Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary Cover Photo
Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary is a not for profit organization (501c3) and is in the 43rd year of rescuing unwanted, many times mistreated, exotic animals.  None of these animals have been taken from the wild, but they were bought, sold and raised in captivity to be a pet and/or used in a business.  Being raised in captivity, they are used to humans and somewhat domesticated.  Many of the animals are over 20 years generation of being bred, to be bought or sold.  Because of being born and raised in captivity, they can never be released into the wild.  Octagon DOES NOT breed, buy or sell any animal that is in our care.  Once an animal comes to Octagon it is their “furever” home! Our Mission:   To provide a safe haven for exotic zoo type animals and to ensure they live out their lives in a healthy, stress free, clean and loving environment.

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