Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Cover Photo
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Cover Photo

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit animal rescue founded in 2015, with the mission of saving abused, neglected dogs in kill-shelters at risk of euthanasia, restore them to health and find them forever homes. In our first seven years, we have saved more than 8,200 dogs and increasing numbers of cats!

At RDR NYC, we don’t just save the easy ones; we focus on the more difficult, most urgent, critically injured and expensive-to-save dogs. Why? Because too many companion animals –victims of cruelty, abuse and neglect – will never leave the shelters alive, too often due to the shelters’ lack of funding, resources and the long-term commitment required to rehabilitate them. We are committed to healing their physical and psychological scars and showcasing that these unwanted companion animals aren’t damaged goods, but that they can fulfill their potential as beloved family pets.

A crucial element of our mission is also raising awareness of the too many adoptable animals euthanized every single day simply because they are homeless and/or require medical care and rehabilitation. By educating the public about the importance of spay-neuter and routine healthcare, including vaccinations, we aim to stem the tide of companion pets who end up in shelters, on the streets, injured, sick or dead. To that end, we partner with organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society-NY, the NYC Mayor’s Alliance and the NYC Animal Care & Control Centers, the city’s municipal kill-shelter.

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