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Apollo Support & Rescue for Abandoned Dogs
Most of our cats & dogs have been rescued from Texas shelters, found abandoned on the streets, or taken from neglected homes. We don’t know their history or what they have been through. All we know is they need a second chance at life and to find a forever home. They may have scars, been abused, abandoned, or just lost their way. Our goal at Apollo is to place them in homes that believe in second chances. All our animals need the right family, and all families need the right pet. We understand that the pet you choose may not always be the perfect fit. If it’s not, we will always take it back and help you find the right fit for your family. We at Apollo Support & Rescue are dedicated to finding the right dog or cat for your family and the right family for our cats and dogs.

Apollo Support and Rescue is an accredited and certified 501c3 non-profit organization. All of your donations are tax deductible.

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Apollo runs on donations and receives no government funding. Grants received from private parties or organizations, such as Petco, are specific in nature and outline how we can use them. For example, our small dog building was funded by grants.

Our organization consists of a 5-acre facility in Justin, TX and foster homes throughout the DFW area. We rescue dogs and cats of all ages and breeds. In addition to intaking dogs, we also have several community support programs. Perhaps being a foster is your calling? Learn how to be a foster.

We sponsor a team called PHAST: Project Homeless Apollo Street Team. This team of volunteers helps vaccinate and feed animals in some of the homeless camps in downtown Fort Worth. Apollo also donates food to a local Justin church weekly. When we can, we also help families in need of food or medical care.

We invite you to look at our animals in need and see how you can help. See how you can aid a rescue dog.

Our mailing address is:

1170 Dove Hill Road

Justin, TX 76241

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