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Wildlife Rescue came into existence out of the need for a rescue facility for birds of prey (Raptors) Wildlife Rescue is a raptor rehabilitation center in New Delhi, India. The center came into existence when founders Nadeem Shehzad and Mohammad Saud did not found any facility to take in birds of prey as they are carnivore and the religious institutes which runs bird hospitals can not feed them due to their religious beliefs. Today, Wildlife Rescue is one of the biggest raptor rehabilitation center in the world, caring for about 2,200 raptors annually. Wildlife Rescue needs funds to function and provide critical care to the needy raptors. From raising nestlings to performing crucial surgeries, Wildlife Rescue has been serving raptors for the last 18 years. There is a popular hobby of paper kite flying in India which results in wing injuries to the birds as the thread used is powdered glass coated and act as a knife when in air. Wildlife Rescue has developed a novel technique to fix the wounds and help birds fly again, just like what they were use to. A large number of nestlings and fledglings end up at our door steps and taken care of and rehabilitated into the wild.

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