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Montana Pittie Project is a foster-based non-profit 501(c)3 rescue.  We rely on fosters across Montana to help us save bully breeds from euthanasia from shelters in crisis.  We primarily work with shelters in Texas and transport pups to loving homes in Montana. However, we have also rescued pitties from California, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming.  We rescue from these states because they are chronically over-crowed due to factors such as over-breeding; breed specific legislation and the current housing crisis.  Attempts to reduce stray dog populations with euthanasia programs don't work and take a huge toll on the shelter workers; ethical dog rescue programs have shown to be equally, if not more effective. And, we just can't sit by and do nothing as pitties are abused, abandoned and finally put to death through no fault of their own.  Rescue is hard, but it is extremely rewarding.We support organizations that spay, neuter and vaccinate dogs and we make sure every one of our rescued dogs is sterilized prior to adoption.  According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, one female dog who has not been spayed can produce up to 67,000 offspring in just six years!  It's vital to support rescue, spay and neuter programs!People and dogs alike benefit from animal rescue, sterilization and vaccination efforts. Rescuing discarded animals keeps communities safe by preventing the sick and injured from spreading disease while helping to alleviate over burdened shelters.  The Montanan Pittie Project relies solely on donations to support our efforts which include fully supporting our fosters food and supplies (including toys of course!) and all veterinary care - from standard vaccinations, to more expensive heart worm treatment to orthopedic surgery.  Whatever the dog needs, we pay for it.  We are all volunteers with full-time day jobs; but rescuing this misunderstood and often maligned breed is our passion.  We pride ourselves on providing our community with complete transparency as a non-profit - we even post our financials on our social media!  OUR MISSION: To rescue bully breeds from death row, to care for them and find them homes; and to engage the hearts and minds of our community to bring about an end to the needless killing of abandoned and abused bully breeds.Thank you for your support. Together we can help the shelters, our communities and save the Pitties!  

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