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RSPCA WA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has been a voice for animals in Western Australia for over 120 years. RSPCA WA is responsible, through our Inspectorate, for enforcing the Animal Welfare Act (2002). We work with government, industry bodies and the community to improve animal welfare and campaign on a range of issues such as puppy farming or illicit breeding, promoting higher welfare food, and ending live export. RSPCA WA is a charity and relies on fundraising activities for 94% of its funding. Without your generous support, RSPCA WA would be unable to provide crucial services that are required to stop animal cruelty. Last year RSPCA WA received more than 15,000 cruelty calls, investigated over 6,000 cruelty complaints, provided 130,000 days of animal care and rehomed hundreds of animals. RSPCA upholds five freedoms for animals: - freedom from hunger and thirst - freedom from discomfort - freedom from pain, injury and disease - freedom to express normal behaviour; and - freedom from fear and distress. There are many ways you can support RSPCA WA – through donations, fundraising events, volunteering, foster care, sponsorships or adopting one of our rescued animals. Visit for more information.

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