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Give Them Love Parrot Rescue is an all-volunteer, out of pocket, animal welfare organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of neglected, abused and unwanted parrots. Located in Sarnia, Ontario. GTL Parrot Rescue is completely funded through fundraising efforts and public donations beyond what comes out of our own pockets. Due to Covid our ability to do events has been put on hold, thus making funds incredibly tight. ​ All of our parrots are cared for by foster homes and are deemed to be in top physical and mental health prior to being offered for adoption. ​ All foster homes are visited on a regular basis to be sure that the parrots are receiving the care and nurturing that they require. Any homes found to not be giving what is needed will have the parrots removed and shall no longer be a part of our program. Our top priority is to ensure the physical and mental well being of our feathered friends! ​ Due to specific requirements or issues, not all parrots that come into our care will be offered for adoption and will become permanent residents to live their lives out in a loving, nurturing environment. Every donation helps in feeding, purchasing toys for enrichment and proper housing for our flock. Currently we are in need of a large cage suitable for a macaw.

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