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Help For Dogs We are a registered charity based in South Wales. Our purpose is to help dogs near and far. Recently we have been flooded with dogs in crisis situations locally and have managed to place all of them in foster care within 24 hours of being asked to help. We are involved with rescue both in the UK and overseas. This can be in the form of donations of food, meds, basics to improve the shelters, anything needed, we'll find it. We do everything from supporting dogs in need locally, around the UK, to helping overseas. We have a focus on education and neutering as we believe strongly that things need changing for the better in the future, as well as dealing with the now. As a charity we appreciate that money is hard to come by so we work very hard to find ways that we and the people supporting us can help in other ways. . We have a recycling scheme for unwanted items, and are looking into more ways to make use of many things that people would otherwise discard. In a short space of time we have snowballed and the demand for our help is growing daily. We have already been able to provide much needed help to hundreds of dogs and the people caring for them, as well as the ever increasing number we have found foster and permanent homes for.

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