary items for women and an extra item such as lip balm, ear buds or a razor.
We aim to partner with other organisations such as shelters, food vans, outreach groups and community centres to support the work that they are already doing by adding to the support services they can practically provide.
By donating to Blessing Bags you are not only supporting one organisation, but many, you are not only supporting one demographic of people in need, but many.
For more information on what we do, check out our website or social media pages.
The Wildlife Rescuers Inc
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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Dedicated to the rescue, transport & rehabilitation of wildlife in Melbourne & surrounds. We work closely with all wildlife organisations to achieve this.
Southern Downs ARK
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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Jedimals Animal Rescue
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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Jedimals Animal Rescue fight for those that were at some point unloved. We take some of the most serious cases of neglect, abuse and cases of high medical needs. To continue to do so we deeply rely on donations to help these guys get there second chance at happiness that is so well deserved.
The Lisa Harnum Foundation Ltd
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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The Lisa Harnum Foundation (LHF) offers a range of services to women and their families who are experiencing some form of domestic violence.
These services include, information, support, casework, group work, education and transitional housing.
LHF is not in receipt of any government funding and relies totally on donations from the community to carry out this important work.
The statistics of women experiencing domestic violence is 1:3 nationally. This is not acceptable,the Government both Federal and Sate need to do more work in this area.
The call to action is increased funding from government and a stronger campaign to diminish the statistics.
Saving Fantasia
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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Saving Fantasia campaigns for the rights and welfare of companion animals in pounds, supports and promotes rescue and rescue animals and promotes positive, responsible companion animal ownership. Our vital work is to fundamentally change the pound system in Australia from the current kill system, where the response to companion animal homelessness is to kill these vulnerable impounded animals. To change this to an ethical, intelligent, progressive and ethical pound, shelter and adoption system, which takes appropriate care of our homeless companion animals, and reunites them with their families or rehomes them.
Chihuahua Rescue Victoria
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Janes final gift to emily
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
Dogstar Foundation Down Under Ltd
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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Since 2006 Dogstar Foundation and our International partners have been transforming animal welfare in Sri Lanka . Dogstar has always worked closely with Sri Lankan communities, Vets and local authorities to provide humane dog population management , Mass Rabies vaccination programs, education leading to attitude change and the development of veterinary practice.
Rottweiler Rescue of WA Inc
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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Minus18 creates safe events, resources and volunteer opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) young people.

We’re smashing homophobia and transphobia Australia wide to create a place where LGBTI youth can be their true selves and unlock their full potential. Each year, more than;

8,000 youth attend events across Adelaide and Melbourne.
150,000 youth access resources Australia wide.
Riding for the Disabled (NSW) - Nepean Centre
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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RDA - Nepean is located in Orchard Hills, we have approx 24 participants, 30 volunteers & 10 horses. All of our participants & half of our volunteers have disabilities. We are a fully self funded program & non profit, with no paid employees.
In June 2016 we experienced devistating 6 foot flood waters where we lost 100% of our equipment & 4 of our horses. As a result we are rebuilding our centre & community of participants & volunteers. We have a planned reopening set for Term 3 this year.
Muscular Dystrophy Queensland
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
Muscular Dystrophy Queensland provides practical, life changing support and services for families living with muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy is a progressive degenerative condition that causes muscle weakness often resulting in profound physical disability for which there is no cure. We need your support to provide equipment, advocacy, case management and to operate a helpline.
Chamber Music Adelaide
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
Chamber Music Adelaide is passionately committed to broadening the horizons of chamber music by forging innovative collaborations and expanding relationships with musicians and audiences alike. As a not-for-profit arts organisation and charity Chamber Music Adelaide values every donation. Your support is immensely valuable and positively impacts the opportunities we can offer for the CMA organisations – Adelaide Baroque, Ensemble Galante, Kegelstatt Ensemble, Recitals Australia, Soundstream, The Firm and Various People Inc - and for the wider chamber music community. These NFP organisations foster the development of emerging musicians and composers, often giving them the their first professional opportunity in front of an audience. Become a CMA champion to help us do more to enrich the life of our city.
Preterm Infants Parents Association Inc (PIPA)
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
Approximately 8.7% of babies born in Australia are born premature. The Preterm Infants Parents Association Inc. (PIPA) is a Queensland based charity which offers practical and emotional support to the families of these infants born premature. Our goal is to raise awareness of premature birth and to provide understanding, information, encouragement, friendship and, where possible, financial assistance to parents of preterm infants.

