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Tahira Animal Welfare Foundation (TAWF) is a registered animal welfare charity registered in both the United Kingdom and Pakistan. We have proudly established a cutting-edge animal shelter and rescue service in Faisalabad, Pakistan, where our devoted team focuses on rescuing and rehabilitating homeless, injured, and neglected animals. Our facility has advanced medical facilities, in-house veterinarians, caregivers, and rescuers who work tirelessly to provide the best care for these animals.

Our mission is to enrich the lives of injured, abused, and neglected animals by offering shelter and effectively managing the birth rate of street animals. Stray dogs in Pakistan endure incredibly harsh conditions, predominantly due to overpopulation, limited education, and an overall lack of empathy for animals.

Our most significant initiative is the Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) program, which we have vigorously implemented since November 2020. The primary objectives of this program are to control the stray animal population and eradicate rabies, an endemic disease in Pakistan. Human infections are mainly attributed to dog bites, and cases are typically diagnosed based on clinical symptoms alone.

We strive to encourage coexistence within communities by promoting awareness and education. TAWF firmly believes that these are the essential steps towards fostering a more compassionate society that values and respects animals. Our continued efforts contribute to creating a better world for all living beings.

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