No Dogs Left Behind Cover Photo
No Dogs Left Behind leads the way in the global war against animal cruelty. We operate boots on the ground in Asia, fighting on the front lines to rescue dogs from the illegal dog-meat trade. No Dogs Left Behind works hands-on with local activists through emergency response, pulling dogs directly from slaughterhouses, dog meat trucks, wet markets and traffickers. 

Our mission extends beyond borders worldwide, advocating for the creation and enforcement of animal welfare laws, and raising awareness for a cruelty-free, sustainable world in which no animal is violated, exploited, tortured or slaughtered for commercial goods or profit.


With nearly 500 survivors in our care, No Dogs Left Behind operates sanctuaries in Dayi and Gongyi, Asia. In these safe-havens, these once victimized and exploited dogs receive medical care, nutritional support and rehabilitation on an ongoing basis. No Dogs Left Behind goes beyond rescue, doing whatever it takes to heal the physical and emotional scars these animals suffer, and to find them their forever loving homes. 

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