PIPA is maintained entirely by volunteers, most of whom are parents of prematurely born children. We have seen families lives turned upside down as they rise to the challenge of caring for a premature or sick newborn that must spend time in a neonatal intensive or special care nursery. Not only must they deal with the emotional turmoil associated with the uncertainty surrounding the prognosis of their child’s outcome but also they are often faced with financial hardship. These financial pressures may arise from the need to live away from home for extended periods, from taking unexpected leave of absences from employment, additional childcare expenses or from the costs associated with travelling back and forward to the hospital each day. That is why we need your help.
Aardvark Worldwide Inc
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
Aardvark is a non-for profit songwriting and music program for young people aged 14-24 who love music and need to connect with others like them. Aardvark, based on youth participation principals, is especially for young people who are at risk, disengaged, or experiencing adversity and are unable to access music opportunities that others may. Aardvark targets young people experiencing adversity, such as:
- Having chronic medical condition
- Suffering from Mental health issues
- In an unstable home accommodation
- Significant/acute life challenges
- Living in rural or isolated locations.

Many of the young people involved in Aardvark have immense talent but due to various life circumstances don’t have access to music tuition or instruments. The young people participate in weekly sessions, called The Aardvark Sessions, with the facilitators guiding through a supported group process and every step involved in song writing, music arrangement, recording and performance.

After the Aardvark sessions opportunities are offered to stay connected in Aardvark and provide links to the music industry and opportunities for skills development and employment pathways.
At Risk Kids - Scripture Union Of Sa Inc
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
The At Risk Kids department of SU SA exists for children who are doing it tough for a variety of reasons. Based on Christian values we seek to benefit and improve the lives of children and teenagers. From school programs about bullying and respect to camps for kids who have parents in prison, from holiday kids clubs to refugee assistance for children and families. SU SA is doing what it can to help those in need while showing and sharing God's love for all. We depend entirely on donations and need your support to continue our vital work.
Little Nest Refuge
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
We reacue, rehabilitate, rehome and repeat. Working with forgotten farm animals including chickens and lambs, we try and get vet assistance and give second chances to the ones who are mistreated.
Oddi's Angels Inc
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
Youth Projects Ltd
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
Help us meet the rising demand for our help even day and night. We provide over 40,000 episodes of care each year for homeless and disadvantaged people throughout Melbourne. We don't just give out blankets or food. We do the hard yards that make a difference with a free medical clinic.outreach nurses, drug safety, mental health and drug counselling, apprenticeships, training and job pathways. In fact we've helped 137 homeless and disadvantaged young people get back to education or into a real job this year alone. Because we are a "one stop shop", young people find it easier to find the help they need to get back on their feet, without waiting lists and complex barriers. All our work is front line and directly tackles homelessness head on.
FareShare Australia Incorporated
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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FareShare rescues surplus food and cooks free, nutritious meals for Victorians doing it tough.

Every year, two million Australians will experience hunger. But, over the same period, we’ll also waste 200kg of food for every man, woman and child in the nation. This doesn’t make any sense. Melbourne food charity FareShare is doing something about it by rescuing surplus, quality food from supermarkets, farmers and other businesses.
With the help of 800 regular volunteers, FareShare cooks this food into 25,000 free nutritious meals a week for Victorian charities – such as soup vans, homeless shelters, food banks and school breakfast programs. We do this in Australia’s largest charity kitchen, based in Abbotsford.

FareShare does not receive regular government funding to cover the costs of our operations.

Your donation will help us to collect surplus food from supermarkets, farmers and other food businesses. It will also pay for the cost of running our kitchen, and then distributing food to hundreds of Victorian charities. We are fortunate to receive pro bono support from many businesses – helping to cover the costs such as maintenance of commercial kitchen equipment, packaging and offsite food storage. However, we need to raise money to keep our six refrigerated vans on the road every day, pay for electricity to run our ovens and coolrooms and employ chefs to oversee nearly 100 volunteers a day.
Rescue Resource-NSW
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Simply put, we collect items that rescues and pounds may need, and we distribute them at no charge.

Anything from food to kennels, bowls to toys, flea and worming treatments, cat litter - and everything in-between.

We also distribute thousands of towels, blankets, coats and beds each year.

We are a central distribution hub for anything pet-related.
Hunter Life Education
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Hunter Life Education is a children's preventative health charity, aimed at primary school students within the Hunter area. We provide these children access to vital Life Education, empowering them to lead safer and healthier lives.
For this next generation, it's predicted the average death age in Australia will decline due to preventable chronic diseases. This will have significant impacts on our community and the health system at large.
Our purpose as outlined in, is to provide Life Education classes (preventative health/mental health classes) to primary aged children in the Hunter region.
We need your donation to help make Life Education accessible to all children.
Perth Chihuahua Rescue Inc
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The Humour Foundation
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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“Why did the can crusher quit his job? Because it was soda pressing! Imagine a world without smiles, laughter and play... The Humour Foundation is a leading humour in health charity that believes in the therapeutic benefits of humour in improving the health and wellbeing of vulnerable Australians.

Our flagship program Clown Doctors, works with healthcare professionals to delivers doses of fun and laughter to the bedside of sick children in hospital. Hospitals can be a scary and lonely environment for sick kids, who are away from the comfort of home and all that is familiar. The myriad of tests, treatments and procedures they experience can be very intimidating and confusing.

