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RMW&P is run by 2 dedicated volunteers located in the Tea Tree Gully Council area of South Australia. We provide care, treat medical issues or conditions, fully vet work and find loving forever homes for the animals in our care. 

The two of us give 110% to every foster animal in our care and we particularly love working with special animals in need of extra TLC, whether its due to trauma, abuse, disability, medical conditions, orphaned neonatal kittens & puppies, pregnant mum's, mum's and babies, palliative care, being abandoned or having only ever lived in a cat colony. We want to give them the opportunity of their own forever family. Each and everyone deserves that and we will go above and beyond to achieve that. We have a small number of palliative care and senior cats & dogs who remain in our Forever Care Program with us for the remaining part of their lives being shown lots of extra TLC and regular vet care. 

Our rescue organisation believes it is imperative to educate the public in regards to the numerous benefits of desexing their furry family members. Desexing prevents many diseases and illnesses in animals, reduces many behavioural problems, prevents unwanted litters and research shows your furry friends are longer lived. We would like people to understand the plight of rescues trying to decrease the number of feral cats in the environment by desexing and the harm that both feral and domestic cats can cause when allowed to roam. Therefore having discussions on containing cats indoors only or within outdoor cat enclosures. 

All of our animals are placed into foster care in a family type environment, which allows them to be exposed to various environmental factors such as cats, dogs, children, visitors, noises etc. All of our animals have a full health assessment, they are also desexed, microchipped, receive their 1st & 2nd F4 vaccination or C5 vaccination and have parasite treatment prior to going to their new homes. 

Once ready for adoption, we look to find our foster babies the most suitable home environment to be adopted into depending on their individual personalities and needs. For further information in regards to the adoption process or enquiries about adding a new furry family member please contact us via email at [email protected] for a Cat and/or Dog Adoption Questionnaire to complete and return. We can then arrange an adoption meet.

Since our charity began operating in October 2017, we have helped over 400 kittens, cats, puppies and dogs find loving forever homes and provided care for several kittens, cats and puppies in our forever care program. 

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ABN 50619352887

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