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We fight child sexual abuse in targeted areas across South East Asia where we can make the most impact.

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Started July 3, 2017 at 11:03 am Australia, Indonesia, Philippines Children and Youth, Human Rights, International Aid
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Project Karma is an Australian registered charity, that fights sexual exploitation of children in South East Asia by using the innovative approach of partnering directly with the local leaders of local communities where sexual abuse of children is most prevalent, also known as “The Sentinel Model”.

Project Karma, and Glen Hulley its founder, have already enjoyed considerable success in rescuing dozens of children from serial child abusers in South East Asia, and in getting convictions. The most recent in October 2016 was Robert Ellis in Bali, who abused over 30 children. He was convicted and imprisoned for 15 years (the longest ever term in Indonesia) thanks to the efforts of Project Karma.

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By joining this Giving Circle and committing to a monthly or one-off donation, you’re joining with like-minded individuals and making a bigger impact.  The benefits of joining this Giving Circle include:

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We welcome regular giving or one-off donations but if you can commit to regular giving – even if only a small amount – it means:

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The Giving Circle FAQs

What is a Giving Circle

A Giving Circle is simply a group of like-minded individuals who have decided to collectively donate to a Charity or Good Cause they care about. By joining together in a Giving Circle they can make a larger impact than they could hope to do individually.

Can anyone join this Giving Circle?


Is there a minimum donation level?

We've set the minimum donation level at $10

How long am I Donating For?

If you choose the regular giving option you are making a monthly, donation of whatever amount you choose.  You can cancel or modify your monthly donation at any time by logging into your account, and selecting the subscription you wish to change.  If you choose a one-off donation you will only donate once.

When do my Donations commence?

If you are making a monthly donation by credit card your donation will be processed when you join, and each month after that.  If you are making a one-off donation by credit card your donation will be processed when you join, once only.

 Are my Donations Secure?

Yes.  If you are paying by Credit Card your payment is processed securely by PayPal or Stripe and we do not store your credit card details.

Are my Donations Tax-Deductible?

Donations to this Good Cause are not Tax Deductible

2 thoughts on “Help us raise much needed funds for Project Karma

  1. Karina Huber

    More publicity, social media especially mother’s group etc.. the work you are doing is unbelievable, happy to help you create more awareness… we need more attention to this issue. You are an inspiration thank you

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