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Why are we so passionate about rescuing Cleft Palate Puppies? Most vets and breeders will tell you to euthanise your cleft pallet pup at birth, and that's not without good reason. A Vet understands how much dedication, time and money will be required to perform the essential surgery to rescue these pups from their inevitable suffering. If puppies owners don't seek the necessary medical treatment, these puppies will most likely suffer a slow death due to starvation. A puppy with a cleft palate is unable to form and hold a suction on their mother's nipple to draw down the milk, no matter how hard they try. If they do perchance succeed in getting any milk into their mouth, they then run the risk of suffocation, sinusitis or pneumonia. Due to their mouth not closing properly in utero, milk with will travel up through the roof of their mouth and end up in their respiratory system. Unless, of course, there is a dedicated rescue service like ours, willing to take these small fur babies into care.

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