This is where Clown Doctors can help. Professional and specially trained performers like Dr Tickle and Dr P Brain engage sick children with improvised humour and play, using their skills in magic, music, mime, song, dance and so much more. Their antics and distractions helps sick kids by enhancing psychological wellbeing and coping during times of serious illness, trauma, anxiety, injury, fear and stress, while transforming the whole hospital environment.

Clown Doctors is a unique, free service to hospitals and in need of ongoing community support to maintain program delivery.
Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge
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The Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge was established in 1979. We give refuge to abandoned and surrendered cats and dogs until permanently rehomed and we educate the community on responsible pet ownership. We are an independent, non-profit, charitable organisation and have a non-euthanasia policy. We also run education programmes for the community on responsible pet ownership. All cats and dogs at the Refuge are Vet checked, vaccinated, wormed, desexed, micro chipped and medically treated if necessary prior to being available for adoption to the public. We have comprehensive terms and conditions of sale to ensure the animals are adopted into an appropriate home.The Refuge is managed by an unpaid, elected committee, and run by a small staffing compliment and a large dedicated group of volunteers. The Refuge operates from a 1.08 hectare site at Sippy Creek Road, Tanawha and can house 70 dogs and 50 cats at any given time. We accept cats and dogs from the Sunshine Coast Council Pound after owners cannot be traced, and from private surrenders. We rely on the support of the Sunshine Coast Council Partnership Funding programme, bequests, local businesses, clubs, grants and the community in general, for which we are very thankful.
Bob Brown Foundation Inc
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The Bob Brown Foundation is all about action with a vision to protect Australia's wild and scenic natural places of ecological and global significance.

The first place on our radar is the stunning Tarkine in a remote part of North West Tasmania. The Tarkine is a vast wilderness area supporting Australia's largest tract of cool temperate rainforest, spanning wild windswept beaches, extensive buttongrass plains and pristine wild rivers. It is of great significance to Tasmania's indigenous people and a relict of the ancient continent of Gondwana and related to temperate forests in Patagonia and the South Island of New Zealand.

Our campaign for The Tarkine is calling for its recognition as a National Park and World Heritage Area and is taking strategic and considered action step by step to reach this goal by 2020. We need your help to do this.
The Thin Green Line Foundation Ltd
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The Thin Green Line Foundation provides urgent aid, equipment, training and funding to Rangers and their families in low-income countries and conflict zones. The organisation also works with Indigenous Rangers in Australia and abroad.

Rangers often work for little reward or recognition, risking and regularly losing their lives to protect the world’s wildlife and its fragile ecosystems.

These brave men and women who stand on the frontline of conservation to safeguard our planet urgently need our help. A ranger is killed in the line of duty every three days – often violently at the hands, machetes and guns of criminal poachers.

Without Rangers we stand to lose so much.

The Thin Green Line Foundation (TTGLF) is the only organisation solely dedicated to providing Rangers with the assistance they deserve and need. As the official charity arm of the International Ranger Federation, TTGLF has unparalleled access to Rangers worldwide.

The Thin Green Line Foundation is highly successful at delivering much needed support to Rangers, with a wide range of effective programs worldwide – from Kenya to Tanzania, Costa Rica to Guatemala, Thailand to Indonesia, and in many, many more places around the globe.

In the sad circumstance of a Ranger losing his or her life in the line of duty, TTGLF helps to ensure the widows and families are looked after into the future.
Coordinated Obesity Advocacy & Carers Help Incorporated
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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Raising funds in order to achieve our dream of establishing Nationwide Obesity Super Centres of Excellence which will strive to provide a modified & safe environment for patients to receive the appropriate treatments to help combat their struggle with Obesity.

A Not-for-profit organisation with the long term goals of opening Nationwide Obesity Treatment & Rehabilitation Super Centres based on Specialist Endocrinologist Dr Nic Kormas’ program, ensuring all people young & old suffering from Obesity in Australia have access to life saving treatment & without prejudice.

Coordinated Obesity Advocacy & Carers Help Incorporated has been co-founded by Andre Nasr (Australia’s Heaviest Man) & is served by a Board who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their respective fields. Many of which either were &/or are dealing with Obesity & Obesity related diseases.

