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We are a North Dakota based reptile and exotics rescue, serving WI, MN, IA, ND, SD and MT. Being one of a kind, we are a resource to rescue and rehome animals who would otherwise be left without a safe option in the upper Midwest. We focus on the Rescue, Rehab, Rehoming and Education, and last year was able to successfully place 173 animals into adoptive homes. This year we are projected to triple that, having already taken in about 400 animals so far to date for 2021. 

With one of our main focus's since 2019 being education, we have worked extremely hard to curb impulse buys. Making sure animals go into educated, prepared homes and providing a safe surrender option has helped significantly reduce exotic abandonments in our area over the last three years. 

We relocated in June to a larger facility, allowing us to single handedly tackle hoarding cases of 57 bunnies in July, 92 reptiles in August and a large influx of 21 surrenders in one week mid September. 

There are much needed rescues for dogs, cats, horses and other specific species, but there are so many species that don't have anyone to step up when they end up in a bad and sometimes life threatening situation. That's where we come in. We open our doors and our hearts to the animals who are so commonly misunderstood but need rescue too. 

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