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House of Science is a charitable trust that provides primary and intermediate schools with relevant and comprehensive science resource kits that cover a vast range of relevant topics. The kits are easy to use - everything a teacher needs is in the kit, including all consumables - they include bi-lingual student instructions and teacher manual and are fully aligned to the New Zealand curriculum.

Currently only 20% of year 8 students are achieving at curriculum expectation for science and less than 30% of NZ primary schools deliver an effective science programme.

House of Science has a vision to see every child in Aotearoa | New Zealand be scientifically literate. Scientific literacy is the knowledge and understanding of science processes and concepts encountered in our daily lives. Science encourages natural curiosity and teaches students how to think, question and problem solve.

By working with the children of today we are helping build a scientifically literate community of tomorrow. Providing hands-on learning that uses children’s natural curiosity helps to demystify science and encourage more children to participate in science-based courses through their schooling.

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