Thank you for joining the team that REALLY cares on this journey for a leaner, fitter, healthier world!!!
The Fox Residence
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The Fox Residence Guinea Pig Sanctuary is a private refuge for small animals, specialising in guinea pigs. We have personally cared for well over 250 animals and rehomed over 150 of those. Animal rights and welfare are exceptionally important to us and our volunteer team, and we provides each and every animal that crosses our path with the best home environment, diet, and medical intervention possible in order to receive a second chance at life.
Lynch Syndrome Australia Limited
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Lynch Syndrome Australia (LSA) is the only charity in Australia advocating for Lynch syndrome, a hereditary cancer causing syndrome. It is believed that 1:280 persons may be affected yet only 5% have been diagnosed.
With Lynch syndrome there is a lifetime cancer risk of up to 80% for colon cancer. For women, a lifetime risk of up to 60% for endometrial cancer. Other cancers at a much higher risk than the general population include, but are not limited to, ovarian, stomach, urinary tract, pancreatic, prostate and brain. Whilst other cancer organisations concentrate on specific cancers, LSA concentrates on a whole genetic condition. People affected have a lifetime risk of many different cancers.
Everyone at LSA is a volunteer. We are five passionate women, all with full-time jobs. After a full day at work, we then come home get our families sorted and then take on LSA putting more hours in, working from our own homes after hours and on weekends. Fighting for a cause that has personally touched our lives. We are not a big corporation, we don’t yet have a nationally recognised ribbon day and donations are small. We achieve so much with so little that we have.
SIDS and Kids Northern Territory
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Friends Of Himalayan Children
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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Friends of Himalayan Children is a humanitarian organisation working to stop child trafficking and child slavery through providing access to education, a safe home for disadvantaged children and community development projects in rural Nepal. This Australian based charity aims to bring communities in our country together to go forward and help rural communities in Nepal, especially due to the horrific living conditions and devastating loss that too many villages endure/d due to the disastrous earthquake that hit in April 2015. Focusing on inspiring, empowering and connecting not only young women but schools, families and entire villages in need of support, guidance and education on topics such as child and women trafficking, hygiene and the importance of gaining a good education in order to be exposed to positive career opportunities and a wider understanding of the world around them. Our organisation works intimately with international volunteers and members of the FHC community in Cairns, Australia to ensure that 100% of funds raised goes directly into supporting the children of Batase Village and surrounding areas in dire need of assistance to meet their basic needs. Volunteers regularly visit the village to work at the school, assist with building projects, connect with their sponsor child and see exactly what the money raised in Australia is being used to achieve. If you wish to learn more about our charity please visit our website or head to our Facebook page - Take On Nepal. Our founder/President has an incredible personal story to share that has inspired members of our FHC community to join in on his journey to save the people of his community and to provide them with a greater quality of life - an opportunity each and every human regardless of their race, age, gender or of country of birth deserve.
Unforgettable Creatures Incorporated
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Unforgettable Creatures Incorporated is an Animal Rescue and Advocacy Group that does some unique work with Rescue Creatures and Humans in the Melbourne Community. We devote all our time and resources to housing and behavioural rehabilitation of creatures rescued from cruelty situations. UNC rescue dogs are mostly the big kids, bull breeds and crosses, that have no alternatives due to behavioural challenges that result from abuse and neglect. Therefor UNC promotes responsible companion animal ‘ownership’, we educate the community in how to care for a large dog, how to train them in positive, successful ways and make them safe, healthy family and community members. Most of UNC dogs are healing in foster homes. We often advocate for dogs during court proceeding and have extensively fought against the unjust Breed Specific Legislation.

Unforgettable Creatures Inc collaborate with Family Violence Services, this is at the heart of our Charity. We safely house, provide care and refuge to animals of women and children fleeing family violence. We receive referrals from services like Safe Steps and Wire, when women are entering refuges and are unable to take their companions to safe houses. We reunite women and children with their creatures once long term housing is found.
Geraldton Dog Rescue Inc
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Geraldton Dog Rescue aim to find new homes for unclaimed dogs from the City Pound. We are foster care based and rehome over 300 dogs a year. We are the only rescue organisation in our region and have been operational for 15 years. We are working toward establishing a shelter so more dogs can have the opportunity of a new life. Veterinary treatments are undertaken on all dogs prior to rehoming
Fetching Dogs Incorporated
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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Help us save lives!

100% of your donation goes directly to rescuing and caring for all our dogs.

We are a volunteer (no paid staff) run charity and receive no funding, sponsorships or grants. We can only rescue and support more dogs by raising funds ourselves and with the generosity of the public.

Without money, we can't rescue dogs as we need to get them vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, microchipped and desexed (as well as fed!!). We also take in medical cases that need prolonged treatment and vet bills are expensive.

If you can help us, we can help more gorgeous dogs, it's that simple!
March of the moggies
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Women's Community Shelters Limited
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now

More than 1 in 2 women are turned away from crisis shelters when they need one. More than 60% of these women (often with their children) are leaving domestic violence.

WCS exists to meet this ever-growing demand and works with local communities to develop collaborative responses to the problem by establishing new shelters.

Our shelters are characterized by community ownership, strong oversight and governance, the leveraging of in-kind support from the community, and dedicated volunteer programs. Our staffing model provides support to women 24/7 on-site.

WCS needs your support to help establish even more crisis shelters for women and children who are homeless or leaving domestic violence.

