Action for Dolphins

Action for Dolphins is working to bring an end to dolphin hunting and captivity using a combination of strategic litigation and political activism. In 2015 we launched ground-breaking legal action that stopped 62 aquariums purchasing dolphins from the gruesome Taiji hunts. Now we need to raise urgent funds to launch a legal action against the Japanese government with the aim of shutting the hunts down completely. If successful, the legal action could save thousands of innocent dolphins from suffering and death. A global law firm has prepared a detailed legal argument, and a fearless Japanese firm with a track record of winning lawsuits against the government has also joined the fight. We are desperate to launch this legal action before the next slaughter season starts in September. But the truth is, we simply don't have the money. Your generosity could help make this life-saving legal action possible.

Sept 2021 Grants Round

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