Lifesavers Inc Cover Photo
Lifesavers Inc Cover Photo
Lifesavers Inc Cover Photo

Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue has been saving wild horses and taming wild hearts since 1997.  Our mission is to rescue wild and domestic horses from abuse, neglect, and slaughter.  Lifesavers has two locations.  Our Lancaster, California ranch is a training and adoption facility where rescued horses are prepared for new loving forever homes. Some horses, however, are not suitable for adoption due to age, health, or past trauma. Those horses are provided natural habitat sanctuary at our 1100 acre Caliente, California sanctuary property known as Wild Horse Canyon.  Lifesavers has more than 400 horses to feed and care for every day.  Please vote for Lifesavers so a grant can be won to help us with the massive cost of keeping 400+ horses well fed and in good health. The cost of hay is at an all time high and is becoming hard to find. We have to pay a premium price and need all the help we can get. Your vote will aid us in this challenge. Thank you!

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