It is our aim to open 2 new shelters by the end of 2017, another in 2018 with one in the pipeline. A new shelter would support an additional 120 women and children per annum, with outreach and advice available across the local community.

We are funded on a unique and ground breaking tri-partite model, bringing together philanthropy, community and government.

Can you help us change the paradigm in NSW and give these women the support they need?
Australian Schools Plus
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Every Australian child deserves a promising future, and a promising future starts with a great education.

But too often, a student's future is determined by their postcode or background. Children growing up in disadvantaged circumstances consistently fall behind at school - and once behind, it's hard to catch up. Did you know that at the age of 15, students from a disadvantaged background are 2.5 years behind in their learning compared with their peers?
Now you can help close this education gap.

Australian Schools Plus connects you with the schools that most need your support, to help all students fulfil their potential.
Your donation will go to projects designed by principals and teachers to have the greatest impact on their students’ lives, by providing extra support and resources or trialling new approaches to learning. More than 4,600 schools across Australia are eligible for support through Schools Plus.

Create a brighter future for students in need by giving to a disadvantaged school today.
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MPA Rescue And Rehab LTD
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
We rescue dogs in need from all over melbourne. They then receive all vetwork and rehabilitation before finding their perfect forever homes.
We need help with money for vetwork and food to care for them.
Chameleon Regional Community Housing Accomodation & Welfare Association Inc
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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For over 28 years Chameleon House has provided housing support to young people aged 16-25 that are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Proving them with a safe secure place to stay free of violence, drugs and alcohol. Young people are taught living skills and assistance to look for forward to a path for their future including school, work or study. Some of these young people have little to no support outside of Chameleon House. In addition to this Chameleon House provides safe accommodation to young parenting families under the age of 25 with children in their care. These families are at risk of homelessness. Whilst residing in one of our properties Chameleon staff assist them with budgeting, cooking, living skills, and looking at future accommodation options in the hope that they can sustain independent housing free from service after the duration of their stay at Chameleon.
Soul Soup Patrol, S.O.U.L. Care
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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Servants of United Love Incorporated is a Non-Profit Organisation who relies on the generosity of people and organisations to enable us to continue the work that we do. Our aim is to serve those who seek our assistance with kindness and compassion. Within S.O.U.L. Inc. we run the Soup Patrol, and S.O.U.L. Care.

S.O.U.L. Soup Patrol is a voluntary group established to serve food, basic necessities and information on the streets to clients who seek them. Inspired by Mother Teresa of India and Pier Giorgio Frassati of Italy we attempt to reach out in Christian love to those in need in Rockingham, West Australia. The soup run goes out twice a week on a Thursday and a Sunday to six stops in the Rockingham area. We also do a Home Run to homes on a Thursday for those who are unable to get to the Soup Run stops. We have approximately 50 volunteers who donate their time to the soup run once a month. We also hand out care packages during the week for people needing assistance and are unable to afford food. The demand for food parcels has skyrocketed in the past year, and we are stuggling to keep up with the demand as we rely on donations from the public and local businesses.

S.O.U.L. Care is another branch of Servants of United Love Incorporated, and is also a non-profit organisation. St, Pio's House of Hope is a safe house for homeless pregnant women and provides a loving, safe family environment. We aim to encourage and enable women to pursue positive lifestyle choices and gain strength and independence.
Beagle Rescue NSW
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International Needs Australia
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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International Needs Australia is a Christian organisation journeying to create a just world where girls and boys, men and women are treated equally with respect, dignity and opportunity to reach their full potential.

I am SHE

“From the day that I was born, my family wished I was a boy.
My name is SHE…
As soon as I could walk, I helped my mother cook, clean, fetch water and look after the animals.
While my brothers are at school, I walk to fetch water. It’s a long way and I get scared.
Sometimes men hurt me.
Now I’m twelve and my parents are selling me to an old man to marry. They say it will be good for me. But it’s good for everyone except me.
Because I am a girl, they think I am nothing.

