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Special Needs Older Rabbits Sanctuary (SNORS)

We offer rescue rabbits with complex health needs which would otherwise not be re-homeable a specialist and loving permanent home. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2021


LUOSKO German Shepherd Dog Rescue is a small independent charity (charity no. 1188407) set up to responsibly rescue, rehabilitate and re-home German Shepherds who find themselves in difficult situations, abandoned... Read More

The Responsible Dog Rescue (TRDR)

Our main aim is give these poor dogs a second chance in a warm, loving family environment Read More

Chorley Hedgehog Rescue

We are dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of hedgehogs, the enhancement and conservation of their natural habitats. Read More

Coppershell Farm Sanctuary

Animal charity helping all unwanted, sick and unwanted animals regardless of species Read More


TreeSisters is a UK charity and women-led global network that has funded the planting of over 13 million tropical trees across 11 different ecosystems. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

Stray Aid

Rescue centre dedicated to the welfare of stray dogs and unwanted cats Read More

One Bun At A Time

We help 'at risk' rabbits & guinea pigs get to the safety of a good Rescue Read More

Project Gambia: People Feeding People

Project Gambia: People Feeding People is a charity which supports the feeding programme of 3 schools in The Gambia: West Africa. Read More

The Goode Life UK

The Goode Life UK gives a home to unwanted and needy animals that no one wants. Read More

Pawprints Wildlife Rescue

We rescue where needed, relieve, rehabilitate, and release local wildlife, protecting endangered and threatened species and contributing to their conservation. Read More

Yarm cat rescue

We help feral/stray/surrendered cats off the street. Rehabilitate them and find them homes. Read More

The Harvey Hext Trust- A Siblings Wish

Supply bespoke wooden personalised Memory boxes for children who have lost a sibling Read More

The Bible Network

We equip local Christians to place Bibles, plant churches, and lead people to Jesus. Read More


The mission of ROLDA UK is to raise funds, awareness and forever homes for the Romanian rescued animals in the UK. Read More

Valkyrie Wilderness Workshops

We support armed forces veterans and vulnerable groups struggling with mental health and personal difficulties. Read More

Baby Loss Retreat

Our aim is to provide aftercare support after leaving the hospital to helpfamilies after the loss of a baby. By provide counselling, trauma therapy and 2 day away to our... Read More

Mamie Martin Fund

The Mamie Martin Fund supports girls’ education in North Malawi by paying fees and some associated expenses through specific schools. Read More