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The Battambang Ophthalmic Care (BOC) started working in September 2007 to provide comprehensive eye care services for the poor and indigents in northwestern provinces of Cambodia. The BOC was registered with the Cambodian Government as None-profit local NGOs; has a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Health to implement outreach eye screening in remote community, examination, further treatment and perform eye surgery to disadvantage patients, to provide the Primary Eye Care training to people in community. The BOC is strongly committed to these multiple and diverse needs and to develop a model of eye care services in Battambang Province. It is part of BOC’s continuing effort to combat avoidable blindness in Cambodia through providing high volume, good quality surgery services delivery to all who may require it. There are estimated 104,520 people are going to blind or almost completely blind because of Cataract, and the incidence of Cataract is increasing annually by approximately 19,000 cases. Current estimates the backlog of Cataract cases stand at 80,000. In addition to the often unnecessary suffering of individual, blindness has a wider social, political and economic impact. The current physical, human and financial recourses of government are unable to address the problem of avoidable blindness without external assistance. Annual expenditure by government on health care is extremely worse, lacking of hospital facility, equipment and qualified health personnel to make a major problem of blindness in Cambodia to be high.

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