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Lily’s Place is a volunteer-run, federally registered not-for-profit vegan farm sanctuary that provides a healing, safe place for aging, injured, or displaced farm animals in Codys, New Brunswick, Canada.

Compassionate care for farmed animals is what we’re all about.

We’re a restorative place of healing for the animals who call Lily’s Place home. 

The animals are cared for and protected for the rest of their lives without anything being asked of them in return. They are free to just be.

For animal lovers in the community, hope is found here.

Care, compassion, and community are at the heart of Lily’s Place. Whether that be through the daily care of the residents, by providing opportunities to build empathy and understanding between humans and previously farmed animals (on the residents' terms), or by combating compassion fatigue in the lives of animal lovers in our community, Lily’s Place is a place of healing and hope. 

We're committed to providing refuge and care to animals in need and depend on the help of our supporters and volunteers.

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