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IBD Support Australia Inc provides a web based support network to exchange experience and knowledge among the Inflammatory Bowel Disease community. Our website has been operating since 2003, during which time we have reached and helped provide support to many hundreds of people with IBD and their families. Estimates suggest 61,000 Australians have an IBD; approximately 28,000 have Crohn's Disease and 33,000 have ulcerative colitis, but recent studies suggest these numbers may be even higher. The usual age of diagnosis it 15 to 24 years old - young to be diagnosed with a chronic disease. It is something we have to live we every day, but the exchange of experience and knowledge helps to make our lives a bit easier. Any raised funds will primarily be used for general maintenance of our online and organisational infrastructure, as well as some promotional and development projects. IBD Support Australia Inc is an ATO registered charity, and is entirely volunteer run, we do not pay salaries for committee or staff. We appreciate your support.

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