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Lucky's Crew Animal Rescue started out as a private shelter for the abandoned and abused dogs that were left to fend for themselves. At first, it was just the dogs that we came across ourselves but word got out and people started bringing us the animals they found or surrendered their own pets to us. We could never bring ourselves to turn an animal away. The number of animals in our care kept growing so we started looking for forever homes for our dogs among our friends, family and colleagues. But soon, we ran out of friends and family who didn't already have enough animals of their own but the number of animals in our care kept on growing. We had 3 horses, two cats and 34 dogs when we finally decided to ask the community for help. We founded Lucky's Crew Animal Rescue in early 2021 and have officially adopted out 13 dogs so far. With over 60 animals in our care, most of them being lifetime lodgers at the ranch due to age and mental or physical health, our budget is being stretched paper thin. We have dogs requiring cancer treatment, amputation and other surgeries, including spay/neuter surgeries, an endless supply of medication, vaccines and, of course, food, shelter and daily routine care. Being so new, very few people even know we exist. This means that we have limited support by way of volunteers, foster homes and funding. We have been trying our best to generate funds but with so few followers, the going has been slow and pretty tough.

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