Safe Home Foundation Cover Photo
Safe Home Foundation Cover Photo
Safe Home Foundation Cover Photo

Our name is saruhasan and Naveeth and we are the co founders of the Safe Home Foundation.We are the childhood friends and we love the dogs so much from the childwood. When we started studying in a college we find a small dog was get accident in a roadside and his head was completely bleeding. then immediately we take it to the veterinary hospital nearer to our place and started the treatment.we named them as Lara and she is get alright after 2 weeks and we gave a adoption to a lovely home.After the 3 months Lara was passed away by dangerous parvo and then we started feeding for the street dogs nearer to our home.Then many people’s know about us and we started getting many calls for the dog rescues from the local people’s and we started doing the rescue work from 2017.

We started build our shelter from 2019 and we named them as Safe Home Foundation and started saving so many stray dogs in our city.In our city they are more than 1lakh stray dogs are suffering in a roadside without having a proper home and food.Now we are rescued a dogs from the 5 cities and it was around 3lakh stray dogs.

Safe Home Foundation have Four main goals.





We are having around 85 stray dogs in our shelter and our monthly cost was around 12000USD including all our staff salaries.we are having two vets and 10 staffs.we are working in India for the welfare of stray dogs and our goal is no more strays in our country.

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