But I know that is not true.
I can learn, I have a voice, I have dreams, I can be what I want to be.
If I can see a doctor, I won’t die so young…and so often.
If I go to school, I can show my village many ways to do things better.
If you let me start a business I can help my family and my world.
When I walk with you I can do all these things.
When I walk with you, we can change the world together.
Because I am SHE
Can:Do 4Kids
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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Young People Ahead Youth and Community Services Inc
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
Young People Ahead Youth and Community Services Inc wishes to work with the most marganilised and at risk youth and their families to create a change for the better, by immersing itself firmly within the context of Cultural Identity, Community Connectedness and the use of Country to heal and restore vitality and resiliency.
YPA hopes to establish a Healing Centre for young people and their families and a place of tranquility that will provide an environment where workers can sit with individuals, and family members to unpack the disadvantage that persists in their lives, and how best to address these as a united from.
Through the support of local Elders, and support services in the local community, YPA hopes to articulate the goals each young person has identified, and working closely with the family, facilitate a road map to success for individuals and engage the services of agencies to assist in achieving these, always being mindful not to place boundaries around time frames to achieve these, but working with the strengths of the young person and their families to identity and further empower growth to a positively charged future full of aspirations, dreams and ability to belong and be present to input back into self, family and community. YPA hopes to brokerage off a number of services, volunteers and businesses to be involved in this space, and bring about a united front to tackle a number of underlying issues that prevent growth and opportunity, which spans across the ages and cultural spectrum. Together we can achieve so much, and seed funding to enable this to happen would be a blessing.
Whisker Woods Sanctuary Inc
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
We're an animal sanctuary rescuing domestic animals, farm animals and wildlife. We rescue cats from pounds and are active in TNR programs, we rescue farm animals from slaughter and neglect and also actively rescue wildlife who are then rehabilitated and released on the sanctuary. Check out our facebook page, the photos speak for themselves :)
Nature Play Wa Incorporated
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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New Hope Animal Rescue Incorporated
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
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New Hope Animal Rescue Incorporated is run by a small team of dedicated and compassionate volunteers. We are committed to rescuing unwanted and abandoned cats and dogs, and placing them in dedicated foster homes until they are adopted into their permanent homes.

We rescue our beautiful cats and dogs from pounds and shelters throughout Queensland, with a particular focus on regional areas.
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
For over 165 years OzChild has fought to provide better ways to put a safe roof over the head of our most vulnerable and at-risk children; children who, for their own safety, can no longer live with their family as the result of family violence, abuse, alcohol and substance misuse, trauma and chronic neglect.

Every night of the year we keep more than 300 children safe in our foster care and kinship care programs. We provide support services to at-risk families in danger of falling apart. And we provide respite care for the families of children living with a disability to relieve some of the pressure and give the parents or carers a chance to recharge and refresh. We provide educational support and therapy.

We care for kids who need it and deserve it.

Each year OzChild gives more than 6,000 children, young people and their families a chance to shine.
The Mirabel Foundation Inc
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$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
Unwanted Fuzz
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
We take in unwanted, stray, and surrendered ferrets, We also offer free vasectomised Hob services, to help prevent unwanted litters. We also offer boarding, and feed a biologically accurate diet. We rely on donations to help us help the ferrets who come into our care, some needing extensive and ongoing vetwork which can be quite expensive. Without the donations from kind hearted people, we couldn't help as many of the ferrets as we do. We have currently had an outbreak of distemper at one of our locations, locking this specific location down, which means any funds we have and have raised are being used to try and save as many ferrets as we can and for the huge vetbills that are to come. We run Unwanted Fuzz out of our own homes, relying on donations, and like all rescues, most of this does end up coming out of our own pockets. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thankyou, Unwanted Fuzz. Paypal is
Mind Dog
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
We are a non for profit organisation that exists to help people with mental health illness procure, train and accredit psychiatric assistance Dogs.
We are Australia wide and have over 650 clients and dogs.
Our dogs help people live a more autonomous life sometimes getting out for the first time in many years. In some cases they help people either manage with out medication or cut down on their medication (under medical supervision). Our dogs have saved their handlers lives, in many cases.
We run on donations.
Delta Society Australia Limited
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
Our wonderful Delta therapy dogs visit hundreds of patients and aged care residents, bringing much needed joy and happiness. Delta Therapy dogs visit over 850 facilities ranging from aged care homes, mental health units, hospitals, disability services, prisons and dementia specific facilities.

Our therapy dogs provide that much needed contact and touch. This is especially important in aged care facilities where many residents do not receive this essential need. Our therapy dogs will bring the wonderful benefits of pet therapy, spend time with residents, offer a chat, a floppy ear to listen and a paw to shake.

Your donation will bring the joys of animal companionship to those who need it most.
Foster Care Angels Incorporated
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
We are passionate about support children in foster care and their carers. We provide a range of services to support children and their carers through the often difficult journey that is foster care.
When children are removed from their homes it is often a highly stressful and traumatic time and they leave with very few if any personal possessions. The charity was founded by Kelly Doyle and Glen Gillman who are foster carers and saw first hand children arrive in to their care with nothing but the clothes (or even pajama's) they were wearing.
Help us provide the basic essentials and some comfort items to these children who are removed from all that is familiar and are left with nothing.
Companion Animals Welfare Incorporated CAWI
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
CAWI is a registered Not for Profit volunteer incorporated organisation located in Brunswick Heads, Byron Shire, NSW, which has been in operation in Byron Shire for 12 years - since 2004.

We currently rescue and re-home unwanted, death row, abandoned and abused dogs from the Byron Shire; also from Grafton, Casino, Kyogle, Lismore and Ballina.. The Byron Shire Council also relies on CAWI to re-home the Shire’s impounded dogs upon their release.

