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Blind Dog Rescue Alliance Since 2009, BDRA volunteers have rescued over 600 visually impaired dogs across the United States and Canada. We work to rescue Blind dogs, assist their owners , and educate the public about these wonderful dogs. Blind Dog Rescue Alliance, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to inform people about how well dogs adjust to being blind. They lead happy , healthy, and normal lives as members of a loving and understanding family. We rescue dogs that are either blind or visually impaired, because although blind dogs can and do lead a full and happy lives , they have a very limited amount of time in a shelter as they are considered to have a low adoption potential. Once BDRA is made aware of potential dogs for rescue, the dogs are pulled and placed into foster care where their health and other potential issues can be addressed before being placed for adoption. To help with the continued success of BDRA, we need donations . The money we get from donations goes directly to the care of the foster dogs currently in BDRA , as well as future dogs waiting to be rescued.

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