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St Giles Animal Rescue is based in Somerset, UK. We take in 100% of all strays covering the local council areas, we save dogs from the puppy farm trade, we take animals surrendered by owners who are no longer able to provide sufficient care and those that have sadly passed away, we take stray cats bought to us by the public. We even take the odd sheep. We never turn any animal away if we have the capacity to take them regardless of health conditions. Some need immediate veterinary treatment, many need rehabilitation and training, all are neutered, chipped, wormed, vaccinated and loved before they go off to their forever homes and we offer lifetime support. 

The pandemic created a breeding boom, the demand for puppies during this period escalated prices and increased dog theft.  Now these lock down puppies are making their way into many Rescue Centres.  Between 2 and 3 years old they have had insufficient, or no socialisation with people and other dogs and come to us with behavioural issues.  Now there is also an unprecedented increase in the cost of living we are seeing a record number of pets being surrendered, we are unable to take them all and have a list of up to 40 animals waiting for rescue space.  Like many other Animal Welfare Charities we are fighting a daily battle and your continued support is the thing that keeps us going, THANK YOU

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