Frontier Services Cover Photo
Frontier Services Cover Photo
Frontier Services Cover Photo

Your support can help people living in remote Australia receive the care and compassion they need to overcome the tyranny of distance. 

Mental health issues and the lack of readily available medical and social support means that people in the bush can go months without adequate attention. Our Bush Chaplains fulfil a role that most people would struggle to do. Visiting people on properties for a cuppa and a chat, they are often on the frontline for identifying issues. They can also connect our Aussie farmers, indigenous communities and isolated people across the country with the services they need. 

Travelling tens of thousands of kilometres every year, our Bush Chaplains collectively visit thousands of families and individuals. We need you to help keep our Bush Chaplains on the road. For decades, Outback Links has been connecting volunteers with people in remote Australia doing it tough. We provide practical support when it’s needed most. This could include anything from care taking to property maintenance, gardening to painting or perhaps general farm support is what’s needed most. There is an opportunity for everyone to make a meaningful difference.

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