To financially support this, our volunteers run our second hand goods shop where 100% of the profits are directed towards veterinary treatment and finding dogs new homes. CAWI is currently working closely with Byron Shire Council in providing very successful subsidized de-sexing programs for cats and dogs in the region. All remaining funds are held in a Trust Fund working towards a Rescue and Training Centre.

For some years we have been working, in cooperation with Byron Shire Council, towards obtaining a parcel of land where we can establish a facility to care for, exercise and retrain dogs, whilst they are in transition to their new homes.

The main aim for CAWI is to establish a Dog Rescue and Training Centre in the local area. CAWI has great connections within our local community and we can see a fantastic future. CAWI is working hard towards the goal of changing the existing paradigm of what happens to the these dogs; to one where they have freedom to play, are fed with the best nutrition, provided with environmental enrichment and caring trainers.
New Life Community Care - Foodbarn
#433 of 656 Charities with 1 votes
$1 in Donations will put them in 1st Place. Donate now
New Life Community Care is a Registered DGR Charity with a mission and vision to help people in hardship within the Gold Coast from Jabob's Well to Currumbin. New life Foodbarn currently feed and deliver to approximately 7000 mouths a month through our relief services. This includes over 18 other organisations that include e.g. 4 x St Vincent De Paul conferences, ACT for Kids, Centrelink, 2 hospitals and their social workers, child safety, school support workers, parole board referrals, Anglican Care Surfers, Wesley mission, Kalwyn family services, Salvation Army Women's hostel, women refuges, Youth on the street, FSG mental patients, just to name a few.

New Life Community Care is an ‘umbrella’ for various activities such as New Life Foodbarn (established 2008), New Life Accommodation units, New Life 12 Step Recovery, New Life prison and hospital clergy, New Life work for the dole.

In this economic environment many people are suffering financially. We assist them by providing a variety of sought after products and services at low costs and accommodation centre.

Our activities include: Family food parcels and discount Foodbarn including supplying 18 plus charities/organizations with support parcels and delivery of * Free 12 step recovery program * Emer¬gency accommodation centre * Food rescue – approximately saving 30 tonnes per month for our Foodbarn clients * Counselling * Advocacy, bric a brac store, a 30 plus job seeker placement center being a registered work place for the dole for centerlink,
In such hard economic times so many struggle and can often have a detrimental effect on families’ health, wellbeing and housing, which often contributes to domestic violence, substance use and abuse, homelessness and suicide is where our mission and vision comes reality everyday and night.
Our workforce is comprised mainly of dedicated and regular volunteers, We are here to make a difference and are achieving that in many lives of families and people in our community, however, with-out support from clubs and businesses such as yours, our quest would be non-achievable and unable to carry on in this hard economic times. Our power for cold rooms etc costing over $5500 last quarter /upkeep, registration and maintenance on our trucks and delivery vans, forklift costing thousands a year/ Insurances are over $900 a month. Support enables us to continue with our important social community work of feeding thousands that fall on hard times. Families living in tents, in garages, under bridges, families in the park.

your consideration for partnering in helping the needy is greatly appreciated.

South Burnett Educational Wildlife Support Group Inc
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South Burnett Educational Wildlife Support Group Inc. supports other wildlife groups in Qld, NSW,WA and Vic.
Presently we are using a 2nd hand Sprinter Van for all our travelling and it is now costing us $1000's each year to maintain it.
We are trying to raise $25,000.00 to buy a 2nd hand ambulance as we feel that best suits our needs for dingo and wildlife rescue work.
We also travel to schools and public events to promote our work.
As we are not funded by Govt or other groups we solely rely on the donations from the general public to finance trips, supply materials and food to sanctuaries, build enclosures, aviaries, buy snake nets etc
Macintyre Animal and Pet Rescue
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The Macintyre Animal and Pet Rescue is a charitable organisation established by residents of the Goondiwindi region. Our mission is to rescue unwanted and abandoned animals from the tragedy of unnecessary euthanasia by providing of short-term foster care and re-homing.
Mcauley Community Services For Women
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McAuley Community Services for Women works with women and their children, as well as single women experiencing family violence. We operate the only 24/7 family violence crisis site in Victoria and we are the only program to talk young males up to the age of 17, so they can stay with their mother. We offer refuge services after the immediate crisis and access to transitional housing.

Homelessness should never be the safer option.

We also have McAuley House which is accommodation for up to 25 women in their own room with case management support, skills sessions to learn to live independently and outreach services to ensure that they are able to maintain their own accommodation and not cycle back into homelessness.

McAuley Works is an employment program that works with women who have experienced family violence or homelessness to be able to re-enter the workforce. We work with them to identify the jobs they are interested in, assist with any training required for the job, assist with preparing resume, applying for jobs and the all-important interview. We also provide support and work with their case worker and are there as support once they have received a job.

