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The mission of ROLDA Inc is to raise funds and awareness in Australia for the abandoned animals from Romania. Right now, because of Covid-19 our services are under more pressure than ever but we are determined to be here to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome more dogs. Support us as we battle to improve the lives of the millions of animals in Romania but also to protect the citizens exposed to all the risks caused by the uncontrolled strays’ overpopulation. Our shelters in Romania, a sanctuary from the brutal and dangerous life on the streets of Galati in SE Romania, only exist and survive thanks to compassionate and generous animal lovers like you in Australia and around the world. We have over 700 dogs in our care at any one time, and it IS a struggle to maintain the high standards we want for the dogs entrusted to us. That is why we have reached out to animal lovers across the world to help us with this task. Can you imagine how much food we need to buy? Depending on the size of dogs currently resident, it usually works out to the equivalent of around 700 tins a day. That’s well over 20,000 tins every month – and more than 255,000 a year! Of course, we buy in bulk to keep the costs as low as possible, especially now costs are being driven up. It’s a massive commitment, but we’ve managed to keep our promise to our dogs no matter what. We’ve had to weather so many storms – including a literal one last winter that wiped out our vital power supply. We’ve also survived the 2008 global financial crisis and a mega-rich corporation cruelly letting us down. Now, we are determined to get through the current extra difficulties put in our way by Covid-19. Compassionate animal lovers like you, who live a world away from the streets of Romania, have already created a better life for over 20,000 neglected and abandoned dogs from which thousands have been rehomed in Western European adoptive families. But there is so much more still to do... Our work won't stop here, because thousands more animals suffer alone, neglected, abused. They have no other hope - if we turn our heads and ignore them, these animals stand no chance! ROLDA Inc is an incorporated charity since 1st December 2014: ABN 38420396060 We receive no government funding, relying on the generosity of supporters to fund our work.

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