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Please Donate to the animals Today! We need YOUR help to help the animals. The current pandemic has demonstrated over and over again the value of compassion. Compassion for our fellow humans, but also recognizing the value of all life - including our wild neighbours. 2020 saw a 150% rise in the number of animals brought in to LSWR, to over 2000 animals. Our amazingly dedicated volunteers and summer staff nurtured these animals so they could be returned to the wild, where they belong. Orphans are fed special formula, wounds are cleaned until they heal, and ill animals receive the medications they require. All funded by donations and fundraising. The only government money received is grant-funding for summer staff. All money donated to Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation (LSWR)goes where it should: to care for the animals. We keep our administrative overhead low, operating with mainly volunteers except in the busy summer months. Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation (LSWR) is the largest provincial wildlife rehabilitation center in Saskatchewan, specializing in birds and small animals. We also spearhead advocacy efforts to reduce harmful impacts to wildlife and provide education programming to schools and community groups, encouraging living in harmony with our wild neighbours.

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