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WA Shar Pei Protection INC. rescue each and every abandoned, impounded and surrendered Shar Pei we possibly can. Shar Pei often come with many medical issues, especially caused by inbreeding and backyard breeding that becomes way too much for owners to afford. This means many pei across Australia are abandoned and we work tirelessly to have them transported to Perth to ensure the best and correct vet care so they can be as healthy as ever and adopted into happy homes. We are working incredibly hard behind the scenes to offer more and more advice and knowledge to those who follow us to ensure they know the dangers of backyard breeding and how to effectively treat a pei's medical complaint. We rely solely on donations to ensure this can happen with each Shar Pei costing us a minimum of $2000 in vet care with an adoption fee of just $550 to ensure they are adopted to a loving home. Help us to help educate and help many pei across the country and eradicate backyard breeding.

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