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Now in our 11th year, your generosity has allowed us to do amazing things. You have enabled us to rescue over three hundred animals from the pain and fear of the food industry. Over 14,000 people have met our rescued residents, heard their stories and learned about the food industry. You have enabled us to engage over 5,000 people on the streets about standard procedures and practices in the food industry. You have enabled us to complete 60 major life-saving surgeries. You have enabled us to provide loving palliative care to twenty six animals that we couldn’t heal, and together we gave them with a noble, pain-free and peaceful death in a caring environment. The Government took away (temporarily) your ability to visit us, but that hasn’t stopped us providing world class care, progressing the animal protection conversation with our 32,000 social media followers, lecturing at theaters, forums and universities on the social lives of farm animals and the damage that we do to them, and working feverishly to ensure a better world for farmed animals in every way that we can. Your support makes all of this possible, and none of it happens without your generosity. Please help us to enter the new financial year strong enough to rescue more, educate more, and rehabilitate more effectively. What we do is hard, it’s expensive, it’s soul destroying and it’s an honour. But more than anything it is our duty to do what we can when there is so much suffering. Please give now, and work with us to finally stop the fear and pain. Thank you.

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