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Your support will help Canine Partners transform the lives of adults with physical disabilities by partnering them with our amazing assistance dogs. These specially trained dogs provide their partners with increased independence and a greater quality of life, offering them companionship, security and practical help with everyday tasks.

Canine Partners’ assistance dogs are tailor-trained to meet the needs and lifestyles of the individual they are partnered with, no matter how complex or challenging. A canine partner can carry out tasks which would otherwise be difficult, painful or impossible for their partner to perform by themselves; such as getting in and out of bed or a wheelchair, dressing and undressing, retrieving or picking up dropped items, opening and closing doors or fetching help in an emergency. They also provide psychological and social benefits to their partners, increasing their social interaction, their confidence and motivation and assisting them in returning to work or further education. Having a canine partner also decreases that individual’s reliance on family, friends and carers and can even reduce the demands for call-outs and treatments by the NHS.

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