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The Break are a charity like no other. We help anyone, anywhere anytime we can muster the resources and labour, without prejudice or preference. We work across the lifecycle from children to the elderly. In a nutshell we are social connection experts, as social disconnection has repeatedly been identified as a precursor to many of society's ills.  This can take the form of kayak days for addiction recovery, wellbeing walks for mental health, DnD games to overcome social deficits, video projects for disadvantaged artists, running free public festivals to make live entertainment accesible to all, memoir writing for the exceptional elderly, social club activites for the disconnected, therapeutic arts for processing feelings, and technical support for the disabled. Archimedes asserted with a big enough lever he could lift the world, and we feel with enough passionate volunteers we can fix every problem. Our Active Think Tank of academics and those with lived experience constantly find issues poorly addressed, create better than current best practice solutions, and build projects around this to resolve them. To this end we are constantly improving the world with new projects. We are a 100% volunteer DGR1 status charity. We operate 365 days per year.

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