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One of the greatest gifts anyone can ever hope to receive is the love of a pet & yet so many animals are abused, neglected and abandoned everyday. It is our mission here at Jurassic Bark Rescue & Sanctuary to rehabilitate, nurture & support these wonderful animals & eventually either find them loving & caring homes or provide them with a safe, happy place where they can live out their lives in peace by building a fun, interactive environment designed to enrich the lives of any animal that comes to stay. In addition to the Rescue & Sanctuary we also seek to help Homeless People living on the streets. We believe you can't make a different choice for your life if you don't make it through to tomorrow. We make available any items they may need, ex. gloves, socks, wet wipes, Etc. as well as addressing the needs of any pets of the Homeless, by vaccinating, offering assistance with spaying & neutering & when necessary, medical attention. We reach out into the community by educating the public, especially children in the proper & safe ways to approach & meet new dogs to ensure the safety of all. We are dedicated to the education of the next generation by organizing events in schools, answering questions about proper pet care & nutrition as well. We hope that by starting at an early age these youths will grow to be responsible & loving pet owners.

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