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A vote for the Naval War College Foundation is a vote for a more safe, secure and peaceful nation and world. Innovative and unifying, the U.S. Naval War College is the oldest and world's premier institution of its kind in the world. Established in 1884, the College is dedicated to preserving national security, navigating the challenges of war and its prevention. The College educates and develops current and future world leaders from all branches of the U.S. Armed Services, as well as government agencies and international navies. It builds strategic and cultural perspective enhancing leaders' abilities to advise fellow and senior leaders and policy-makers in the areas of military preparedness, cyber security and world leadership and statesmanship. The Naval War College Foundation is the official charitable arm of the College. It is essential, effective and respected among its peers. It plays a relevant and invaluable role in helping to ensure a strong Naval War College through the raising of much-needed, private donations. Private donations from patriotic investors from all walks of life are critical in supporting instruction, programs, research, conferences, events and public awareness for a more safe, secure and peaceful nation and world.

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