Tails of the forgotten INC
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We rescue, re-home and rehabilitate unwanted, neglected and abused dogs.
Our main costs are vet bills incurred as the majority of the dogs that come to us have been ignorantly neglected basic medical needs.
We place them in foster care homes to let them heal emotionally and physically, and assess them to place them in the right home for their needs.
Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary Inc
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Perth Children's Hospital Foundation
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Street Swags
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The mission of Street Swags is to provide temporary basic bedding and shelter to those who are homeless, vulnerable or needy in order to reduce the amount of illness and the number of deaths in Australia attributed to homelessness and sleeping outdoors without adequate protection from the elements. And to promote community awareness and education concerning the homeless, vulnerable and needy and the dangers and disadvantages they face sleeping outdoors.
Speld-Victoria Inc
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Today, an estimated 1 in 10 Victorians have Specific Learning Difficulties (SLDs), including Dyslexia. Ultimately most live happy, meaningful lives, yet there are many children who are unable to reach their learning potential. Life with a SLD/Dyslexia can be really tough. Low self-esteem, disengagement and/or leaving school early is common - all with negative lifelong consequences. As a community, we have a shared responsibility to support these individuals and their families.

As the peak body in Victoria for individuals with Specific Learning Difficulties, we believe there is phenomenal potential for positive change in Victoria’s schools and workplaces if these children can learn in a way that suits them. For over 48 years, we serve to provide support and assistance to help them through their learning journeys, our services include but not limited to:
1) Full diagnostic assessments to provide a complete learning profile – strengths, deficits - a road map to guide what will work.
2) Capacity building workshops for teachers; allied health professionals; parents; teenagers.
3) Information/Advice services – for Government, parents/students; professionals.

Support and learning arise from accurate and timely understanding. This is our shared challenge, and we need your help. Donate today and help Victorians of all ages with Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties to reach their learning potential.
The Robert Connor Dawes Foundation
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Today, brain cancer is the most fatal of all childhood cancers. Few new eective
treatments mean that 80% of children diagnosed with high grade tumours still lose
their battle within 5 years. This is why brain tumours are so devastating. We’re all about
changing the odds. To make brain tumours go the way of the dinosaurs. To support the
science and in the meantime the patients. In just four years we have established ourselves as the leading charity
for young people diagnosed with brain cancer and have strong partnerships with ANZCHOG (Aus and NZ Children's Haematology & Oncology Group. The Federal Government is partnering with us on our AIM BRAIN Project which will ensure every Australian child diagnosed will receive the best testing and treatment.
Australian Youth Climate Coalition Limited
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The Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan organisation with 120,000 supporters and over 750 active volunteers nationally. We educate, engage and inspire young people to take action on climate change and sustainability.

We believe that the only way to solve the climate crisis is through a social movement - a groundswell of support and momentum that is powerful enough to inspire the change we need and hold decision makers to account. We do this through:

• National grassroots networks where volunteers are supported, through one-to-one mentoring and local groups.

• Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network: a national network of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people who are leading climate justice campaigns.

• Switched on Schools: each year we educate thousands of high school students about how to make a difference on climate change, and empower them to start their own campaigns in their school or community.

• Strategic national campaigns such as stopping the Adani from wrecking our Reef and climate with their dangerous Carmichael coal mine.

We are empowering our generation to make sure history is not written for us, but by us.
For the Animals Inc
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For the Animals is an Australia-based charity that provides help to injured or orphaned animals that are rescued from the illegal wildlife trade in Southeast Asia. For the Animals uses 100% of its donations for ranger protection, animal rescue, and rehabilitation of animals so they may be returned to the wild in protected sanctuaries. Working with U.S. based Wildlife Alliance, For the Animals has helped rescue thousands of animals since its inception. Donors are invited to visit the project sites in Cambodia to meet the rescued animals and see how their support is utilised.

Agape Outreach Inc
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Agape Outreach Inc’s purpose is to improve the quality of impoverished people’s lives, both homeless and those in poverty.
Helping them to move to the next level physically and emotionally.

We provide food, life coaching, clothing, blankets, furniture, physical support with doctors’
visits, court cases, writing of housing applications and referrals.

We running training in cooking skills, barista classes and personal development through life coaching for relationships and substance issues we will also provide supported housing in a tiny housing estate for the homeless in the near future.

We Need peoples help to make this happen, please support us and those in need.
Shaycare Foundation
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Help children with Cerebral Palsy and their families with the cost of specialised equipment that they require to live everday life.
We need additional money to continue our mission. And to help the most vulnerable people in society, children with disabilities and their carers who often need our help to maintain and continue caring for their kids.
The Ice Meltdown Project Inc
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The Ice Meltdown Project is made up of passionate people that choose to support, create awareness and educate to the use of substance abuse. We are a community group that have volunteered since 2014 after seeing the destruction caused to clients and families with life controlling issues. We have not been given any funding from the government and have worked hard to support over 200 detoxes from methamphetimine use. We have made it our business to educate as many as we can to how you can support your person in recovery and the families. We have a nonjudgemental approach that has seen us succeed with