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Helping the animals that cant help themselves through community awareness and inclusion. I will rescue, rehabilitate and rehome most animals if they are unable to be reunited with their families or if their families are unable to care for them. 

My passion is working with feral/wild felines and my rescue is currently focused on cats/kittens/toms at this time, as there is a huge problem with this in our community (and all over NZ) but as I work full time I am limited to how I can be hands on with the rescue and I mainly am available at night or over the weekends. I have been trying to source land so I can build a shelter to house more vulnerable animals and this would also allow more community involvement.  

All funds/donations received does back to the rescue and helps with food, vet costs and care of the animals. I am so very lucky for everyone who has sent donations, kindness, help and support.

Thank you so very much xxx

Sonya - Wainui Whiskers

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