No Dogs Left Behind

They’re bound with wire around their jaws and feet, thrown into metal cages and loaded onto meat trucks. Without enough room to breathe, many will suffocate on the way. The ones who survive will be ripped from the cages and brutally tortured before they are finally eaten. Stolen from their homes, and snatched off the street, their lives are reduced to their price by the pound, and they die begging for mercy that never comes. This is the reality for the victims of the illegal dog meat trade. From the Yulin dog meat festival in China, to the everyday meat trade that operates in countries around the world, the animals that we call Man’s Best Friend are being recklessly slaughtered and consumed. We owe it to these, our friends, to stand against this cruelty. No Dogs Left Behind is answering the call, fighting the good fight on the front lines, and leading the way to ending animal cruelty around the globe. A registered 501(c)(3), we have been on the ground since 2016, rescuing dogs directly from the meat trade through emergency response, establishing international alliances, and partnering with local activists around the world. When we arrive on the scene, the ending changes for these exploited, abused victims. Someone came for them. Their cries for help were heard. In order to continue our mission, we need your help. Rescue doesn’t end with intercepting the dog meat trucks. That is just the beginning. All the dogs receive medical treatment, rehabilitation, and shelter in a sanctuary where they can await their forever, loving home. From rescue to adoption, every single brave survivor is cared for as if they were the only one. Because to us, each one is worth it all.

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Many Tears Animal Rescue

Many Tears is an animal rescue centre that rehomes animals in need and runs community education and friendship groups. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

No Dogs Left Behind

We are working every day to raise awareness globally through educational outreach. Every dog rescued becomes a living, breathing ambassador for a sustainable, cruelty free world. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

Cat Haven WA

Cat Haven is Western Australia's largest stray cat shelter, rescuing nearly 8,500 cats a year, and rehoming nearly 6,500. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

Bush Heritage Australia

We are national leaders in landscape-scale conservation. We are independent and evidence-based. Our purpose is to return the bush to good health. Read More

Izzie's Pond

Izzie's Pond provides rescue, rehabilitation and sanctuary to injured and orphaned wildlife while promoting coexistence. Read More

Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is a non profit dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of orphaned, injured and sick wildlife. Read More

Alberta (AB) Herding Dog Rescue

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, re-train and re-home herding breed dogs. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

The Devoted Barn

The Devoted Barn is located on a large 54 acre sanctuary farm in Oakland county. We take in animals of all kinds from law enforcement, cruelty, neglect, and large scale... Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

The Fred Hollows Foundation

We’ve restored sight to millions of people. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

L'Arche Australia

L'Arche Australia supports the development of communities in which people with and without intellectual disabilities share life and friendship and so contribute to the development of a diverse and human... Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

Joey's Legacy Boxer Rescue Liverpool

We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome boxer dogs, mastiffs and other similar breeds, to loving forever homes across the UK. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

World Animal Protection Limited

We are World Animal Protection We end the needless suffering of animals We influence decision makers to put animals on the global agenda We help the world see how important... Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

Healing Animal SCARS

We humanely trap and socialize feral cats and kittens, provide veterinary care and find quality indoor homes Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Preventing British wildlife suffering needlessly and inspiring an understanding and love of wildlife and the countryside. Read More

Baby Loss NZ

Creating Memories, Healing Hearts - helping bereaved families to actively parent their baby/child and create beautiful tangible memories to hold forever. Read More

Paws it forward dog rescue

We Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome Hundreds of Dogs From Around the World Who Have Been Neglected, Abandoned or Abused Every Year. Read More

Galway SPCA

GalwaySPCA is an independent registered animal charity in the West of Ireland with kennels based in Killimor and a supporting cattery unit in Athenry. Annually we care for 300 dogs, 200 cats and other small companion animals who find themselves in need. As well as caring for the many animals... Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2019

Farm Animal Rescue

We rescue animals from the commercial food industry and provide lifetime care at our Dayboro sanctuary. We tell the stories of their life within the food industry and show people... Read More

Uk Boston Terrier Rescue

We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Boston Terriers and Boston Terrier crosses. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2021

Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue

We rescue dogs from impoverished areas of southern Texas, where strays are everywhere and shelters are overrun. Read More

Whitby Wildlife sanctuary

Rescue and rehabilitation for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

Assistance Dogs Australia Limited

Founded in 1996, Assistance Dogs Australia is the only national charity in Australia to provide internationally accredited assistance dogs across a diverse range of disability needs. To date we have... Read More

South West Florida Horse Rescue, Inc.

Making the lives of equines in our local region better off by providing action, educating, and advocating. Read More