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We are only a handful of families in Australia as a whole tirelessly raising money to put into research for finding better treatment options for patients living with Niemann Pick Type C Disease. Hopefully one day we will find a cure. All monies raised are from families living with children who have this disease. In some cases, some families have more than one child affected. NPC Affects all ages.. The majority of the families in Australia have young adults diagnosed with this death sentence in the mid teen years with a prognosis of a 10 year life span from diagnosis of life expectancy. Extremely rare and unheard of this disease affects approximately 1:150000 people. Currently there is only approximately 600 world known cases. Carrier status in Australia alone is approximately 1:140 people, so there has to be many more cases yet to be diagnosed. This diagnosis takes years to find as the disease is so rare. Time is not a friend to patients living with NPC Disease. We need help as our families are running tired and time poor caring for their progressing children's illness.

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