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12 year old Billie Kinder died in a tragic horse accident in May 2016. Billie was an extraordinary girl in that she had the gift of giving. She gave through her smile, her thoughtfulness, her constant acts of kindness and her amazing gift of words. With a play on her name, (b kinder), Billie's legacy has become one of kindness. The flyhighbillie charity’s b kinder initiative and kindness resources promote empathy and compassion to reduce mental health issues, bullying and suicide in school age children. Through early intervention, flyhighbillie is having a huge positive impact on young people’s lives. The b kinder workbooks not only educates students, but inspires them to take action and use their voices for good. The workbooks help educators to embed the explicit teachings of wellbeing and offers learning activities that provoke students to ask questions, to ponder and explore and to see things from another’s perspective. They empower children with a tool-set of skills and strategies to help them develop an enriched sense of wellbeing, belonging and self-esteem.

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